Is Outlook Mentions (@) Really Enhance Ability? What is Mention Column?

You can mention someone in a tweet using “@”, however, it is quite confusing because some people also use this shorthand to mean “reply”. Some Twitter clients are now able to show @mention status updates in their feed. This means that anyone who follows you will see you mention them in a tweet.

@mention has become very common nowadays. You can use it to thank, support, or even block someone else.

The current scenario of digitalization mentions the symbol “@” plays an important role, which really improves the efficiency of the user. Using the email address symbol (@) is popularly known as “Outlook mentions“.

In this article, I will walk you through step by step guide on @mention in Outlook.

What are mentions in Outlook?

Mentions in Outlook is a useful feature that really improves efficiency, and allows the user to tag the person’s email address to alert them.

Once you tag that person that person’s email address which was already in your contact list will automatically add into an email thread, and receive a special flagged mail item in their inbox.

Sounds Interesting, Let’s see, How it works!

How @mention work in Outlook?

Usually creating email content, enter the recipient email address in the “To” “CC” and “BCC” section, subject your email, and hit send. Under this scenario, while typing the “@” symbol in the body of an email, the list of contact opens up listed in that particular email address.

Start typing without space and you will get your email address and name. Select your required email address and hit the “Tab” key and your email address automatically grab the “To” field and at the same time, the name of the person remove the part of the content (if the email address is used in the contact list with the name).

email symbol

In case, if the specific email address is not saved in your contact list, this process flashes the email address due to auto-suggest, and instead of the name of the person whole email address becomes part of the content.

Refer image first email address using contact name and other is showing complete email address.

email address symbol

Outlook Mentions Not Working

Outlook @ function not working, “tagging” people into an online conversation required email address symbol followed by a person’s name into the content. 

Some users are complaining of the @mention function not working, the reason somehow outlook disable this function.

How To Enable Outlook Mention?

There are steps you can diagnose and easily enable the mentioned feature in Outlook 365.

  • Open Outlook Application.
  • Select File >Options >> Mail.
  • To enable select the checkbox “Suggest names to mention when I use the @ symbol in a message.

How To Enable Outlook Mention

This step required restarting Outlook. This step is also bringing answers to the question of the majority of users “How to disable ‘@’ mentions in Microsoft Outlook?“.

You have to uncheck the same options and restart Outlook, the mentioned option automatically disables it, but it will not stop your sender to use and tag your name or email address using the email symbol @ mentioned.

What’s the Mention Column for in Microsoft Outlook?

Being a receiver of certain email messages, if somebody tagged you or mentioned you in the email message, you will get the email as usual but there are a couple of additional things, which required your attention here.

If your sender and you both are using Outlook server then the mentioned column comes into play:

Mention Column for in Microsoft Outlook

You can also observe the “@” sign in the mentioned column of your inbox. Multiple emails having mentioned in your inbox, you can filter just the messages where someone has mentioned you.

mentioned mail

The default folder view in Outlook now includes a “Mention” column and sign.

In the last update of Outlook 365 ProPlus, 1808, this display was removed, still Outlook Mention feature is still in play.

Are mention work from Mobile devices (iPhone & Android) and Outlook web?

The straight answer is YES, you can simply process the email sign “@” to open the gates of mentioned, and the list of the desired email address and the person comes on your screen, which later automatically fill the “To” field. Refer [Images]

Outlook web mentioned

[Outlook web]

mention work from Mobile device

Is mention work from Mobile device

It’s great for tagging someone and bringing them into a conversation.

And that’s it, at least from the sender’s point of view. You can mention as many people you want, and then send the email when you’re ready.

Honestly, other social media platforms WhatsUp, Facebook, or even Twitter “@” sign plays an important role in tagging.

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