Merge Outlook Accounts! (How To Create Unified Inbox View?) [3 Excellent Methods]

Microsoft Outlook platform always brings a combination of emails (IMAP/POP) in one place, Outlook manages all their emails accounts and all folder with sub-folders, sent items, delete items, etc. in the navigation pane separately, which is a great feature of Outlook.

But sometimes you spend hours clicking through them all, trying to find that one message you need. Outlook 365 combined inbox which unified all email messages in one place.

In this article, you will get step by step method “How to merge outlook accounts into one inbox“. There are three methods to combine all emails of different addresses, which we will discuss one by one.

How to merge Outlook accounts into one [Using Search Method]?

Some users operating multiple accounts encountered difficulties in mange or even find out specific email messages. Here is the step by step process to combine multiple inboxes of different email accounts into one folder.

Outlook consists of multiple methods and patterns to execute your requirement, all you have to know how to use it.

  • Lunch Outlook
  • Select any one inbox (in case you are using multiple email account).

In multiple email account, you need to select inbox to inbox to inbox, which really shocks.

  • The next step to enter (search:inbox into the search bar), the result is similar, you can get all the inbox email, because of the current folder.
  • Change the current folder to All mailbox [Ref: Snapshot].

merge Outlook accounts into one using Search Method

search method merge all Outlook accounts into one

  • Apart from that, you can filter the list of all email account inboxes with specific categories like (date, from, subject, size, and many more).

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Here is your inbox view which combines all your inbox emails. Coming back to normal just click the cross sign right side of the search bar to close all the search results.

Once you setup any search query, it is available for future search with just a simple click.

  • Click to search bar, Search Tab appears >> click recent searches.

combines all your inbox emails

Once you click the topmost recent search, it simply runs the query.

Merge Outlook Accounts [Using Rule Function]

Set up an Outlook unified inbox folder using the rule function is simple, you can combine all email inbox in a specific inbox.

Rule function begins with, creating a folder & set up a rule which keeps a copy of all the incoming emails of all the email account. Let’s begin ~

  • Open outlook
  • Create Folder under the name “Unified Inbox Folder”.
  1. Click to Folder Tab >> New Folder
  2. Create New Folder Dialog Box appears, Name your folder “Unified Inbox Folder”.
  3. Click OK

Unified Inbox Folder

This ends with the first stage, Now it’s time to create the rule, where things start becoming more complicated, Don’t worry, follow the step by step process:

Using Rule Function

  • Rules & Alert dialog box appears >> Click New rule >> which Open the Rules Wizard.
  • Click Apply rule on the message I received: (you need to consider all the email received in your inbox to complied in a folder). >> Click Next

Rule Wizard Start from the blank rule

  • The next step is very crucial (which condition do you want to check).
  1. Select, through the specific account, &
  2. on this computer only

which condition do you want to check

Under a specific account, you have to select any one email address (you can’t select multiple email account at a time) and hit OK, and click Next.

  • Further, What do want to do with the messages?, (it’s clear you want to keep a copy of all incoming emails in that folder which you have created above).
  • Select move a copy to a specific folder. After clicking Specific & select “Unified Inbox Folder”. 

Select move a copy to a specific folder

  • Almost everything is no board, Next step is an exemption (select in the case-specific email which you don’t want to move) or Hit next.
  • The final summarised page appears (Finish rule setup), which include three steps:
  1. Name your rule.
  2. Select the check box “Run this rule now on messages already in Inbox”. (This step is important to clubbing all the existing email in your inbox).
  3. The final step is to review the Rule (you can also edit if required).

Finish rule setup

  • Click Finish

This process Combine Microsoft Accounts and you can check all the email of all account at one place. You can easily delete (clicking the right mouse button) the folder anytime you want without disturbing any inflow. The folder is temporarily created and wash out after your required data. The next Method comes with a slight technical approach (macros).

How Outlook combined inbox using visual basic code (Macros)?

Macros in Outlook is technical coding that you can manually create and inject to get your results. First, you’ll need to enable macros or turn on notifications for digitally signed ones: Here follow the steps:

  • Click to file menu >> Options >> Trust center >> Trust center setting


visual basic code

The next step walks you through some more options, Click on Macro settings, by default “Notification for digitally signed macros, all other macros disabled” is selected, change the option to “Notification for all macros”.

Notification for all macros

  • Click OK twice, now you are back to your inbox.

Then you need to restart Outlook, further, you need to insert specific code into the VBA editor. Open a new project in the VBA editor and the code that will pull mail into a unified inbox. Hit Keyboard shortcut key (Alt + F11).

That will open up the VBA editor page, Copy the below code and paste on the editor page:

Sub UnifiedInbox()
Dim myOlApp As New Outlook.Application
txtSearch = "folder:Inbox received: (this week)"
myOlApp.ActiveExplorer.Search txtSearch, olSearchScopeAllFolders
Set myOlApp = Nothing
End Sub

The red portion in the code could be adjustable according to your requirement. Once you paste the code click saves button or simply click Ctrl + S to save the code and close the window.

How Outlook combined inbox using visual basic code

This step ends up with the insert VBA Code which shows your results from outlook combined inbox.

  • Go to the search bar and type “Macros” >> Select Run Macros from the dropdown list >> select your macro (which was saved in macros).

outlook combined inbox

  • As soon as you click on it, it runs the query and the results are on your screen, at the same time you can see the content in the search bar which is exactly the same as when you used the search bar directly.

Running macro is quite difficult for the users, not familiar with the system, it is recommended to use the search bar directly.

Outlook combined inbox using visual basic code

Under this article, all three methods are user friendly and easy to apply and get your results, the best part of all these methods is, it will not affect any of your original setup and inflow, after analyzing your data and result, you can simply delete the folder and macro just like that.

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