Keyboard Shortcut to Permanently Deleting Email in Outlook

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Email overload is a widespread problem, and sorting through all the messages can be time-consuming.

Fortunately, most email programs offer keyboard shortcuts or quick-delete buttons, which makes deleting spam messages and unwanted emails much faster and easier.

Outlook rule function is also one of the smart approaches to getting rid of unwanted emails, but frankly speaking, it’s a time-consuming process, and only it works with high domains.

Here in this short article, you learn keyboard short keys to permanently delete email in outlook

Shortcut Key to Permanently Delete Email in Outlook

  • To Delete a selected message in Outlook Application, hit the Delete key.
  • Press [Shift]+Delete instead of just Delete. Doing so permanently deletes the selected item instead of moving it to the Deleted Items folder.
  • Delete key also works for the users working on

Apart from this have you ever considered Permanently Delete Multiple Emails in Outlook or a specific group of emails using the Keyboard Shortcut.

Use the Shift key and up-down arrow key to select multiple emails. In case you need to select emails that are not together then, you can use the Ctrl key to keep the email selected and move on to select another bunch of emails using the Shift Key and up-down arrow.

You must note, that doesn’t leave the Ctrl key until you finalize your selection. Once your selection is completed you can use Delete or [Shift]+Delete

Emails and spam emails take up precious space on your hard drive, and it’s easy to accidentally press delete on an important email.

Unfortunately, deleting emails permanently isn’t as easy as just clicking “remove” on your inbox. Outlook and other email clients typically store emails from deleted accounts (or ones you haven’t opened in a while) in their auto-delete folder.

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