Where Is The File Tab in Outlook? + File Tab Missing in Outlook 365!

Every electronic platform required a gateway to reach commands, All office application consists ribbon (Home, File,  Send/Receive, Folder, View, Help), Outlook desktop applications options are accessed from the File tab.

File Tab is the backbone in Outlook, any major changes, Finding File Tab location is really very easy, you can get on the top left-hand corner of the screen. If you can’t see file tab in outlook, maybe you are using Outlook.com, which web-based provider and Outlook desktop application is

The older version before Outlook 2010 File Tab is missing, but the 2010 and later version File tab become part of Ribbon.

File Tab opens the “Backstage” page where users allow to change the account options according to their comfort.

Where Is The File Tab in Outlook

  • Info
  • Open and Export
  • Save as
  • Print
  • Office Account
  • Feedback
  • Options
  • Exit

These options available in the left pane of the screen, the change of options further allows suboptions in the righthand pane of the screen.

File Tab Missing in Outlook 365

Sometimes the whole ribbon, not only the file tab is missing in Outlook 365, the user accidentally unable to find the ribbon, How to Restore Ribbon In Outlook?

Sometimes when you open the Outlook application, you might see the Outlook Ribbon disappears from Outlook.

File Tab Missing in Outlook 365

To get the ribbon button back to the screen, click on the ribbon display options on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Click on the Show tab and commands, it will open up a hidden ribbon with commands.

ribbon display options

Users can also select “Show tab“, it will open only “Simplified Ribbon” to the new single-line Ribbon that is available in Outlook for Microsoft 365.

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