Outlook Closes When Minimized [How To Stop Disappearing?]

In the current digital world, Microsoft Outlook holds the top position as far as email delivery is concern, every Outlook user whether using in their desktop computer/Laptop or any other device needs all emails promptly.

The inflow of regular email messages without delay is an essential part of users, just like social media updates. Every user needs outlook online and up to date. The majority of user setup Start Outlook On Startup Windows 10.

In this article, you will learn “How do I stop Outlook from closing?“.

Why does Outlook disappear when I minimize?

In general, practice any file you minimize disappear from the screen, but the file or program keeps running in the background. In the case of Microsoft Outlook you prefer to keep running all the time, you want your email received promptly as soon as the message hits your inbox.

Here is the step by step tutorial, How to stop Outlook getting closed when minimized?

  • In the Taskbar on the bottom right corner, click the Show hidden icon Show hidden icon button to display the icons in the notification area.
  • Click the right mouse button on the Outlook icon , uncheck ‘Hide When Minimized’ option.

outlook closes when minimized

This step brings outlook back to normal functioning. There is a misconception that Outlook hides when minimized activation close Outlook, but it’s not true. You can observe that actually Outlook is not getting closed but the icon of it is hidden in the taskbar when you minimize it.

You can get the email notification of the new message arrival. There is no harm in opting “outlook closes when minimized” option.

Most of the time accidentally the user hit the close button, the Closing outlook also disconnected with the Outlook server and any email message arrived will not be updated.

How to Restore Outlook After It Has Been Minimized?

Although Outlook is online even outlook 365 closes when minimized, To open Outlook click on the Outlook system tray icon. Or, right-click the Outlook system tray icon and select Open Outlook. [Ref: Snapshot]. You follow the above step >> uncheck Hide When Minimized option from the list.

How to Restore Outlook After It Has Been Minimized

Now the problem is solved, most of the outlook users, not bother to understand and learn this small adjustment but since enhancing knowledge always rectify the problems when you stuck in the middle of the sand.

If you are using Outlook web, it total web-based operation there are no issues encountered.

This feature and adjustment apply to Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, and Outlook for Microsoft Office 365.

Personally also keep activated this feature, I have no concern if the Outlook icon in the system tray is visible or not, all I want is my Outlook must be online and the flow of email messages is uninterrupted.

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