Keyboard Shortcut to Mark Email as read in outlook

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Most people use their email clients only for sending and receiving emails. Some of these email clients allow you to set an email as read in outlook, delete emails in outlook, or mark emails as read in outlook. These are common tasks that every email client can perform.

Mark all Emails as read in Outlook Application [Shortcut]

Mark Email as Read in Microsoft Outlook (Keyboard Shortcut) is extremely popular among users, every user is dying to know the shortcut key to mark the email as read.

Besides the menu options, you can use the keyboard to mark items as read.

  • For marking a message as read you can use ‘CTRL’+’ENTER’ or ‘CTRL+Q’

In case you like to use keyboard short for the entire folder and mark all emails as read, which consists of multiple unread emails, you need to select all using ‘CTRL’+’A’ prior to ‘CTRL’+’ENTER’ or ‘CTRL+Q’

Mark Selected Email as read in Outlook Application [Shortcut]

Sometimes your inbox folder is flooded with unread emails, you need to mark an entire folder as read but you have a spare few emails as unread that would be entertained later.

Select the emails using the ‘Shift’ Key along with the ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ arrows, once you selected a few emails hold the ‘Ctrl’ key to keep them selected now move forward again and select unread emails using the ‘Shift’ Key along with ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ arrow but this time you need to keep hold of ‘Ctrl‘ Key.

Once you are ready to mark all the Selected Emails as Read Hit ‘Enter‘.

Mark Email as read in Outlook for Mac [Shortcut]

Mac users need to understand the Keyboard shortcut which is slightly different from Laptop and Desktop uses.

  • Mark message as read in Mac – Click ‘⌘’ + ‘T’
  • Mark all emails message as read in folder – Click ‘OPTION’ + ‘⌘’ + ‘T’

Bonus Tip

  • Moving the Up and Down arrow over the unread email itself turn the mail message into read, even if have not opened the email message.
  • In case you need to select the entire folder as read, select the folder – Click ‘Alt’ + ‘O’ + ‘MA’


What it does?Keyboard Shortcut
Mark Message as read in Outlook Application ‘CTRL’+’ENTER’ or ‘CTRL+Q’
Mark all unread emails as Read in Outlook Application‘CTRL’+’A’ then ‘CTRL’+’ENTER’ or ‘CTRL+Q’
‘Alt’ + ‘O’ + ‘MA’
Mark Multiple unread emails as read Shift’ Key along with ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ arrow, Hold ‘Ctrl‘ and Hit ‘Enter
Mark message as read in Mac‘⌘’ + ‘T’
Mark all emails message as read in the folderOPTION’ + ‘⌘’ + ‘T’

Final Words

In Conclusion, I conclude that keyboard shortcuts can be so useful. Emails are a pain, but these tips help to make them easier. With these shortcuts, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to do these tasks.

For more keyboard shortcuts see the guide, Keyboard shortcuts

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