How To Find IP Address of Email Sender in Outlook?

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While using internet services, we come across many times that we want to know from which IP address the email that we sent or received is from.

Hence, it is a common query to find out the IP Address of the email sender. To do that, we need to first find the email sender. But how to find the IP address of the email sender when you don’t know their name?

Receiving multiple emails from various sources is common, thinking like a marketing executive every email is worth it. Companies keep a deeper record of not only email addresses and clients but also IP addresses.

What is an IP Address? Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network.

Why does anybody want to find the sender source (IP address)

Forging your email address name or any other thing is possible, but (Internet Protocol address (IP address)) is not easily tempered.

Some Outlook users like marketing or security agencies, banks, and some financial institutes keep a strict eye on such transactions and communication for security purposes.

In the Digital world Internet Protocol address (IP address) is the key.

How To Find IP Address of Sender Email in Outlook?

Here is the step-by-step process to find out the IP address of a sender from an incoming email in Outlook.

  • Open Outlook
  • Reach your email account, go to the inbox, select the email, and Double click to open, that email message opened in a separate window.
  • Click message tab >> Go to the tab section >> Click the anchor ()
How To Find IP Address Of Sender Email In Outlook
  • That will take you to the properties option which includes a few options.
  • In the Properties dialog box, go to the Internet headers section, there are a few technical coding kinds of contents.
  • Find the X-Remote-IP field: (which holds the IP address of the sender email).
Find IP Address Of Sender Email In Outlook

Just a few steps and the result are on your screen. Every email you received is different headers and IP addresses.

How To Trace an Email IP Address in Office 365 Outlook Web Access

Some of the users prefer to use (web-based), following steps to find the email header from Office 365 Outlook when you access the emails from the web browser.

Email IP Address in Office 365 Outlook Web Access
  • Message source popup appears, finding Outlook IP address is quite difficult, Hit Ctrl + F (search bar appears on the top right-hand corner) and type IP, the system automatically finds IP, and here is your result [Refer: snapshot].
How To Trace an Email IP Address in Office 365 Outlook Web Access

The result is clear. Investigating and tracking the IP address of your sender email address is not simple, the above methods have some limitations If someone really wants to trick/hack you, they can spoof the email headers and mask the IPs.

The above step is helpful for users to a certain level.

Final Words

In conclusion, we highlighted that, due to the numerous types of IP addresses available, not all IP addresses are uniform.

While IPv4 uses 32 bits to represent an address and 8 bits to represent the subnet mask, IPv6 uses 128 bits to represent an address and only 18 bits for the subnet mask. The subnet mask can be used in both IPv6 and IPv4.

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