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How often do you get emails from Outlook? If you don’t check them regularly, then you might miss important messages. This can cause you to waste time and energy.

Email is one of the most common ways to communicate today. In fact, over half of American adults send or receive ‘Email’ at least once per day. The problem is that some people ignore their inboxes because they are too busy.

To ensure that you never miss out on important messages, you should set up an automatic reminder system. You can also create rules to filter out unwanted emails.

Configure Outlook email notifications, which appear on your screen whenever a new email arrives on your Outlook inbox, computer/laptop in the form of outlook popup notification.

Outlook Taskbar reminds you of a new email message received on your specific email account.

How To Set Repeat Alerts for Outlook New Email?

Here is the guideline to enable popup notification of new mail:

  • Step 1 – Open Outlook >> Click File >> Optionsoutlook new item alert window
  • Step 2 – Click Options for outlook desktop alert settings >> Click Mail on the left-hand side of the dialogue box.
email notification alert outlook bottom right
  • Checkbox on Play a sound & display a desktop alert.
  • Step 4 – Finally Click OK.

By default, you will get an email message notification alert in the outlook bottom right corner, Microsoft outlook email desktop alert settings allow you to move desktop alert locations.

How To Turn Off Email Notifications in Outlook?

Just a two-step process, you have learned above to turn on email notifications in Outlook, you must reverse the process and uncheck the “display a desktop alert”.

outlook desktop alert for folders

This way email notification stops until you reconfigure the alert in outlook.

Outlook notifications windows 10

After all that, the Outlook notification banner doesn’t display in Windows 10 when notifications are disabled. After configuring Outlook email notifications, verification, or activation of outlook notification is also mandatory for a clear signal.

For most of the user-facing issues “outlook notification not working“, don’t panic, here is the step-by-step process to enable notification:

  • Click the Start button all the way down the left-side window logo.turn off outlook notifications
  • Click Setting >> Select System [refer snapshot]
outlook notifications windows 10
  • Now select “Notification and action” >> Scroll down to outlook >> Turn on the Outlook Notifications toggle if found off.
outlook desktop alert
  • Notification is completed from Windows 10 side also.

How can I configure desktop notification display time?

Most of the alert notification is frequent (due to incoming email messages) and stay on your desktop screen for a specific time, every advantage brings some disadvantage at some stage.

The timing of banner visibility brings disturbance to your work.

Here is the method to change or fix Windows taskbar timing according to your choice:

  • Click the Start button all the way down the left side window logo >> Click Setting
  • Find the Ease of Access” category and click.
timing outlook notifications
  • Scroll down to the Simplify and personalize Windows section, and show notification for:
Simplify and personalize Windows
  • You can select your required time to adjust the Show notifications timing.
  • Close the window and all set.

Get Outlook Notifications for Specific Emails [Rule function]

Some users ignore the notification banner, still, they want to grab an important email message, and the best way is a notification alert.

You can turn off the notifications completely, or you can set up the Outlook rule function for an important specific email to pass through and get the notification banner, even if the alert is disabled.

How to Create Outlook Email Notification Rules?

Under this scenario, the message rule function allows notifying specific emails received from certain people, such as clients, your boss, or your family members.

Here’s the step-by-step process on how to set up a rule that only shows email notifications from a certain sender.

Open up your email inbox, search out the last email received from your specific person/email address, click the right mouse button, and hit rules >> create rules.

create outlook email notification rules

Create Rule dialogue box appears, select your specific condition of email notification when you received an email from that email address.

I want to get immediate notifications about emails I receive from client “Pankaj”, so I select the first checkbox.

You can also use the subject checkbox; in case you require a notification alert from your email address but only for that specific subject line.

Select your name from the ‘sent to’ drop-down list option, if you want the notification even if your name consists of “CC” or “Bcc“, if you want a message directly addressed to you, you must select the “me only” option. for notification.

create outlook email notification rules

Finally, Click OK a success dialogue box appears, select the checkbox “Run this rule now on messages already in the current folder”. Hit Ok

A new mail alert dialogue box appears which consists of a list of all the emails received from your specific email address, you can select and open the item.

new mail alert

Create Outlook Email Notification Rules [Advanced Option]

Advanced options consist of additional filters and work as professionals, to do so, open the “Create Rule” dialog box, as described earlier in this article. Then click “Advanced Options”.

The advanced option consists of a few steps process: Let’s begin with:

First ~

  • Which condition do you want, (refer to snapshot) there are multiple options available, select the checkbox of the desired option to proceed.
  • I want to receive notifications when I receive emails from Pankaj, sent to me in any form (like – send to me, where my name is in the To box, where my name is in the Cc box, where my name is in the To or Cc box), so can select any of the options or all of them. I choose, where my name is in the To box. Hit Next.
Advanced Option first
  • The next selection required “what should be done with a message you receive”, there are multiple options, like “move the message to a specific folder”, “forward it to one or more people”, “reply using a template”, “mark it as read” and many more.
  • The current scenario required a Desktop Alert when I received a message from Pankaj, so I selected the last option on the list, “display a Desktop Alert”.
Create Outlook Email Notification Rules Advanced Option
  • Once you’ve selected what you want to be done with the message, click “Next”.
  • The next option is the exemption section, after considering both steps, if you require some exemption to pass on, select from the list. and click “Next”. I don’t want any exceptions, so I just click “Next” to skip this screen.
How to Edit Your Rules
  • The last step requires the name of your rule, and setting up some rule options, if you want to run all the messages already lying in your inbox, click on the first checkbox, the Next checkbox is “Turn on this rule”.
  • Take a look at Review the rule description under “Step 3” and click “Finish” to complete.
Edit Your Rules

The Rules feature in Outlook manages tons of combinations of options for automatically handling your email messages.

Outlook Email Notification Not Working!

Some users reported, that even after having Outlook configured correctly, they do not receive email notifications as Desktop Alerts.

So, whenever there’s a new message from someone, it is visible under the ‘Inbox’ folder, but the Action Center doesn’t pop up the notification with sound.

There are a few noted reasons:

  • Enable Outlook notification in Windows settings
  • Turn Off Battery Saver
  • Focus

Enable Outlook notification in Windows Settings

Once you enable all your alerts, you still get issues of not getting notifications, you have to Enable Outlook notifications in Windows Settings. 

Turn off the Battery saver

Battery savers sometimes disable unnecessary events that are not on the priority list, which turn out to be enhancements in the battery life.

Focus Assist

Focus assist lets you block all the notifications except it passes through the predefined filters.

If Outlook doesn’t comply with the Focus Assist filters, you will receive such problems while getting notifications. Therefore, you need to disable Focus Assist in order to fix the issue.

Apart from the above, recheck all the settings, and rules in case you have set some rules related to notifications.

What appears on your screen whenever a New Email Arrives?

Final Words

In conclusion, the Outlook new item alert window appears whenever you get a new mail message in your Outlook inbox, setting notifications on the Outlook desktop helps users manage and plan their day.

It is possible to set individual notifications for specific people or groups.

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