How to Schedule an Email in Outlook? [Using Delay Delivery]

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When I was working at a company, one of my colleagues asked me if Outlook could schedule emails.

At that time, I didn’t know the answer because I wasn’t a regular user of Outlook. However, now Outlook has become my go-to solution for all my emailing needs.

In this blog post, I will share all my knowledge on how to schedule emails in Outlook Classic, Outlook on the Web, and New Outlook.

How to Delay Sending an Email in Outlook?

Let’s explore all the methods to delay sending your email in Outlook. There are three ways to delay sending in Outlook:

  • Delaying the delivery of a specific message,
  • Creating a rule to defer all emails,
  • Scheduling automatic sending.

This article will be comprehensive, as it covers all three segments across the three models of Outlook: Classic Outlook, Outlook Web, and New Outlook.

Schedule Send Email Outlook Classic

If you need to send an email at a specific time, you can schedule your email. Here are the steps to set up delayed delivery in Classic Outlook:

First, open Outlook Classic and click on “New Email” Then, click on the “Options” tab. From the “More Options” section, select and click on “Delay Delivery.”

time delayed email

Properties dialog box appears, navigate to the “Delivery Options” section. Here, you can select the “Do not deliver before” checkbox to specify a future delivery time for your email.

outlook send email at specific time

To schedule emails in Outlook, select the “Do Not Deliver Before” option and set your desired date and time.

For instance, you can schedule an email to be sent on Christmas at 23:00 hours.

time delay emails
how to send delayed email

After setting the delivery time, close the window and click the send button. Your email will then be scheduled for a specific time and date and will remain in your Outbox folder until the scheduled time.

Additionally, Outlook allows you to set an expiration date for your emails. This feature is useful for ensuring that time-sensitive information is not delivered after it is no longer relevant.

It’s important to note that for the delayed delivery feature to work, the system from which the email is sent must be online at the specified time. In corporate environments or scenarios where the system is online 24/7, this is usually not an issue.

However, if you’re using a computer or laptop that is not always online, it’s advisable to use the “Expires After” option in the delay delivery settings. This instructs Outlook to cancel the email if it hasn’t been sent within the specified timeframe.

send timed email

To save a copy or send a message, check the appropriate box. You can also select contacts by clicking on the “Contacts” option and set a category for better organization.

send email later outlook

Create a Rule to Delay the Delivery of All Messages?

In Outlook Classic, you can set up a rule to delay the delivery of all messages by a certain number of minutes, up to 120. This allows you to create a template that automatically includes a send delay for all messages you compose and send.

So, let’s learn how to set it up.

First, open Outlook and click on the “File” tab located at the top-left corner of your screen. Then, from the left navigation options, click on “Info.” Next, you need to click on “Manage Rules & Alerts.”

outlook delay delivery

This will open the Rules and Alerts dialog box. Here, you can check out the option to create a new rule by clicking on it. Now, you need to select “New Rule” to create a new one.

delay sending email outlook

This will initiate a series of setup steps. You will encounter four setup dialog boxes. You must select the options carefully to ensure that the rule is executed perfectly.

The Rule Wizard dialog box will pop up. Start by selecting “Apply rule on messages I send” under “Start from a blank rule.” Then, click “Next.”

how to schedule an email in outlook

In the next dialog box, you will be asked to select the condition you want to check.

There are multiple options available, and you can select according to your requirements.

However, in this scenario, leave all the boxes unchecked and click “Next.” Since you have not selected any options, Outlook will reconfirm by showing you a prompt box.

Please click the “Yes” button to proceed.

mail delivery time

The next step will ask, “What do you want to do with the message?” Here, you will find the solution you’re looking for.

Check the option to “defer delivery by a number of minutes.

defer delivery by a number of minutes

Now it’s time to set the number of minutes for the deferred delivery. Click on the hyperlink in the Step 2 section.

The maximum limit for deferment is 120 minutes. Click “OK” to confirm.

You will then return to the Rule Wizard, where you can see “defer delivery by 120 minutes” in the Step 2 section. Click “Next” to proceed.

delay delivery
can you schedule an email in outlook

The last step is to determine if you want to set any exceptions. I usually leave all the options unchecked because I don’t want to add any exceptions.

