What is Outlook Extension for Microsoft Edge and Chrome?

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The Edge does allow you to check your email, read and send messages, etc. without any additional software, you can use the toolbar extension. The extension is now available and can be installed easily.

You can have full access to your Outlook account without leaving the tab on Microsoft Edge. The extension is also available in the Chrome Store.

A feature on the browser adds an Outlook icon on the address bar. It will allow users to sign in with their work or personal account to see their emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, and more in a pop-up menu while browsing the web.

let’s dive in!

Steps To Add Microsoft Outlook Extension

Open your browser Chrome or Edge, to install the extension go to the Edge Add-ons store or the Chrome Store.

Microsoft Edge Extension
Outlook chrome extension

Once you click on it, a small dialog box for final confirmation appears, click add the extension in both cases (Chrome/Edge).

Add extension Edge
Add extension

You can check out the small icon that appears on the right top extension section of your browser. In case you don’t get you can simply click on the extension black button, which opens the list of all extensions.

Extention icon chrome

To enable or unhide the Microsoft Outlook extension click on the pin sign which turns blue color and use further need not click on the dropdown button.

Still, the Microsoft Outlook icon looks dimmed until you sign in, Here comes the next step to fully activate the extension.

Outlook extension icon

Click the Outlook extension icon to open the log-in dialog box.

login to outlook extension

Once you enter the username and password successfully and you log in, a small window appears: The default view is your inbox, but you can click the menu button in the top-left to jump to another content, or the buttons at the bottom to access your calendar, contacts, and tasks.

Small screen outlook extension

It allows you to get quick access to your mail, calendar, contacts, and tasks without having to leave your current tab.

The Edge/Chrome toolbar provides a convenient way to check your email, read messages, and send emails without opening Outlook.

You can also check your calendar right on the toolbar. This could be very convenient for many of us.

Microsoft Outlook Extension Features

This Microsoft Outlook browser extension is packed with features to help you manage your daily emails, tasks, calendar events, contacts, etc.

From sending an email to checking your Inbox, you can do everything without leaving the current browser window. The extension currently supports 50 different languages, including French, Arabic, and Korean.

Below are some of the key features:

  • Check new emails, To-Do, People, and Calendar events.
  • Compose or reply to emails, and create events, and tasks.
  • Manage email attachments.
  • Explore all email folders.
  • Focused/Other Inbox.
  • Manage all email settings.
  • One-click switch to the Outlook web version.

Microsoft Outlook extension is not visible on your entire screen, but still, the screen resolution looks best and is most accessible at a resolution of 120 to 150 pixels per inch (PPI).

How to Change the Email Address in Outlook Extension?

Outlook Extension in any browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Edge) runs only one Outlook Exchange Email Address at a time, in case you like to switch to another email address you need to log out with the existing account first and then against login with your different account.

Follow the below steps:

  • To sign out of this browser extension, click on the menu that looks like three horizontal lines and select the Sign-out option.
logout of outlook extension

That will bring you out of the system, now again follow the same steps to log in with your different email address.

How to remove Outlook from Chrome/edge extension?

I personally use Outlook PWA which is quite easy and similar to the Outlook application, the best part is Outlook PWA can be used offline, in case of extensions you need a proper internet connection.

In case you need to remove the Outlook extension from your browser, follow these steps:

Click on the Outlook extension in the top right-hand corner, or in case it’s not visible, click on the dropdown menu, and you will get the complete list of extensions.

Click the ellipses available on the right hand of every extension to dive deeper.

remove from chrome

Hit Remove from Chrome from the dropdown list. Click Remove from the final confirmation dialog box, and here you go, Outlook extension is removed from the browser extension.

Remove dialog box

Overall, it works pretty smoothly. It’s an extension that is worth keeping in my Edge browser.

Final Words

The Edge toolbar provides a convenient way to check your email, read messages, and send emails without opening Outlook.

You can also check your calendar right on the toolbar. This could be very convenient for many of us.

This extension eliminates the need to send an email, check your daily planner, or find all upcoming appointments.

Microsoft Outlook PWA (Progressive Web App) is another similar application used by most users that keeps your work hassle-free.

The only problem is you can operate only a single Outlook account under the extension.

If you need to send an email quickly and don’t have time to open Outlook.com, login, and compose a new email, there’s a Microsoft Outlook extension available for Microsoft Edge browser users that can do all of that in one go.

This extension allows you to avoid the hassle of sending an email, checking your daily planner, or finding all upcoming appointments.

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