Outlook Address Autofill Not Working – (Find out Why?)

Outlook Address Autofill is the built-in service that lets you save your personal or business email address, phone numbers, and domain names and quickly add them without typing them in every time.

This feature will save you the trouble and time of keying in all that information each time you need to send an email, but it also relies on Outlook’s AutoComplete service in order to work.

Outlook Address Autofill can be disabled, however, and when this happens Outlook will not be able to use the AutoComplete feature.

Outlook autocompletes not working, for the newbie, it’s some kind of technical glitch. But trust me it’s not.

Whenever you type the initials of anybody’s email id, the related list of addresses automatically appears all you have to select & press Enter or Tab key on your keyboard to complete it.

Outlook Address Autofill Not Working

Outlook autocomplete not working

Instead of autofill sometimes it’s not working, here is the step-by-step tutorial to check and enable Autocomplete Cache.

  • Step 1 – Open Microsoft Outlook >> Click File >> Options
  • Step 2 – Click Mail on the left-hand options >> Find out Send messages >> Check the box “Use an auto-complete list to suggest names when typing in the To, Cc, Bcc lines.
Outlook autocomplete not working

Although this option is checked by default, if you are observing Outlook address autofill not working, you can cross-check and enable the option.

How to delete email address from outlook autofill?

Outlook autocomplete list always keep an eye on every email id you type in the address bar and keep it in this record or save it in the autofill.

Sometimes autofill interferes with your work, Let’s understand with an example, how to remove individual entries?

How to Clear the Whole Auto-Complete Cache

It is clear that the two Email address is almost similar and saved twice due to a minor mistake while typing, you can click the delete (X) icon next to the suggestion to permanently remove the Auto-Complete entry.

If you like to delete the whole list, follow a few steps:

  • Step 1 – Open Microsoft Outlook >> Click File >> Options
  • Step 2 – Click Mail on the left-hand options >> Find out Send messages >> Click Empty autocomplete list
Empty autocomplete list

You must give final confirmation to outlook by clicking OK.

how to delete autofill

The Auto-Complete cache will be completely erased.

Final Words

To summarize, you can disable and re-enable autofill when you right-click an address field on the toolbar. Outlook automatically inserts addresses when typing a new doc.

This address autofill works on every Office document. However, not all websites support autofill. If your autofill doesn’t work, check out the website’s help page or contact the website’s owner.

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