Why new emails are not showing in Outlook? [Find & Fix]

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Microsoft Outlook is an ongoing platform that consistently receives emails, without any significant issue in the system.

Some of the users facing problems and complaining that “Outlook does not show new emails“. This situation is very frustrating for an Outlook user.

You’ve just received that big promotion or your boss just gave you a big project, and you’re eager to see how it all works out.

However, when you open your email inbox, there are plenty of messages from people you’ve met, but the emails from your boss or co-workers have yet to appear.

You have no way of knowing why Outlook is not displaying these messages, and to be honest, it’s starting to bug you, in this article, you will come across the causes behind it and the remedies.

The possible grounds behind this issue are:

  • The outlook is set to work offline.
  • Internet connection issue.
  • Exhausted inbox space capacity.
  • Mailbox cleanup.
  • Check out the added filter in the Outlook folder View Settings.
  • Check Outlook Profile
  • Outlook Cache
  • Email wrongly landed in Junk Folder

No Internet Connection (Outlook is set to work offline)

Disconnection from the Internet doesn’t restrict the user in the case of the Outlook application, you can work normally. If you need to send or receive a new email message, you will get an offline notification, in short, you can’t send or receive a new email message.

There are two major causes of the internet,

Check the button right corner of the screen to indicate your Outlook application is connected, in case you get working offline you must enable work offline preference from the Send/Receive Tab.

work offline preferences

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Exhausted inbox space (Create space in Outlook Mailbox)

Every email provider limits inbox space to their user, email messages having attachments or not will hold space capacity which slowly fills up, there are multiple ways to clean inbox/calendar, cleaning inbox using rules functions from a specific email address, archiving unwanted emails or the best options is short list with size and remove unwanted emails to make space, which results allowing regular inflow.

After the Professional method to clean Outlook mailbox by deleting the unimportant archives or old emails from your Outlook application, go for the Mailbox Cleanup tool: Click File Tab >> Tools >> Mailbox cleanup

which consist of multiple options:

  • View Mailbox Size
  • Find items older than
  • Find items larger than
  • View Deleted Items Size
  • Empty Deleted Items folder
  • View Conflicts Size
  • Empty Conflicts
Mailbox cleanup

Outlook mailbox cleanup helps the user to get rid of unwanted data, and you can the flow of the inbox back on track.

Try Send/Receive Manually

Outlook updates itself as soon as email bangs on the door, sometimes due to a technical glitch, you have to hit the send/receive button manually to synchronize Outlook.

You can navigate by clicking the Send/Receive tab, and clicking on the Send/Receive button in all your Folders to unsynchronized emails in all Outlook mailbox folders, you can see the synchronizing progress dialog box, once it’s done it will close automatically, and all finally all your email rest in their folders.

Check View Settings

Outlook application allows you to filter email according to your requirements, by default the inbox view is adjusted as the latest email received.

In case the inbox is filtered according to the subject, size, or any other option, and must reset the view, you can check out for any filters on the Outlook folders following the specified steps:

  • Lunch Microsoft Outlook
  • Click on View Tab >> Click Reset View from the current view section.
reset view outlook

It turns Outlook back to the default view, and your new email message comes at the top.

Outlook Email Rules

Outlook email rules are excellent features that help to arrange specific emails to specific folders or whatever your requirement is.

Sometimes multiple rules route away from all your inbox emails to another folder or email or remove them permanently.

It is recommended to review the rules if you are not getting inflow updation.

Check the Automatic Refresh Option

By default, the Microsoft Outlook application comes with auto refreshment in the background, but accidentally some users turn auto refreshment off, here are the steps you can check the feature:

Click send and received >> send and received groups >> Define send and received groups.

Check the Automatic Refresh Option

Send/Receive dialog box appears, click the check box next to “Schedule an automatic Send/Receive every X minute“, adjust the time of refreshment, and close the window, this step enables auto refreshment in Outlook.

send receive group

Check the Other Folder

Outlook web users are already aware of the Focused and Other Folder, Focused Inbox is only available for Outlook 365 Subscribers, which separates inboxes into two tabs, Focused & Others.

When you expect an email, and even after confirmation from the sender, new emails are not showing in your inbox, there is a possibility that the email landed in another folder.

Check the other folder, when you find the email message, right-click on the email message, and select Move >> Move to Focused inbox.

Or you can select Always Move to Focused folder if you want to move all emails received in the future from that specific email address.

Check the Other Folder

Check Outlook Profile

A corrupt profile is considered the major issue for the smart working of Outlook, the best part is removing the profile completely from Outlook and reinstalling it back.

Remove and Add Again

Follow the simple steps to remove the account:

  • Click on the File button on the top left corner of the Outlook screen.
  • Get Info >> Click on the Account Settings drop-down and select Account Settings.
  • Select the account you like to remove >> and click the remove button.
  • Click Yes to confirm to remove the account from Outlook.
remove account outlook
  • Go to Control Panel (Click window + R, type control panel in the run dialog box) >> Mail>> Select Email Accounts from the mail set-up dialogue box >> Click New from the top left corner of the screen >> Enter the email inputs >> Click Next to proceed.

Cleaning Outlook Cache

Removing Outlook cache/temporary files is another factor that helps run Outlook smoothly. Cache files bring errors, clearing cache files should reveal the missing email.

Email wrongly landed in Junk Folder

Check your Junk Folder, A Junk folder is useful to protect the inbox from spam emails, but sometimes due to wrong setup or Outlook intelligence, most of the emails directly land in the Junk folder, which results in Outlook not showing new emails.

So all you have to do is look for the junk folder and look for the specific emails you are expecting to receive in your emails inbox folder.

Email wrongly landed to Junk Folder

When you find it, right-click on it, select junk from the drop-down list >> Not Junk, OR click Ctrl + Alt + J (shortcut key).

Outlook reconfirms the action with a dialog box ‘Mark as not Junk‘. Click Ok to confirm, and that email moves back to the inbox, if you click the checkbox “always trust email from “XXX“, in the future, any email received from that specific email address will receive in your inbox.

mark as not junk

Bonus Tip

Shut everything out and restart Microsoft Outlook, in most cases restarting any application wipes out the discrepancies and the system application works smoothly. Re-opening Outlook could clear up any issues that prevent the receipt of emails.

Final Words

In summary, I’ve given you an idea of what could be causing the issue, and steps to try to resolve it. If you’re still encountering these issues, then your best bet is to contact Outlook support as they’re the best people who should be able to help you with your problem.

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