How to Create Multiple Signatures in Outlook?

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Microsoft Outlook enables multiple email addresses in a single frame, you can excess all folders in a single click, which enables you to insert only one signature in an email message.

Multiple email addresses personal, corporate, banking, or any other related area, you may need when sending emails from different email accounts in Outlook.

Why Multiple Signatures is required?

Outlook is the platform where you can keep all the email accounts active in one place, you can also create your own customized signature for all different email addresses.

You may opt to use different signatures for internal and external emails, creating the signature in outlook is quite simple.

You can apply the signature using the signature tab in the include section, you will find your pre-created signature which will be inserted quickly with a single click.

Create Multiple Signatures in Outlook

Steps to Create Multiple Signatures in Outlook?

Here in this article, you will learn How to create multiple signatures in Outlook, As you can see, multiple email signatures can be a very helpful work facilitator in everyday communications – both personal and business.

To create multiple signatures you have to repeat the process of signature preparation and name the signature differently.

Let’s revive the method once again:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook
  • Click File >> Options >> Click Mail from the left-hand portion of the screen
  • Click Signature from the right-hand segment of the screen
  • Signature and a Stationery dialog box appear>> Click New
New Signature outlook
  • Create your own customized signature or choose from the “Get Signature template“.
Signature and stationary

You can create multiple signatures repeating the same method.

Choose Default Signature

Once you create multiple signatures in Outlook, imposing (default signature for the Email address, New Message, Reply, and Forward) is interesting.

  • Select Email from the drop-down list “Email accounts“.
  • Secondly, Select the drop-down list in front of the “New messages
  • Lastly, Select the drop-down list in front of “Replies/Forward

This select adjust default signature setting in Outlook, which later on helps not to select your signature.

How To Impose Different Signatures?

The above methods automatically link your desired signature with your email, while you create a new email or reply/forward.

But sometimes selection of different signatures with a different email address, this process is required:

Open a new email message, Under the Message tab, go to the Include section and click on the arrow in the Signature button. A list of signatures will appear.

In your currently composed email message or Reply/Forward message simply select the desired signature and insert it in your email message.

Programmed default signature in case of multiple email addresses, is much easier than selecting a signature for every email message manually, It is no secret that managing multiple email signatures manually can cause problems.

Does Microsoft Outlook enable you to insert multiple signatures in a single email message?

The answer is “No” if you are creating an email it is considered to be a single creator, you can use any single signature from your list of signatures but are not able to add multiple signatures in a single email message.

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