Is there a way that Your Send Email looks different in your Recipient Inbox?

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As communication technology advances, it has become increasingly important for professionals to be aware of the way their emails are presented in the recipient’s inbox.

The Purpose of the differentiation is to highlight or look different so your recipient acts on that email message ASAP, every time they open their Inbox folder, the dark spot is always targeted because it looks different.

In this blog post, we will address the question “Is there a way that your sent email looks different in your recipient’s inbox?“.

How to send an email with a subject line differently in Outlook Application?

When you create an Email message it is mandatory to use a Microsoft Exchange account both ways.

Create an Email Message (New, Forward, or Reply), and enter all the related information like the email address of the recipient, Subject, and content in your message body.

  • Click on Message tab >> Go to Tags
  • Click on the flag dropdown list and select add a reminder.

A custom dialog box appears:

You will get two options “Flag to me” and “Flag for Recipients

  • Step 1: Uncheck the Flag for Me box.
  • Step 2: Check the Flag for Recipients box.
  • Step 3: Select any one of the options from the dropdown list Flag to.
  • Step 4: Check the Reminder box and select a date earlier than today from the drop-down list. Click the OK button.

That will add the notification on your screen just above the From Send Button:

That means when you send the email address to your recipient, that email message will be landed in your recipient’s inbox, but the only difference is that the email message will visually look different in the recipient’s inbox.

The purpose is for the email message look different in the inbox, which reminds the recipient to act on that email message quickly every time the Inbox is opened.

The email’s background will be displayed in a different color in the recipient’s mail list as below screenshot:

Clear Flag Option

Your recipient has the power to remove the flagged email from the inbox, after responding to the email.

From the right side of the email message, you will see the flag imposed on the email message, click the right mouse button and select “Clear Flag” from the list.

  • That Email message will turn into normal in your recipient’s Inbox.

Wrap Up

This feature helps you, not to force your recipient to act on your email message, but that email always indicates with the difference of color in your recipient inbox to act on it until he/she himself clears the flag and makes the email message normal.

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