How To Use Mail Merge in Outlook? [with attachment]

Mail merge in Microsoft Outlook mail is generally used to send personalized mail to a bunch of people. The mail merge outlook option generally used by the user to send emails during the festival season or for some marketing (launching of the new product), updating for some personal information to your contact persons.

What is Mail Merge in Outlook? Why & How is it important for the user?

Mail merge technically helps the user to send a large number of emails to the group of people/contacts in a single click, without knowing anyone in the group.

For example, in a form letter, you might include instructions to insert the name of each recipient in a certain place; the mail merge would combine this letter with a list of recipients to produce one letter for each person in the list.

You can also print a set of mailing labels or envelopes by doing a mail merge.

If you are sending Christmas wishes or your company product profile mail merge is the best example.

There are few options for the mail merge. There are a few examples to do the mail merge.

How to send mail merge from outlook?

Basically, we are talking about sending group mail to selected contacts available on your contact list in a single click.

  • First, select the contact from your list just by clicking Ctr+3 for quickly switch to your Contacts folders.
  • Select the contact or group you want to send the email, Only selected contacts from the Contacts folder will get the mail.
  • Go to the mail merge dialog box – option group: Actions >> mail merge – a separate dialog box appears.

mail merge contacts outlook

Carefully contact elected based on the two options available. (all you have to select the option according to your requirement).

  • All contacts in Current view – Only the visible contact is selected by default if you filtered your contact list.
  • Only selected contacts – if you manually selected the contacts from the Contacts folder that you want to send your particular mail.

Merge optionmerge option document type

  • Document Type: There are three options [Form Letters, mailing labels, Envelopes & Catalogs], by default you will get form letter selected.
  • Merge to: These three options New Documents, Print & email [the selection is very important], Select ‘Email’, from the dropbox list. merge to merge option
  • Message subject line: The last option asks you to type the message subject line.
  • Click OK.
  • Outlook initializing Microsoft word.

outlook initializing word

  • After a few minutes, a separate Microsoft word file open with the Mailings tab on the Ribbon.

mailing tab greeting line

  • You can freely type, copy, paste your message on the word sheet. There are few more important minor details you need to go through.
  • # Step1Press Greeting Line – Basically the matter or your draft is common for every receiver but it is very important that the name you are addressing is always different for everybody.

Insert greeting line

  • You can also edit the fields according to your purpose, instead of selecting “Dear” change it to “Respected”.
  • You can check the preview of how it is,
  • Click OK the dialog box automatically close, and at the same time “«GreetingLine»” message appeared on the MS office sheet.
  • You can start writing just below the greeting line.
  • The next step is to enter the email addresses of the selected contacts – you can insert the address by pressing the “Address Block” button.

Insert Address Block

  • Click Ok, but before that, it is very important to select the checkbox mentioned above # Insert recipient name in the format # insert company name # insert Postal address. (Selectin of company name and postal address insert the complete information according to your address book).
  • Now “Insert Merge Field” button includes some other information like – Telephone Number, Job description, City, company, account number, and many more. (I am adding a company).
  • Finally, you can add your signature part finally.

mail merge matter

  • The “preview result button” allows you to check how your mail look likes.
  • You can check all the personalized mail separately just by clicking arrow buttons in the toolbar.
  • Now its time to close your task by sending the mails. Click the “Finish & Merge button” and select “Send E-mail Messages…”

Merge to Email

  • Forget about that just finish it Click OK.

How do I do a mail merge in Word? (Mail merge outlook with attachment)

Step by step guide for doing a mail merge in word with outlook as source is real magic.Word Icon

Microsoft Word also allows your mail merge, this word mail merge tutorial outcome is similar to the above method, but the process is different.

Open Microsoft Word sheet.

  • Click to Tab “Mailing” on the top of the sheet.start mail merge icon
  • Find out the Start Mail Merge button and click >> Click Step by Step mail merge wizard
  • Step by Instruction Box appears on the right side of the sheet.which button do you click to use the mail merge Wizard
  • Here select “E-mail messages”.
  • Press the Next button, step 2 asks you ‘How do you want to start up your letters?’
  1. Use the Current Document.
  2. Start from the template.
  3. Start from the existing document.
  • Click Next, You will get three options to fetch your recipients for Outlook mail merge.
  1. Use an existing list
  2. Select from Outlook contact
  3. Type a new list.

Here, We are in the middle of merge mail from outlook, I would select from outlook contacts.

  • Click Contact Folder, a dialog box appears, in my case, I have a list of emails on my outlook and I have to select the contact of a particular email.

select contact outlook

  • Select the required contact list and Click Ok, You will find another dialog box.
  • Word now opens the “Mail Merge Recipients” dialog Box where you can specify which contacts to send to.
    This dialog consists of several options like – Sort, filter, find duplicate, validate the address. You can also remove a particular contact from the list (by reselecting the box) if you don’t want the recipient to receive the mail.

Mail merge recipients

  • Click Ok, Step 4 – Now its time to write your content and follow the steps mentioned above (which was similar in both the scenario) you like to send to your recipient.
  • The next step allows you to preview your letter and attach and you can also make changes in your recipient.
  • All set Click the “Finish & Merge button” and select “Send E-mail Messages…”.

Outlook mail merge from excel

The initial steps are similar to the above explanation while fetching your recipients for Outlook mail merge, there are three options:Outlook mail merge from excel

Selecting ‘use an existing list’ required contacts data from outsources, here we are talking about Excel Spreadsheet.

mail merge word

  • Hit Ok
  • The next step opens up the Mail Merge Recipients dialog box and further process is similar as mentioned above.

These options are really helpful for the market team, used to launch a new product, and just want to inform or update their existing customers about the highlights of the products. I have also seen some of the Bloggers use to send the merge mail about their new post.

Outlook mail merge with attachment campaign management with Easy Mail Merge you can Access detailed status reports of the ongoing email campaigns, so you can see how many Outlook emails were already sent and how many of them failed to be delivered and you can pause or resume ongoing mass email campaigns.

Mail merge is also helpful to print a set of envelops or labels. Microsoft outlook is a beautifully set all your bulk mail merge process with a full proven step with no error.

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