Why Does Outlook Mail Say Preview? [Outlook How to Change Message Preview]

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Technically some terms or phrases are difficult to understand for the nonuser. The above title” Why Does Outlook Mail Say Preview” is one of the examples. Before digging more into this topic, let’s understand the real meaning in simple words.

Outlook Message Preview is additional information about the email message which can be visible just below the email subject line on the mail list in a specified mail folder.

Preview pane or Reading pane feature in Microsoft Outlook can easily be modified, in this article, you will learn “How to Turn On/Off Message Preview in Outlook”.

Refer: Image the yellow portion is additional information that can be expanded or removed by enabling or disenabling the using message preview feature.

Why Does Outlook Mail Say Preview

How To Enable/Disable Message Preview in Outlook?

Some of the users dislike mail previews (not even 1 Line, not even 2 Line, and not even 3 Line), they only want senders (from) and subject.

It helps to view the maximum number of unread email messages by scrolling down. Turning off or changing the preview doesn’t require rocket science, Follow the steps below:

  • Open Outlook.
  • Open a specific folder (in which you like to change the message preview).
  • Click View Tab above >> Click Message Preview

How To Enable Disable Message Preview In Outlook

Check out four options, by default one line is selected, and you can change it according to your requirement. Selecting off remove all the additional information of your email message,

Once you change the preview, Outlook change preview setting in the dialog box pops up, click the All-mailboxes button, or This folder button according to your requirement.

change preview setting in

checkout image:

outlook message preview

You can check all the sub information disappear and list the email message one by one.

Outlook message preview features not one of the favorites for the users but holds a specific task executor, which comforts the visibility and saves time to find specific mail, searching email by date or any other category, you can set up the message preview first.

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