How to sort email by sender in Outlook? – (How it really helpful for the user)

Sorting email in outlook is arranging the list according to the requirement, this function really helpful to the user in many ways.

Discloser: I use to fill my income tax return every year and for that, I required my bank account statement which received on my email address. While finding and taking print out is a really difficult task. I found to sort the emails from the list in the particular folder, this method helps me out.

This article is all about the same topic how sorting email helpful for the user?

Sort function consists of multiple options in outlook, which results in clean data in just a few clicks.

How To Organize Outlook Emails Using Sort?

Every folder by default is arranged by date, Here you will learn how to sort out specific requirement from the list.

  • Step 1 – Open Outlook >> Select specific folder
  • Step 2 – Click View Tab – Here are multiple options

Organize Outlook Emails Using Sort

The result of Every option is different according to the choice.

  1. Date – By Default, the arrangement is in this format.
  2. From – Click and you will get the block of mails according to alphabetical order [starting with the numeric email address]. Short cut – Click From just above the email address, if you get an upward arrow view list in ascending order and if you get a downward arrow view list in descending order.

organize outlook inbox

3. Size – MY FAVORITE every email service provider restrict quota for the mails which include (inbox, send, outbox, draft, archive, delete).

For maintaining the quota it is required for the user to delete some unwanted email from the list which holds bigger size attachment.

Sometimes user inbox has duplicate emails in the list with the same size attachment. So click Size and get the emails in ascending order. It can be reversed by click again with a downward arrow.

how to auto sort emails in outlook

Advanced sorting feature

In this part, you can learn the method of sorting emails by the sender in a few steps.

  • Open Outlook >> Click View Tab >> Click View Setting

Advance Sorting Feature

  • Advanced view setting appears >> Click Sort

advanced sorting feature in outlook

  • Next step is the game changer (selection of the right tunnel walk you through the finish line), here you can get the sorting criteria selection to filter and sort your emails in the folder.
  • In the list below you can check the sorting options available in this stage.
  • There are multiple combinations of sorting options available according to the requirement of the user, Outlook provides four sorting options with the same options. See the snapshot below ~

word cannot sort fields in the selection

In the above instance email was sorted by # FROM then # SUBJECT then # ATTACHMENT then # IMPORTANCE and finally select field from (which also consists of multiple options).

  • Finally, Click OK, you will get the sorted list according to the specified criteria on the priority basis which was opted by (Ascending /Descending order) by you.

The result brings the real beauty of MS Outlook.

How to automatically sort emails into folders in Outlook?

Despite the above, advanced sort feature in outlook (Outlook Rules) is a one-time process with a professional touch.

There are two methods using rule function to sort outlook specific bunch of emails.

  • Single email address – for instance (
  • Similar email domain address – for instance (…………

How to make emails go to a specific folder Outlook? [Step by Step Guide]

To create the rule for a single email address open your folder (for instance inbox).

  • Select your specific email >> click right >> select rule

Sort email with single email address

Create Rule window appears. Click the checkbox next to the name of the person/sender. its a sign to outlook to select all emails received from the selected email address.

Never select the subject to contain a checkbox because the subject of the sender might be different every time (like bank statement for the month …..) Next, click the “Move the Item to Folder:” checkbox.

how to make emails go to a specific folder outlook

Select the folder you want to move the emails or click “New” to create a new folder, and then click “OK.”

sort emails in outlook

Finally, click OK to run the rule function.

A confirmation dialogue box appears. Click the “Run this rule now on messages already in the current folder” checkbox, and then finally click OK.

how to filter emails in outlook

Ìmportant: This function doesn’t delete the email from your inbox, it creates a copy in the folder, which in future must be deleted, and there would be no loss of any message.

How to Sort email with similar email domain address? [Step by Step Guide]

To create the rule from scratch for the specific domain email address is quite similar to above, easy to operate, and a single time operation.

Here is the tutorial~

  • Open Microsoft Outlook >> Click Home >> Rules >> Click Manage Rules & Alerts

how to automatically send emails to a folder

  • Press the new rule button from rules and alerts popup.
  • This opens the “Rules Wizard” window, select to ‘Apply Rule on Messages I Receive’ & click next

Sort Your Outlook Inbox

Apply rule on the message I receive you are going to set the conditions to apply to every email that comes from the domain

  • Select the “With Specific Words in the Sender’s Address” checkbox, and then, in the text box at the bottom, click “Specific words.”, search text pop up appears type and clicks ADD  and OK.

how to organize emails in outlook

You can also add multiple domain addresses in a single rule just type and click add.

  • Next step to select “move the email to the specific folder”, that’s what you want, click “Specific”, the system directs you to select the folder, after select click OK and Next.

outlook filters

  • Next is the exemption portion, you can select according to your requirement if no such exemption applicable leave this step blank and then click Next.
  • Finally, Finish rule setup wizard required some information like “Name of the Rule”, rules options, and final review and click finish.

how to send emails to a folder in outlook

You can check your rule in the ‘Rules and Alerts’ window. Click ‘Apply’ to process.

how to sort inbox in outlook

Both ways are fruitful for the user according to their requirement.

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