How to Change the Classic Ribbon View in Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook recently change ribbon presentation which relatively enhances the space in Outlook. The classic view consists of multiple icons and the simplified ribbon has fewer icons on it.

Classic View

Classic View

The classic view consists of entire icons.

Simplified View

simplified view

The new, simplified ribbon consists of more space for fingers to click the icons, (in case using touchscreen system simplified view earlier to use).

You can switch to simplified ribbon to classic view and vice versa easily, Here are the steps:

Simplified ribbon view is designed streamlined with huge spaces between icons, most of the icons are hidden. Outlook touch mode is also designed for that. It is helpful to work on smaller devices like mobile phones and laptops, instead of the classic view.

I personally prefer the classic view, working on it and all the required icons are on the screen.

Start by clicking on the small down arrow icon found in the far right of the ribbon. A dropdown list appears which consist of:

  • Classic Ribbon
  • Simplified Ribbon

Selection switch between the simplified and classic ribbons whenever you want. It won’t automatically change the ribbon design across Microsoft apps.

That’s it the process change back to Old Outlook view and you can work as usual.


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