How to Setup an Autoresponder in Microsoft Outlook 365? [Out of Office using rule]

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Taking a break from your work is necessary, but office work is an endless process, even if you are on vacation the inflow of Email messages keeps banging in your Inbox, although your mobile device can easily access all your emails and you can reply using your mobile phone.

How about somebody reply on your behalf or inform your receipt at of your out of office, Microsoft autoresponder feature allows you to do the task on your behalf, (why to trust anybody else), You only have to execute a few adjustments.

Microsoft outlook avails an auto-reply feature to their user in a number of ways, This article gives you a more in-depth description of how to set up an Outlook autoresponder.

Out-of-office message rules are set up for an employee on vacation, on receiving an email, an autogenerated reply send to the sender “I will not be in the office”.

How to create auto-reply in outlook?

Most of the working pattern is really advanced and they want to keep their client or message sender a proper response. Out of Office AutoReply is one of the smart features in outlook and also a smart way to respond to the sender.

Activating auto-reply in outlook required a few steps of exercise, reply template outlook is the first step towards auto-reply message.

How to create an auto-reply template

Out of the office, the message in a professional manner to respond to your sender and apologize at the same time for not responding.

Here is Step by Step Guide.

  • Step 1 – Begin by creating the auto-reply email template that will be sent to recipients while you’re away.
  • Step 2 – Click New Mail >> Type subject and message
Out of office message Outlook

You can create your own message/template according to your requirements.

Step 3 – You can save the template to the desired location on your computer.

  • Click File (above left-hand corner of the screen) >> Select & click Save as >> Name your file (for instance: Out of Office Template) >> Select the file type from the drop-down option “Outlook Template”. [Ref: Snap shot]
Out of office template
  • Hit save, Your file is saved in your desired location. Finally, Close that new mail composing without saving it into the draft.

Create an outlook out of office auto-reply rule

You can set the outlook rule reply with a specific message using your template.

Step 1 – Select File >> Click Manage Rules & Alerts or Go to Home tab >> Rules >> Manage Rules & Alerts.

Manage Rules & Alerts Out of office rules

Rules and Alerts dialog box appears, select a specific email address or you can use all your email addresses at the same time.

Rules and Alert dialog box Outlook

Step 2 – Click New Rules >> Find start from the black rule and Click “Apply rules of the message I receive” >> Next.

Outlook rule wizard

Step 3 – Microsoft Outlook ask you to select a specific condition to clearly obey your commend under this scenario.

rule condition

Here are a lot of conditions but you have to select your condition smartly. In a normal scenario, you must select.

  • Where my name is in the TO box
  • Where my name is in the TO & CC box

You ask outlook to automatically send replies to those emails received in your inbox, (directly “TO” or Indirectly “CC/BCC”) using a pre-designed template.

In this case, I recommend you to select “received in a specific date spam“, Click in a specific date spam from the step 2 section [refer: snapshot]

received in a specific date spam

Date received dialog box, appears select the date range, you like to generate rule, This option is best of Out of office reply.

Step 4 – The next step asks what to do with the message, there are a few actions provided by the outlook itself.

Now the template you have created for your sender comes into role. 

reply using a specific template

Reply using a specific template

Next Step: Edit the rule description (click the underlined value) – Click on (a specific template)

specific template in outlook

Step 4 – Select a Reply Template dialog box appears >> Select User template in the File system from the drop-down list >> Select the Template from the list below and Click open.

Select the reply template

Step 5 – Click Next

Step 6 – Microsoft Outlook finally asks you to Select exception(s). There are a few examples already arranged for the user. 

Select exception in outlook

Finally, click OK,

Step 7 – Final Dialog Box appears which includes (Step 1, Step 2, Step 3)

  • Step 1 – You can Specify the name of your Rules, for instance – {Out of Office Message}
  • Step 2 – Set up Rules options.
  • Step 3 – Review Rule description.

Step 8 – Click Finish

Finally, you can see the Rule on the screen, which also required your final approval, So click apply to activate.

how to activate auto reply in outlook

Setting up Autoresponder in Microsoft Outlook is a rule to prevent Outlook from sending repetitive replies to a single sender from whom you receive multiple messages.

How to edit auto-reply in outlook?

Auto-reply message is easily changed or modified all you have to do is ~

  • Click of File >> Manage rules and Alerts >> Click Change rule (Or you can use the short cut key Atl + h) >> Edit rule setting (or you can use the short cut key Atl + E).
Change rule
  • The same process of creating begins and you can change as required.

How to get rid of auto-reply in outlook?

One of my colleagues accidentally created Out of office message, and He asks me “how to block auto-reply in outlook”.

You don’t have to block it but rather delete it.

Follow the same step as above of modification of rules for auto-reply.

Select Delete >> Click OK

how to block auto reply in outlook

How to check if automatic replies were sent – Check your Send Box you will find your auto reply mail.

Can’t find the auto-reply icon in outlook

Before stepping forward,

In some cases, the auto-reply icon was supposed to be in the account information area which is missing.

No worries follow these steps to drag the auto-reply icon back to its position.

Click File Tab >> Options >> customize ribbon 

options ribbon outlook
customize ribbon outlook

Is auto-reply used for specific reasons when you are not on your seat or on every email you receive?

How To Turn Off Out of Office Reply?

Outlook works as mechanical machinery, which never stops until somebody manually or programmed it to stop, Autoresponder Out of Office reply work for a temporary basis, after returning it is required to deactivate automatic reply from Outlook.

  • Go to Home Tab >> Click Manage Rules & Alert
  • You can see the saved/running rules list on the rules and alert dialog box screen.
  • Select that Out of Office rule and simply hit delete >> Click OK

Your rules are permanently deleted from the list, your sender will not get any autoreply onwards.

How to check if automatic replies were sent?

Any reply whether it is done manually or due to the automated rule function can easily check your sent mail in the sent box of your specific email address.

How to generate auto-reply in is a web-based platform that user operates just like the Outlook application on their Laptops/Desktop. The rules function must have one drawback, it only works on specific devices where you created the rule.

Activating auto-reply in is slightly different from the Outlook application, but it’s simple. Follow the step-by-step tutorial:

  • Open
  • Click the Setting button (gear-shaped) on the righthand top corner of the screen.
setting icon outlook web
  • Click View all Outlook settings and scroll down to the end.
  • Click Mail >> Automatic Replies
automatic reply outlook web
  • The automatic reply dialog page appears on the right-hand of the screen after clicking automatic replies. This page is carefully designed to enter and activate certain options that allow you to turn your auto-reply active.
Automatic reply on outlook web
  • Looking at the above snapshot every step and option is very important, let’s follow the step:
  1. Turn automatic reply ON.
  2. Checkmark the Send replies only during a time period box, which allows you to insert your date and time range (Start date and time & End date and time).
  3. There are three options which you can select according to your situation.
  4. Add your message in the message box.
  5. Click Save.

Under this scenario as soon as the time period ends, Outlook works normally. That’s all we have covered to get all your answers on “how to set up out of office in outlook 365″.

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