How To Sync Google Calendar with Outlook?

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Think about how your world would change if you had one calendar for all your events, and then synced that calendar with all your other devices.

Just imagine your life free of double booking and having to remember multiple events. No more unnecessarily scheduling events on the same day, or double-booking things again.

Imagine having your entire schedule at your fingertips. With Google Calendar you can have all your calendar events organized and synchronized between your PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android.

Microsoft Outlook manages all things related to email but is also one of the smartest platforms to control all your calendar events, create appointments, and tasks sharing with other members is awesome.

You can also create your own holiday list in Outlook, you can organize and affiliate with a reliable source by combining Google Calendar with Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

In this article, you will learn the step-by-step process of Sync Google Calendar with Outlook Calendar and access both in 2019 & in Office 365 without any plugins, third-party tools, or add-ins.

How To Add Google Calendar to Outlook?

Google Calendar itself manages every required reminder & update for its user, Microsoft Outlook users somehow need a single platform (Outlook) to perform every aspect of the current digital era.

So, there is the deal:

Outlook users easily add a Gmail calendar to Outlook, here is the step-by-step tutorial: Starting with a few settings.

Create New Calendar in Google Calendar

  • Log into your Google account >> Open Google Calendar on your personal computer.
  • Go to the bottom left-hand side corner of your screen >> Click the “+” sign to add a new calendar.
Create New Calendar
  • Click to create a new calendar
Calendar in Google Calendar
  • The next step required some valuable information (Name, Instruction, Time zone)
add outlook calendar to google
  • Click Create Calendar.
import google calendar to outlook
  • You can check your calendar name at the same location and invest your activity according to dates for events.

Now it’s time to subscribe to that calendar in Outlook, In the left-hand menu, hover over the monthly expenses calendar to export and click the ellipses menu icon next to it.

Import and Export Contacts or Email addresses, Comma Separated Values (.csv) is required, under this scenario, synchronizing Google Calendar to Outlook, a specific file type (iCal format) that supports both Google and Outlook is essential.

Sync Google Calendar with Outlook 2019

Follow the below-given steps to get the Gmail Calendar address in iCal format:

  • Again, Go to the bottom left-hand corner of your screen and click on the ellipses against the calendar you like to import with Outlook.
iCal format
  • Now Click to setting and sharing, ref: snapshot
merge google calendars
  • Under the Calendar setting, find the Integrate Calendar section at the bottom of your screen.
  • The integrated section consists of various links, codes, and URL address to access your customized calendar from a web browser and embed the calendar into a web page.
Sync Google Calendar with iCal

Secret address iCal format is the key to Sync Google Calendar with iCal. It’s time to open Microsoft Outlook and follow the step-by-step guide:

  • Open Outlook >> Click the calendar on the navigation pane in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.
  • Click to Home tab >> Click on Open Calendar >> From Internet Option.
Google Calendar address
  • A new Internet Calendar Subscription dialog box appears, Enter the same secret URL address in iCal format. Hit OK.
  • Click Yes for final confirmation. If you want to add multiple Google Calendars to Outlook, repeat the above steps for each calendar.
adding google calendar to outlook
  • As soon as your calendar sync process is complete, you’ll be able to see the Google Calendar in your MS Outlook.
outlook google calendar sync

Bonus Tip: Under this method, any update executed in your Google calendar is automatically updated in your Outlook Calendar, all you must do is hit the send and receive button. [Refer: Snapshot]

send & receive calendar

Outlook Google Calendar Sync

Another method to Import Gmail calendar to Outlook, it’s slightly different from the above, but the same raw URL is required to inject in Outlook but in a unique way.

Follow the same step up to the generation of URL from Google Calendar, as mentioned in the above example in detail.

Now follow the steps considering you already have a URL address.

  • Open Outlook >> Click File Tab >> Info >> Accounts setting
link outlook calendar to gmail
  • Click on the Internet Calendars tab and click New, Enter the secret address in iCal format, and click Add.
how to merge calendars in outlook
  • Add a button to start fetching the data from Google Calendar to Outlook Calendar.
  • A subscription option dialog box appears, which requires some information like the name of the Folder, Description if any, or required), & Hit OK.
  • The Calendar will appear at the same place mentioned in the above example.

Remember: this is a read-only integration. Any appointments you add in Google Calendar will be updated in Outlook, but you cannot add or edit your appointments in Outlook.

These are two methods to sync Outlook calendar with google calendar using URL.

How To Sync Outlook Web Calendar with Google Calendar?

After understanding both the methods for Outlook 2019, Sync Google Calendar with outlook office 365 is almost similar to that.

Here is the step-by-step tutorial on How to export Google Calendar to Outlook 365.

  • Open Outlook 365 web >> Click on 365the left-hand top corner >> Click Calendar
how to export google calendar to outlook

There are two options available to sync Google Calendar to Outlook 365.

  • Subscribe From Web
  • Upload From File iCalendar (.ics file format)

How does the calendar subscribe From Web in Outlook 365?

Subscribing from the web required your calendar URL, which was generated from the Integrate Calendar section of Google Calendar.

Refer above to this article.

  • Click Add Calendar >> Go to subscribe from the web
subscribe from web
  • Enter the web address >> Name your calendar >> Select the color of your choice >> Select add to calendar >> Hit Import.

Your Google calendar automatically fetches data from Google to Outlook 365 [Outlook. Com].

calander gmail
  • You can check your Outlook Calendar 365 web entered on the left-hand side of the screen and all the entries are automatically fetched with each other.
how to integrate google calendar with outlook

The user always demanded the easiest way to get your work done. We have already covered every simple method to execute a two-way sync of Google Calendar with Outlook.

This method adds every new Google Calendar appointment directly to Outlook.

Final Words

In conclusion, Google’s new interoperability solution is a relief to businesses and consumers that share calendars.

It allows Google users to share calendars with Outlook users and vice-versa, while also ensuring that no data is lost in transfers.

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