How To Add Birthdays/Anniversary To Calendar In Outlook?

Remembering the Birthdays or anniversary dates of your friends and relatives is not so easy, most social media platforms like Facebook allow users to remind of the day (depending upon different scenarios).

Microsoft Outlook is also a great platform to remind you of an upcoming birthday or anniversary event, You have already learned to add reminders in Outlook of important events, or even you can add inbuild or customized holidays in the outlook calendar.

In this article, you will step on multiple scenarios of birthdays or anniversaries in Outlook.

How To Add Birthdays To Calendar In Outlook?

Outlook automatically generates Birthday reminders for the contacts I create with Birthday information. Once you create a contact in Outlook, the detail form consists of birthday input. Birthdays are automatically placed in your main Calendar when you enter this information for a contact.

  • Open Outlook >> Click on the contact tab from the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on New contact from the top left corner of the screen.
  • Contact form appears >> Click on details from the show section.

How To Add Birthdays To Calendar In Outlook

Select the date in the Birthday/Anniversary section.

After adding birthday/Anniversary information to the contact, it will create a recurrence of birthday/anniversary appointments in the Outlook calendar automatically for every year.

Setting Reminders in Outlook

By default Reminders in Outlook are designed to remind for the whole day with the interval of 15 minutes, you can change the “Remind Beforehand” time according to your convenience.

Open Calendar >> press CTRL+G to jump to a specific date in your calendar. Enter the date of the birthday or anniversary you want to change.

Double click on the event to open the recurring window and series, in the options section,

Set reminder in recurring event

You can change the reminder time using a drop-down list up to two weeks prior to the event also select the sound key to select the sound accordingly.

save and close icon

In the Actions group, click Save & Close, this process modifies your notification pattern for this specific birthday.

Is Outlook Calendar Calculate Birthday Age?

Yes, it is! but the question is how?

Once you add a birthday to your contact, it will create a recurrence birthday appointment in the Outlook calendar automatically for every year.

You will get a reminder every year on the same year, every year the age of the person added by one, You can customize VBA to figure out the contact’s age and show the age on the subject of relative recurring appointment in Outlook.

Sounds interesting:

  • Open Outlook Calendar >> Press Alt F11 keys to open the Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Click Insert >Module

Is Outlook Calendar Calculate Birthday Age

  • Copy and paste below VBA code:
Option Explicit
Public Sub UpdateAges()
Dim xOlApp As Outlook.Application
Dim xOlFolder As Outlook.Folder
Dim xOlItems As Outlook.Items
Dim xAppointmentItem As AppointmentItem
Dim xAge As Integer
Dim xOlProp As Outlook.UserProperty
Set xOlApp = Outlook.Application
Set xOlFolder = Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderCalendar)
Set xOlItems = xOlFolder.Items
For Each xAppointmentItem In xOlItems
If (InStr(1, xAppointmentItem.Subject, "Birthday"Or InStr(1, xAppointmentItem.Subject, "Anniversary")) And xAppointmentItem.IsRecurring = True Then
With xAppointmentItem
If xAppointmentItem.UserProperties("Original Subject"Is Nothing Then
Set xOlProp = xAppointmentItem.UserProperties.Add("Original Subject", olText, True)
xOlProp.Value = .Subject
End If
xAge = DateDiff("yyyy", .Start, Date)
.Subject = .UserProperties("Original Subject") & " (" & xAge & " in " & Format(Date"yyyy") & ")"
End With
End If
Set xAppointmentItem = Nothing
Set xOlItems = Nothing
Set xOlFolder = Nothing
Set xOlApp = Nothing
End Sub
  • Press the F5 key to run the code or click the Run button.

Your calendar reveals the contact age on that date.

Outlook birthday VBA Code

How To Remove Birthday Calendar From Outlook?

Having multiple accounts in Outlook brings multiple calendars, along with a separate Birthday calendar, lot of users don’t like the extra calendar, especially when they already have the birthdates on their default calendar.

  • Open the Calendar from which birthday items you want to remove.
  • Type “birthday” in the search bar above the screen.
  • A list of birthdays registered in Outlook appears, select all using Ctrl + A.
  • Press the Delete key to delete all birthday calendar items permanently.

How To Remove Birthday Calendar From Outlook

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