How To Set up a Group Calendar in Outlook?

Most of the users also pronounce it shared calendar, group calendar that can be viewed by you and your business colleagues or employees at the same time.

Every Member can see the combined dates along with everyone’s schedule, work progress, and achievement.

Microsoft Outlook exchange is the mechanism designed to centralize your emails into one database.

It is very productive during the Outlook group calendar.

How to Create a Group Calendar in Outlook?

Outlook group calendar biggest feature, you can send a single email message to your contacts list members regarding meeting or task, the date and time will be saved in received calendar.

Here is the step by step tutorial: 

  • Open Outlook >> Go to navigation pane option (use keyboard shortcut: CTRL+2) >> Click Calendar
  • Click to Home tab >> Find Manage Calendars Group >> Choose Calendar Groups >> Create a New Calendar Group.

group calendar outlook

  • To begin Setting up a team calendar name your group calendar, in the “Create New Calendar Group” dialog box.
  • The Next Step is to assign the members for this group, the list of contacts appears, select the members you want to add to the group. Double click or use group members key at the left-hand button of the dialog box.

group member

  • Click OK

You can check your calendar appears on the left-hand side of the pane along with all the members and their calendars on the right side.

  • You can select/clear the calendar, by selecting the person name check box on the left pane below your calendar.
  • The overlay view allows you to see all the calendars in the group.
  • You can simply hide all group members calendar by deselecting the group name, instead of individual
  • To add a new calendar to the group, right-click the calendar group name (ref: snapshot)  in the list of calendars, choose Add Calendar >> From Address Book, select the name of the new person, and choose OK.
  • Other options, you can easily remove the group, Rename Group.

Group Calendar in Outlook

  • Other options, you can easily remove a calendar from the group, right-click their name under the group calendar name and choose Delete Calendar.
  • Similarly, To rename your calendar, and color category is also available to right-click their name under the group calendar.

Delete Calendar

How Does Group Calendar Work in Outlook?

Once you have created a group calendar, what would be the next step, how does group calendar work? and what would be the results for the creator as well as other members of the group?

Its time to create a group meeting for all members.

  • Open Outlook >> Click to Home Tab >> Go to New items >> Meeting with all

How Does Group Calendar Work

  • You are redirected to the email creation page, the email address of the group member already available in the “TO” section by default.
  • Enter the Subject, Location, and Date/time.
  • There are many other options available on the tab sections, which can be used according to the need of the user.
  • Click Send

How Does Group Calendar Work in Outlook

Every member individually received an email regarding the meeting, the time and date of the meeting automatically grab the date and time portion of the member’s calendar.

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