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Ever found yourself crafting that perfect email in Outlook when you suddenly need to spice up your text?

Maybe you want to add some bold flair or italics without breaking your typing stride?

Well, let me introduce you to your new email buddy – the Mini Toolbar! This little gem is all about making your life easier.

Imagine you’re typing away, and you select a chunk of text because you want to make it stand out.

The second you highlight that text, bam!

The Mini Toolbar pops up like a little genie, ready to grant your formatting wishes.

This nifty toolbar is like a secret sidekick, living just beneath your cursor, waiting to spring into action with a subtle appearance that won’t interrupt your workflow.

What is the Mini Toolbar?

It’s a small, floating toolbar that magically appears when you select text in an email.

Think of it as a handy assistant, popping up right where you need it, offering a selection of common formatting options like font style, size, color, bold, italics, and more.

Mini Toolbar consists of ……

Mini Toolbar is the combination of options available in “Clipboard” and “basic text” available above the navigation panel.

It consists of:

  • Font selection drop-down
  • Font size drop-down
  • Increase Font Size
  • Decrease Font Size
  • Format Painter
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Text Highlight color
  • Font Color
  • Bullets
  • Numbering
  • Styles

You can use these options directly while creating an email in Outlook.

Turn ON or OFF Mini Toolbar in Outlook

The Mini Toolbar in Outlook is always enabled by default and appears when you use your left mouse button to select a specific portion of the content. It’s worth noting, however, that the Mini Toolbar won’t appear if you select text using your keyboard.

Steps to disable the Mini toolbar in Outlook:

First Click on the File tab available on the topmost corner of the screen.

File Tab

Click the Options button, available on the left navigation section of the panel.

Options Outlook

In the Outlook Options dialog box, on the General tab, check or uncheck Show Mini Toolbar on selection:

To disable it, simply uncheck the box and click ‘OK’ to close the dialog box. If you change your mind, you can re-enable the Mini Toolbar by clicking on the checkbox again.

Before you go ……

Show Mini Toolbar on Selection feature in Outlook is a handy tool for enhancing your email editing experience.

It offers a quick and easy way to access formatting options, streamlining your workflow.

While it’s enabled by default for convenience, remember that you have the flexibility to disable it if you prefer a simpler interface.

Whether you choose to keep it active or not, the Mini Toolbar is one of those small Outlook features that can make a big difference in how efficiently you manage your emails.

So, experiment with it and tailor your Outlook experience to suit your personal or professional needs!

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