How to Send Multiple Emails in Outlook Without Recipients Showing? [Bcc]

Sending an email to multiple recipients but want to personalize each one? You can accomplish this in Outlook by creating an email to-do group and adding multiple recipients as members.

The group will then show up in the To-Do Bar, and you can create individual items by right clicking the group and selecting “Create a new item.”

Sending an email to multiple recipients is an amazingly simple task, there is a theoretical concept behind “To”, and “CC” while you send your email.

Corporates follow the hierarchy method, emailing from the top to the button, and some management team keeps an eye on proper communication, response, and progress without knowing anybody of their availability in the queue.

How is it possible and how does it work?

Using email to send large messages can be difficult. The main problem is that you must send the same message to everyone, whether you just send one message to one person or 100,000 of them. When you send your email, be sure to use the BCC field instead of the Cc field. To add email addresses to the BCC field, enter them separated by commas.

In this article, you will learn another method to send mail to multiple recipients having secrecy.

How to send an email to multiple recipients individually Outlook?

There are two popular ways to send an email to multiple recipients in Outlook. Both are quite common and very friendly to use.

  • Mail Merge Method
  • The BCC Method

The mail merge feature comes with an automated follow-up feature, you can mail multiple recipients in a single click with an individual name on the top and email id, and neither does anybody know about the mail sent to other members.

How to add Bcc in Outlook?

Bcc stands for “blind carbon copy” similar to “Cc”, with one difference, when you send an email to multiple users, the mail is visible to everyone receiving the email, which means you want your recipient to be in the loop knowing to everybody.

In case you want to keep some privacy, from seeing each other’s email addresses, Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) comes into play, the person will get a copy of the mail, but others are not aware of your availability in the loop.

By default, Microsoft Outlook does not provide the Bcc section to their users, you must activate it manually.

  • Click New Mail >> Options >> Bcc

How to add Bcc in Outlook

Bcc row appears just below CC by default for every new mail, refer to the snapshot.

  • You can send Emails to a small group of people where each one knows everybody, using the CC field. Enter the Email address, separate by commas.
  • Use the Bcc field, just like the Cc field to keep privacy.  No one will be able to see the addresses added in this field.

Keep at least one person’s email id in the ‘To’ field and keep all others in the ‘Bcc’ field.

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Limitations of Blind carbon copy (Bcc)

Apart from that, there are some limitations with Bcc.

  • The recipient is aware of the fact that he was added to the Bcc field, which seems unprofessional.
  • Spammer usually prefers the Bcc platform, always keep an eye on it before entering too many recipients to avoid spam activities.
  •  If the recipient reverted to your email & clicks the ‘reply to all button, then all the other Bcc recipients get the reply.
  • Bcc won’t allow the sender to draft the mail with the individual name of the recipient.

Can Outlook send multiple simultaneous emails to different people without doing a bcc?

Yes, the best alternative in the word mail merge option, is a professional method to mail individuals with their names and address to them.

Most of the users keep the To field blank, which indicates and highlights snapping activity in your mail, which results in many of your recipients might never encounter your mail. Most of the users use spam killer, it’s simple to put your own address in the “To” field.

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Final Words

In conclusion, Microsoft Outlook makes it simple to send multiple e-mails to individuals. Simply select the individuals you want to e-mail from the To field, type your message and press the send button.

Let’s summarize.

  • Compose a new email from your desktop application or the online version of Outlook.
  • Click on the “BCC” button at the top of the email.
  • Select the email address or group from your list.
  • Type your own email address in the “To” field.
  • Enter the Subject and Matter you like to send.
  • Press Send.

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