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Currently, many users operate company email and personal emails, which can be handled very easily in Microsoft Outlook, it consists of numerous benefits along with few issues.

Microsoft Outlook works with full strength along with add-ins and other applications in normal circumstances, sometimes you can’t get Microsoft Office software to load normally, due to some technical glitch or some critical errors, which results in slow working.

Outlook safe mode allows users to run without any add-ins and extensions, with (few restrictions), which can perform normally.

Outlook couldn’t start last time

Have you ever received an error message saying, “Outlook couldn’t start last time” and asked you to launch it in safe mode?

In some cases, users may receive an unexpected error prompt when working with MS Outlook.

This prompt asks the user to open Outlook in safe mode in order to resolve the problem. Whether the user clicks yes or no, the warning message will appear the next time Outlook starts.

Whenever MS Outlook fails to start or fails to load the program, it generates this error message which is displayed on the screen.

There is a very obvious and easy-to-recognize sign of this error, which is very obvious and easily visible.

Upon clicking on Outlook’s icon, an hourglass appears on the screen, and then, once the user clicks on the hourglass, the following error will appear on the screen:

What is Outlook Safe Mode?

The Safe mode limits the operation of Outlook and runs without any plug-ins or add-ins, extensions, or any other customized files. If you re-launch it, Outlook automatically starts in Safe mode and displays a message.

When To Use It?

Until and unless you don’t have an issue with Outlook, running Outlook in safe mode is not necessary.

Tips to Solve Outlook Could Not Start Last Time Safe Mode

Option 1: Open Microsoft Outlook in Safe Mode.

There are a few methods to execute Open Outlook in Safe Mode.

  • Click and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click on the Outlook shortcut. Outlook asks you to select the profile name and click Ok, which will open Outlook in safe mode.
Safe mode Outlook
  • Another method: Click Win+R from your keyboard, command Run dialog box appears, Enter the command “outlook.exe /safe” and click OK.
Outlook safe mode
  • Outlook asks you to select the profile name, select and click Ok, which will open Outlook in safe mode, (this step is like the above step).

Getting Outlook into offline mode is also considered a safe mode because there is no connectivity between the Outlook application and the server.

Click Send/Receive tab and click to highlight the Work Offline button.

It is simply active offline mode in Outlook, Clicking again gets Outlook into online mode.

Option 2: Disabling add-ins in Safe Mode

This is because there are certain add-ins that will conflict with the version of Outlook you are using.

In fact, this is even more likely to happen if you are using a version of Outlook that contains outdated add-ins.

In order to do this, there are two ways you can go about it. The first option is to disable all addins, then turn them on one by one.

You can disable one at a time and relaunch Outlook to see if everything is working properly. If this is not the case, then you have found the problem.

  • Open Application >> Click File Tab from the left top corner of the screen >> select options >> click Add-ins

In order to access the drop-down menu next to Manage, you will need to select COM Add-ins from the list that appears. To proceed, you will need to click the Go button.

You will get the list of all addins added in the Microsoft Outlook application.

Taking a screenshot of the add-in list at this point is a smart idea, then saving the image somewhere convenient will allow you to access it later.

In the event that any malfunctions occur after you disable the add-ins, restoring the normal configuration of Outlook will assist you in resolving the problem.

You can either remove or uncheck the addins one by one and click OK, we first need to confirm that they are causing the issue, so it is recommended to uncheck them.

Try restarting Outlook and see if it boots up in normal mode when you do so.

Option 3: Creating a New Outlook Profile

The most effective solution would be to create a new Outlook profile if nothing else works. In cases where the profile has been misconfigured or if you are unable to repair your existing one due to some reason, then the most appropriate thing to do is create a new one.

  • Open the Control Panel of your system >> select Mail >> Mail-Setup Outlook >> Show Profiles >> Add.
  • From the ‘Profile Name‘ dialogue box, type in the new name for the profile.
  • From the ‘Auto Account’ dialogue box, type in the correct information and click on the Next button.
  • It will take some time for the settings to be loaded, so please be patient. As soon as you click on the Finish button, you will be able to remove the error that Outlook could not start. Additionally, this newly created profile will be added to the General tab of the dialog box that appears when you open Mail.
  • When starting Microsoft Outlook, use this profile, select Prompt for a profile to be used and click on the OK button.

How to Create an Outlook Safe Mode Shortcut?

Make an Outlook safe mode shortcut if you want to create a quick way for you to open Outlook in safe mode without having to go through these steps again every time.

  • Go to your desktop, click the mouse right button, and select the shortcut
  • You will need to type the full path to Outlook.exe, add /safe to the end of the path, and then click on the Next button.
  • It is a good idea to enter a descriptive name for the shortcut, for example, Outlook.
  • Click Finish, If Outlook is running in Safe Mode, it can be identified by the title displayed in the program window indicating “Safe Mode”.

Use the CTRL key to run outlook in safe mode

You might find that your administrator has disabled the Run command for your account in some scenarios.

In this case, you will not be able to use the Run command window in order to start Outlook in Safe Mode, but don’t give up yet! It’s a good thing that there’s a handy solution to this problem.

Final Words

Outlook Safe mode activation at the right time to save data that are unable to recover in case of Outlook completely crashes.

The fact is that there are a number of institutions, companies, schools, and businesses that cannot function without their email client.

As a result, the entire operation is based on constant communication with the end user throughout the entire process. It is their plan to keep in touch with them and guide them through the process of providing customer service to them.

It can all come to a standstill if Outlook could not start last time for some reason. Having a very unfortunate and unlucky event happen to you can be extremely unlucky.

A situation like this can cause mass panic among employees and force them to seek help from their seniors as soon as possible.

It is likely that the admins or help staff will always suggest the manual solutions that have been suggested in this article.

They could also go out and purchase a cost-effective product like those mentioned in this blog.

There are a number of simple features available within this program that can be accessed by simply clicking a few buttons, making it extremely easy and intuitive to use.

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