How to set up reminders in outlook calendar? [2019, 365 &. Com]

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The setting reminder is like an alarm clock, you can set the reminder once or recur depending upon the recurring timmer set by the clockmaker.

Here in Microsoft Outlook reminders could be designed according to the requirement of the user. While setting any event for specific dates in the Outlook calendar, you can set the reminder which alerts you on your computer/laptop screen.

The majority of users inject inputs like (birthday, meetings, payments, etc) dates in Outlook calendar or import or sync calendars from outsourcing.

Now, here in this article, you will learn, How to set a recurring reminder in outlook?

Starting with my own personal case study:

My House rent payment is a recurring one, and never use to forget my payment. I used my Microsoft Outlook calendar to reminder exactly on the same day

Not only Rent payments there are tons of events or appointments or to-do tasks, that nobody wants to miss.

How to set an Outlook Calendar reminder

Setting up task reminders in Outlook, required an upcoming event, whether its a meeting or task. Here is the step-by-step tutorial:

  • Step 1 – Open Outlook >> Click to calendar from the navigation pane in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.
  • Step 2 – Click New Appointment from the new tab from the above-left corner (Shortcut key – Alt + HN).
set an Outlook Calendar reminder
  • Step 3 – Outlook walks you through the appointment creation page.
  • Step 4 – This step consists of a few substeps (refer to snapshot)
set recurring reminder in outlook
  1. Enter your Title name (The name of your task for instance:- Rent Payment).
  2. Fix Start Date & Time – You can set up the date and time Outlook rings the bell for you.
  3. Fix End Date & Time – The deadline for your reminder must be fixed in this section.
  4. Make Recurring – This part is really interesting, you can adjust recurring patterns according to your demand (like- I have to pay rent every month on the 8th, I adjust the pattern of every month).
outlook task reminders

# Step 1 – Required commencement time up to duration (depending upon your requirement).

# Step 2&3 – Recurring pattern (Daily, monthly, Weekly, Yearly), every selection required additional information, in the case of monthly, I have to enter the specific date, Outlook reminds me on that date only every month.

# Step 4 – This step is the date you like to begin the sequence.

# Step 5 – This is the date of completion of your pattern, you can enter a specific date, N numbers of times, and finally No end date/Infinity).

# Step 6 – Click OK

  • Finally, Save and Close your appointment.
  • If you have designed your alert recurring, you can check the reminder every month on that specific date you mentioned.

Outlook Calendar Reminder Notification

The stage is all set, now the question is “How does outlook 365 calendar reminder email notification work”.

Basically, it’s a backstage scenario, once you set up all your requirement, you will get the alert message from Outlook (Refer – Image):

You will also get a reminder sound on the pop-up.

Outlook Calendar Reminder Notification

Delete an existing recurring reminder

Once you set up the sequence, it will execute according to inputs, you can delete the reminder alert very easily with a single click.

  • Open your Outlook Calendar
  • Go to that sequence of any month (in case of recurring)
  • Right-click from your mouse >> Go to Delete
  • Select Delete occurrence or Delete series
  1. Delete occurrence designed to delete only for that specific month, the rest of the reminder is intact.
  2. Delete series is completely wiped out of recurring alerts.
Delete an existing recurring reminder

How To Set Reminder in Outlook Office 365 (.com)

Microsoft is a web-based exchange platform, It offers a feature that can send email reminders for calendar events to you. You might miss other options of notification that’s why you will receive notification through email.

You can include a custom message with the emailed reminder.

Learn step by step process:

Select a specific date, you will create an event, click on the date.Set Reminder in Outlook Office 365

  • There are multiple options (First Add a Title, Select your date and time, and Enter the location).
  • Click repeat if something needs recurring, (for instance – rent payment).
  • Click Save.

For getting a reminder through email, click more options (this feature is really helpful, is never online the whole time, normally we use it to close the tab, the Outlook app is slightly different, and you can run outlook background).

For activating email reminders, follow the steps:

  • Click More options.
  • Select Remind me dropdown, Select the time you like to get a reminder before the deadline and select Add email reminder.
Add email reminder
email reminder
  •  Hit Save

The stage is all set, Now you will get the reminder email notification just before (customized) the deadline.

You can check your recurring event every month by moving the month forward.

How To Edit/Delete Reminder in Outlook Office 365 (.com)

You can easily edit or delete the setup (reminder time), Move your mouse cursor over the event entered in the calendar. Click the right button.

The event notice board appears with complete details:

Delete Reminder in Outlook Office 365
  • Edit options re-customize your event, there are three options (This event, This and all following events, All events in the series), Select according to your choice.
Edit Reminder in Outlook Office 365
  • Deleting the event is similar to the above edit option. Click Delete and again all three options are available (This event, This and all following events, All events in the series), Select according to your choice.

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