In your case, if you wish to add an exception to this rule, you can select the appropriate option.

Then click “Next.”

Exempted in delay delivery

Finally, the Finish setup rules dialog box appears, Specify the rule’s name, Turn On the rule, review your rule & Click Finish.

how to send a delayed text

Now everything is set. Whenever you create an email and send it, it will not be immediately delivered to your recipient.

Instead, it will remain in the Outbox for 120 minutes. This gives you time to double-check and make any necessary corrections.

You can check your Outbox to see that your email is there. However, once the specified time has passed, the email will automatically be sent to your recipient.

Schedule Send in New Outlook and Web

When discussing scheduling emails in Outlook Web or the new Outlook, the method is slightly different, but the result is the same.

Currently, the new Outlook, which is very similar to Outlook Web, has matching functionality.

So, let’s explore how you can schedule sending an email in these platforms.

First, open your new Outlook and click on “New Email.” The new email window will appear. Place your cursor in the message body and click on the “Options” tab. In the “Send” section, you will find the option to “Schedule Send.”

The “Schedule Send” dialog box will appear. You will see a few pre-offered options to schedule your email. You can also use the custom option to set up your own time and date.

Finally, click “Send,” and your email will remain in your Outbox until the specified time and date. As soon as the set time and date arrive, the email will be automatically sent to your recipient.

Outlook Delay Delivery Not Working

If you are using Outlook Classic, which is an application-based platform, you can create a rule to delay delivery, and everything will work as planned.

However, it is mandatory that you be online at the time of delivery. If your system is not online, your message will not be delivered until you establish an online connection.

This is often the reason why many users complain that the delay delivery feature in Outlook is not working.

On the other hand, if you are using Outlook on the web or the new Outlook, both of which are web-based platforms, creating a rule for delayed delivery will ensure that the mail is sent at the correct time, regardless of your online status at the time of delivery.

How to check scheduled email delivery?

After making all the settings, you can check whether Outlook is following your commands. Your message should already be saved in the Outbox. Click “Send/Receive All Folders” to update incoming and outgoing mail in Outlook.

Your mail will remain in the Outbox due to the rules you’ve set. You can also check your Sent Mail; the email won’t be there until your specified deadline. Outlook will send the email at the later time you’ve scheduled.

How can I stop Schedule Email from sending?

As mentioned earlier, your scheduled email is saved in the Outlook Outbox and will be delivered at the specified time.

If you wish to cancel the scheduled delivery, simply go to the Outbox, select the email, right-click on it, and choose “Delete.”

By deleting the email from the Outbox, you can prevent the message from being sent.

send email at a later time

How to change Message Schedule Time?

You can easily modify your delayed delivery in Outlook. Some users may want to deliver the mail before the scheduled date or need to extend it.

Here is the step-by-step guide ~

  • Open Outlook >> Go to Outbox
  • Double click on the mail relaxing and wait for the time.
  • You will be forwarded again to the mail generation page.
  • Click that symbol (mentioned in the picture below) to change the default delay delivery time in Outlook.
how to delay sending an email in outlook online
  • You will be forwarded back to the properties section where you can modify your delivery time and date.
change default delay delivery time
  • Close the tab and again click send mail button. Your mail is saved in the outbox ready to deliver as per the modified input.

What if you want to deliver the mail immediately?

If you want to cancel delayed delivery in Outlook, you need to follow a similar process. Simply uncheck the “Do not deliver before” option, close the tab, and send your email.

Essentially, you are discontinuing the delayed delivery option and instructing Outlook to send your email immediately.

Does Outlook Deliver Scheduled Email Automatically?

Outlook 365 is a web-based platform, so any scheduled task will be automatically executed at the specified time, regardless of whether you are online or offline.

In the case of Outlook Classic, it is mandatory for the user to be online. The email scheduled will be delivered at the time mentioned in the delayed delivery option.

However, if the Outlook application is accidentally offline or closed, the email message will wait for connectivity before sending.

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