Why is Outlook showing a pop-up attachment reminder?

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A reminder is a notification in Outlook that shows a short message that allows you to act on an email.

Microsoft Outlook is open for every user, have you ever noticed you get an introduction email (which is sometimes relevant to you), consisting of attachments, for instance, a Company profile?

Outlook templates are pre-designed or customized formats that are used for regular emails, but the only problem is you need to attach the files (if needed), manually.

Why is Outlook showing a pop-up attachment reminder

In case you forget to attach the file, game over!

You can recall the email, but it holds multiple conditions, apart from that, Outlook has a feature that can attempt to detect if you have forgotten to attach that especially important document to your email.

In this article, you will learn step by step method “How you can turn on/off attachment reminder in Outlook”?

What is an Attachment Reminder?

An attachment reminder is a feature that reminds you of adding file attachments before the email is sent to the recipient.

Outlook Attachment Reminder

Outlook attachment reminder feature is introduced in the 2013 version, this feature notifies the user of attaching the attachment.

(Users of older versions of Outlook will need to use an add-in or a macro.)

How does the attachment reminder work?

How to Enable/Disable Attachment Reminders in Outlook?

Attachment reminders are one of those annoying trivial things that Microsoft decides it’s necessary to add to Outlook.

They pop up and distract you whenever you mention an email. Fortunately, Microsoft Outlook includes a feature that allows you to disable attachment reminders. Once you learn how to disable attachments in Outlook, you’ll never have to deal with them again.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook.
  • Click on the File tab from the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Hit Options >> Mail from the left-hand pane section of the screen.
  • Under Send messages section from the right-hand pane click on the checkbox option of “Warn me when I send a message that may be missing an attachment”.
Outlook Attachment Reminder
  • Click the OK button to complete, from now onwards Outlook reminds you automatically if you may forget attachments.

You can uncheck the feature permanently, but in case you need to send the current email without an attachment and the reminder is active for further emails, you need to click ‘Send Anyway’ from the popup reminder that appears as we mentioned at the start of the previous section.

This warning message can help you to avoid forgetting attachments in an email message. The forgotten attachment detector can go off right after you hit Send, which can help you to remember attachments in the future.


In conclusion, Outlook Attachment Reminder is a useful addition to Outlook. It offers great reminders and is easy to set up. It really will help some busy people, and you could find value in the tool.

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