How do you change the font size on your text messages in Outlook 365?

Microsoft Outlook office 365 users sometimes encountered the font issue, the visibility of default fonts is small for some, due to various reasons.

The question is How to adjust Font Size in Outlook? in the reading pane.

You can easily change the font settings, follow the step-by-step guide.

  • Go to file >> Click Options >> Mail >> Stationary & fonts

How to adjust Font Size in Outlook

A signature and Stationery dialog box appears, there are multiple options available in this section.

How to Increase Font Size in Microsoft Outlook

In professional outreach some of the users change the theme in outlook office 365, which looks more friendly to the receiver, you can customize your own theme (here is the step by step guide How to change theme in outlook?) or you can choose Theme and then the (No Theme) option to disable it.

There are three main areas covering this topic.

  • New Mail messages – While creating a new mail you can change your font, font size, font style & your receiver can receive your new mail with the changed pattern.
  • Replying or forwarding messages – Under these criteria, any changes made by you will be reflected whenever you respond or forward an email message.
  • Composing and reading plain text messages changes how plain text messages appear to you only; plain text messages sent to others remain in plain text for the recipients.

How to Change Font Size in Outlook?

Click to the font (refer to above image), complete font designing dialog box appears, you can check there are multiple options to change the font layout, font style, font size, in addition to that font color, underline style & effects.

increase font size outlook

Select OK once you complete or customize your font design.

How to change the font size of incoming emails?

In the earlier portion of the article, changing the default font size of incoming messages for users having some visibility trouble, Microsoft Outlook reserve an option to easily enhance the text size of the font while opening the email message in your reading pane.

By default outlook office 365, font setup is standard for the users, but as I said earlier, some of the users like to change and increase the font size in outlook.

How To Zoom in Outlook Without Mouse

How To Zoom in Outlook Without Mouse?

Here dive directly into step by step guide ~

how do i change the view size in outlook

  • Step 3 – Click Other settings>> Another setting dialog box appears.

how to increase cursor size in outlook

  1. Column Font
  2. Row Font
  3. Message preview Font

All of them are by default text size is 8, which is quite difficult for some users. You can easily change by clicking on a specific button in front of the required setting.

For instance, I made the changes in all three of them and the snapshot below speaks for itself.

Outlook view increase

Now you can see all three (Column Font, Row Font, Message preview Font) text size increases with this simple trick.

How to apply above changes to every folder?

Once you made changes or customize the font set in a specific folder and you want to fix the same changes in all the folders, here is the simple option available in MS Outlook.

  • First, select that folder in which you have customized your own view.
  • Now Go to the View tab and select Change View >> Apply Current View to Other Mail Folders.

Apply Current View to Other Mail Folders

Finally, Apply view dialog box appears, you can select the folders in which you like to apply the same view rule in every folder.

Apply view dialog box outlook

Click OK.

Question How to reset the default view?reset view

Answer – Simply Go to view >> Current View section and Click reset view, all the customized view setting is automatically replaced with default view setting.

Bonus Tip

Zoom in on the message – Opening a particular email and instead of raising the font size of all your folders or specific folder, you just want to instantly enlarge the specific email you are reading.

  • Double click on the email message >> Go to message tab >> Click Zoom

outlook zoom

  • By default standard visibility is 100%, you can change according to your comfort.
  • Click OK and the content visibility change. Once you close that specific email your zoom-in changes get back to default.

zoom while reading

Another option is a zoom slider in the bottom right corner.

zoom slider

Finally the universal rule CTRL+Mouse Scroll, you can simply zoom in and out per message.

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