Outlook Advanced Search – [Complete Tutorial]

Microsoft Outlook has an advanced search feature, not a single mail can be unable to hide, in case you are profoundly serious to find it and you know the exact way to find it.

Outlook Advanced Search function is designed to find buried emails using combination criteria.

There are multiple ways to search items directly by attachments, subjects, categories, flags, etc. Some of the searches like search email between two dates seem difficult but getting results in the right way always works for you.

In this article, Advanced Find features custom your search criteria and makes your special searching easy.

How To Use Outlook Advanced Search?

Searching specific emails from the list of numerous emails, primarily searching using the subject, or sender email address, which results in multiple emails, still causes trouble to find the desired email.

Outlook Advances Search creates narrow fennel and produces specified requirements of results.

Let’s understand some basics:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook
  • Place the mouse cursor in the Search Bar. Search Tab appears in the Tab section.
  • Click on Search Tools >> Advanced Find:
Advanced Find Search
  • Advanced Find dialog box opens which consists of tons of options: and consist of three subsections: The Messages tab can restrict your keyword search to specific fields:
Advanced find messages
  • More Choices allows you to do searches on email conditions:
Advanced find more choices
  • And Advanced lets you look at about any field in your mail file to do searches:
Advanced find advances

Let’s Understand How Advanced Search Works?

Begin with what are you looking for, Outlook advance search commences the search process by selecting any of the below options.

  • Any type of Outlook item
  • Appointments and Meetings
  • Contacts
  • Files (Outlook/Exchange)
  • Journal entries
  • Messages
  • Notes
  • Task
looking for advance search

Message Tab

In most, cases the user selects messages, next, you must select the folder/s and click on the browser (in which you like to make Advanced Search), and by default, Inbox is selected.

default Inbox is mentioned advance search

Under the message tab:

  • Search for a word(s): You must enter a specific keyword that you want to search for!
  • Next is in the field: You can select using a drop-down list.
  1. Subject Field only
  2. Subject field and message body
  3. Frequently used text filed

User selection must be extremely specific, you must know the availability of your keyword either in the subject or body.

search for the word advance search

You can Click Find now, to get the specified search, and can add another filter say:

  • Enter the email address or name of the person to search either in the “From” or in the “Sent To” fields.
  • You can also tick the checkbox and the options accordingly from the drop-down list.
search from and sent to
  • Lastly, select the time frame from the dropdown list.
  1. Any time
  2. Yesterday
  3. Today
  4. In the last 7 day
  5. Last week
  6. This Week
  7. Last Month
  8. This Month
select the time frame from the dropdown list

It may be enough to get desired results, Microsoft Outlook Advanced Search further filters the results:

More Choices Tab

The more choices tab allows users to filter advanced email to the next level.

  • Starting with categories, click on it, the color categories dialog box appears, and select your required category.
Categories advance search
Only items that are
  • Only items with One or more attachments or no attachments, Emails having attachments, or no attachments are easily separated.
Only items with
  • The next options are whose important as cut down your search with importance (High, Low, Normal).
whose important is
  • Most of the users categorize emails with flags:
  1. Are marked completed
  2. Are Flagged by someone else
  3. Have no Flag
  4. Are flagged by me
only items which
  • Finally size matters in case you like to remove heavy-sized emails to enhance the space.
  1. Doesn’t matter
  2. Equals (approximately)
  3. between
  4. less then
  5. greater than
size advance search

These are some of the additional filters/separator’s users apply while searching emails in Outlook.

Customize Search Criteria and Make Special Searching

Finally, the advanced tab seems isolated but holds tons of options, you can find more criteria to find the specific email.

  • Click on the Advanced tab >> On the define more criteria >> Click Field
  • Which opens a few options, which further expands on clicking on it. (it’s a huge list).
Advanced tab
  • Once you select your criteria, the next options are conditions (which consist of time and spaces).
add to list advanced
  • Click Add to List, the customized search criteria will be added to the Find items that match this box immediately, you can add multiple criteria and click Find Now.

The process will take a few seconds and you can see the results just below the advanced search box. Outlook has many more built-in search filters; the complete process narrows your search and gives you exact results. And don’t forget that the power of Advanced Find is that it can combine multiple criteria to really fine-tune your search.

But sometimes injecting numerous criteria results in nothing.

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