Outlook Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)

Most of the users are not familiar with few technical terms, although the Quick Access toolbar in Outlook is not so complicated to understand, the phrase itself makes sense.

In this article, I will walk you through all the aspects of the Outlook Quick Access Toolbar.

What is Outlook Quick Access Toolbar?

Perhaps finding an option from the tab section and using a shortcut key followed by the Atl key, brings options closer to the user, Outlook Quick Access Toolbar is something different it allows the user to quickly access the option in a single click.

Where is the Quick Access toolbar in Outlook?

The Quick Access toolbar (QAT) is always there in the upper-left corner of Microsoft Outlook applications. By default some of the quick actions like Print, Reply, Forward, Delete, Touch/Mouse Mode button in case your computer has a touch screen, you can simply enable your routine function on the Quick Access toolbar to keep them within reach.

Where is the Quick Access toolbar in Outlook

This toolbar offers the AutoSave, Save, Undo, and Redo buttons, as well as the Touch/Mouse Mode button if your computer has a touchscreen. Put your favorite buttons on the Quick Access toolbar to keep them within reach:

Quick Access Toolbar Outlook: How to Add the new command?

Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) is a quick alternative, which provides access to commonly used tasks. It will save you time and results in more productivity.

Not only Microsoft Outlook but other Office applications also have a Quick Access Toolbar. Some of the commands mentioned above are available in QAT but some are not.

Some common commands are already listed for you to choose from, you can select the available options [Refer to the image above] and get the commands in the robbin. Here get the step-by-step tutorial “How to customize this toolbar” and add commands which are not in the default list and appear on the ribbon.

  • To customize the toolbar, click the launcher icon at the end of the commands.

How to customize this toolbar

  • In addition to tons of more commands which user prefer to use a lot, click on More Commands from the drop-down list.

Quick Access Toolbar Outlook

  • Customized your quick access toolbar dialog box appears, there are two sections, the first section consists of numerous commands and another is a quick action toolbar.
  • You can simply select the required action/command and add it to Quick Access Toolbar (QAT).
  • From the left side panel, you can choose commands from the long long list, some of them regularly used sections (Popular commands, Commands not in the ribbon, All commands), you’ll see every possible option.

Quick Access toolbar in Outlook

The name “Commands Not In The Ribbon” is a bit misleading because many of the commands here are available in the ribbon, but you either have to click through a few arrows and menus to get to them, or they’re only available in certain context-dependent situations.

  • My favorite (ALL COMMANDS) consists of almost every option in an alphabetic way. You can choose to find specific commands that you use.

Let’s understand with an example:

  • Select the command (for instance: Popular commands).
  • To add a command to the toolbar, select it from the list on the left-hand side, click Add & then choose the OK button.

Popular commands

  • The shortcut of “Manage Rules & Alerts” added in the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT).

Manage Rules & Alerts in QAT

When you click on the icon, it will open up the ‘Manage Rules and Alert‘ dialog box.

How to change the order of Quick Access Toolbar?

To change the order of the commands in the Quick Access toolbar, right-click any command on the toolbar and select ‘Customize Quick Access Toolbar‘ from the context menu.

How to change the order of Quick Access Toolbar

You will again enter to Customize Quick Access Toolbar dialog box, select a command in the right-hand side list which you want to change the order, click the upward and downward arrow to change the position, and finally click OK.

change the order of Quick Access Toolbar

Change The Quick Access Toolbar Location In Ribbon

By Default Quick Access Toolbar Location is above the top corner of the screen, the location is perfect, still, you can change the location move the Quick Access Toolbar below or above the ribbon.

Right Click on the Quick Access Toolbar icon >> Click Show Below the ribbon to shift down. You can reverse the process by Click the show above the ribbon.

Show Quick access Toolbar below the ribbon

How to Remove From Quick Access Toolbar.

Sometimes users need to remove a specific Quick Access icon from the toolbar, due to overload of traffic and not in use, again click the right mouse button, hit Remove from the quick access toolbar.

Remove from quick access toolbar

Quick Access shortcut keys

Pressing ALT key, open up key sequence, these items have numbers/Alphabets above them to directly activate them. Once you click ALT a number creates just above the quick-access shortcut icon, Pressing that number allows you to open that command.

Quick Access shortcut keys

Reset Quick Access Toolbar Settings

Reset the quick access toolbar to its original state easily managed by few steps:

  • Open the Customize the Quick Access Toolbar window.
  • From the Right button of the dialog box, click the Reset button, and select Reset only Quick Access Toolbar.

reset quick access toolbar

  • Click Yes on the Reset customization dialog box to confirm.

reset customization

Outlook Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) is one of my favorite tools to work with. Reading this complete article surely enhances knowledge and helps you work smartly.

Mostly other office applications like word, excel including Outlook Quick Access Toolbar functions the same.

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