How to Add Hyperlinks in Outlook? + [Links Not Working in Outlook]

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Once you add hyperlinks in Outlook, you will be able to hotlink or URL link to any file or page on the web. Making hyperlinks in Outlook adds a link from your email to an external website.

For example, if you put in the email address field, Outlook will look up Yahoo!’s homepage and link it.

Creating an email message with images, emojis, and hyperlinks seems attractive and meaningful, in our previous article you learn to add emotional characters (emojis) into the article.

Sometimes adding a default browser link is also mandatory in your email. This article is all about hyperlinks in outlook.

Microsoft Outlook allows you to create and insert a hyperlink into your Outlook email message in a couple of methods.

How To Insert Hyperlinks in Outlook Emails?

I personally subscribed to tons of newsletter and review websites, I received a couple of email messages daily, which include their latest article link, which allows me to jump directly to their website.

This process is quite simple, which triggers my idea to also add a specific link in the email message. The below process walks you through “how to create a hyperlink in an email“.

To begin with:

  • Open Outlook, create an email message
  • Select the area, text, or phrase you like to add a link to.
  • Click the Hyperlink button in the Links group under the Insert tab or Click Ctrl + K (shortcut key).
Insert Hyperlinks in Outlook
  • Instead of this process, you can also select the portion and click the right mouse button >> Click Insert Link from the drop-down list.
Hyperlinks in Outlook Emails
  • Insert Hyperlink dialog box appears, enter the URL (web page) address ion the address column.
Insert Hyperlink dialog box appears
  • Click OK button, this process adds the link in the selected text.

How To Edit/Remove a Hyperlink?

Most of the time after the final review of the email message, the hyperlink added in the specific text required some modification, right-click on the hyperlinked area, and select edit hyperlink from the dropdown list.

How to Edit Remove a Hyperlink

Edit hyperlink dialog box appears, change the URL from the address bar section and click Ok, this process replaces the existing URL with the new one before you send the email message.

In case you need to remove the hyperlink from the text again repeat the same process and click Remove hyperlink.

How To Rename a Hyperlink in Outlook?

Apart from that when you type in an email address in the email body and after clicking the space bar or enter key you enter email address automatically converts to a hyperlink.

Most of the users avoid disclosing their email address in the message section, they want an email address to replace with a specific word like “Find me here“.

In Microsoft Outlook you can simply select the email address and customize the text for a hyperlink. Here are the steps “How to rename hyperlink with details in Outlook“.

  • Click the right mouse button >> Hit edit hyperlink
Rename Hyperlink In Outlook
  • Edit Hyperlink dialog box appears >> In the text to display section
  • Remove the email address and enter the text you need to display, for instance, “Find me here”.
Find me here
  • Click Ok, your email address hyperlink is replaced with the new text.

Why are the links in my Microsoft Outlook email not working?

Recently I received an email message shared by my brother, the link consists of an article, I clicked the link and I observe that the links not working in outlook. Initially, I thought “why can’t I open links in my email” there must be some issue with the link or URL, but the problem is something else.

I found out the issue and fixed it:

In this section, you will learn a couple of methods to fix why Outlook Blocking Links no matter what version you use Outlook 365, 2019, 2017, 2013, and earlier.

Once you click on the hyperlink of the email message you received, in case of some issue you get the message on your screen “Your organization’s policies are preventing us from completing this action for you. For more info, please contact your help desk”.

outlook hyperlink restriction

Reset Internet Browser Setting

Most of the time minor modifications in your internet explorer platform like Chrome, Safari, Edge, or even IE help the user but, in some cases, it also causes adverse effects. Outlook Blocking Links is one of the outcomes, the solution is to reset, internet explorer.

  • Close Microsoft Outlook application
  • Start the Internet browser (Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Edge/Internet Explorer), click on the setting icon, and click reset and cleanup.
reset setting outlook
  • Click Reset, the process disables all extensions, clears temporary files like cookies, removes history, and turns your browser back to normal.

Remove and Reinstall Chrome or Edge

Removing the entire program and reinstating clean all kinds of technical glitches, remove Chrome/Edge/Firefox, and reinstall them:

Add Hyperlink to Image in Outlook

Adding a Hyperlink to an Image in Outlook Signature is quite simple, most users create an email message and use it to insert an image or infographic to look their email attractive, the point is how to insert Hyperlinks in outlook 365 and lower version images.

First, you need to insert the image into your email message: while you edit your Outlook email, position your mouse cursor where you want the image to be inserted, then go to the Outlook INSERT menu and click on Pictures:

Add Hyperlink to Image in Outlook

Once your image is set, click the right mouse button to add Hyperlink to the image.

How to hyperlink images in Outlook

Insert Hyperlink window pops up, which consists of multiple keys the user got confused about it, but it’s quite simple.

Click on the Existing file or web page from the left portion of the window, and enter the desired URL for your hyperlink image, in the Address field:

existing file and web page

Click ok to finish, the receiver easily clicks on the image and reaches the desired webpage.

And this is all I have to say on this topic. I do hope you find the article helpful and one of the above methods has worked for you. Thank you for reading!

Final Words

In summary, these hyperlinks allow you to easily reference that email. It’s also a good habit to add hyperlinks to your email signatures.

This way, all your emails are point-of-view. When recipients click those links, they’ll be able to view other emails you sent, or view those of your co-workers.

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