How Outlook Font Size Changes When Replying? [Fix it!]

Microsoft Outlook sends an email message and communicates with other people truly effective, framing your message properly in a professional manner and to the point is important. Using proper language and meaning full words along with font size are real gamechanger.

Some users of Outlook face a problem, when they reply to any Outlook email, the font size becomes smaller. This problem mainly persists with Microsoft Outlook.

Although, Microsoft Outlook by default having a specific font size, color, In this article, you will learn step by step process “How to strictly monitor the font size while Replying in Office 365?” 

How to Change the Default Font and Size in Outlook When Replying?

While replying from Outlook font size and font color still show as default, which is slightly small for few people, when you reply to your email you always want your communication more effectively and bold. Some of the users complaining outlook reply font too small.

You can change the font and its color, size, and style—such as bold or italic for all messages you send according to your recipient requirement.

Let’s Understand step by step process:

Change the Default Font and Size

  • The Signature and Stationery dialog box appears, there are two options, You can use predesigned themes already available in Outlook for replying, you can also design your own theme.

personal stationery theme

  • The second option is manually set up all fonts, colors, and patterns. Click Font under replying and forwarding the message.

personal stationery

  • The new font dialog box pops up, which consists of (Font, Font Style, Size, effects, color, and a few more). You can also scale minor adjustments by hitting advance options on the above tab.

new font dialog box

  • Hit OK once to finish and then twice more to close out of the Signatures and Stationery window and Outlook’s options.

You can also hit “Set as Default” to restore the default style. This option is available to keep your original font setting, which is:

  1. Font+Body
  2. Font StyleRegular
  3. Size11
  4. Font colorAutomatic

Hereafter, you should not experience the problem. Outlook user also changes font color when replying to email messages.

While formatting the font in the reply section, there is an option “Pick a new color when replying and forwarding“, if you check box this option, every time you reply to any message outlook changes the color.

Pick a new color when replying and forwarding

Outlook font changes when replying is really a great feature, we have covered almost all steps “How Outlook Font Size Changes When Replying?”

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