How To Send Multiple Emails to One Person in Outlook? [Using Mail as Attachment]

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Most people use only one email account. But there’s an easier way. You can send multiple emails at the same time.

This trick, concerning how to send 100 emails at once to one person, is mostly useful for sending lots of emails to a single recipient. For example, when someone sends you a message in a group, and you want to reply individually to everyone.

Send multiple emails at once to multiple users is quite easy, and explanatory, you can use carbon copy, blind carbon copy & mail merge options.

But the question is can you forward several emails at once in Outlook to a single email address?

Oh Yes!

How to send multiple emails at once in Outlook

In this quick guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to harness this feature and optimize your email-sending process.

With these tutorials, you will learn how to forward multiple emails at once in Outlook. There are two ways to deliver multiple emails to a single email address in Outlook.

Forward multiple messages as a combined single message (Send email as an attachment)

Under these criteria, you can easily combine multiple emails (which are already sent no matter to different email addresses) in a single message.

For instance: If you like to forward multiple messages, select the message holding the Ctrl key and click on the messages you like to select.

If you like to select approx. nine messages or so in a row, hold the shift key and click directly to the last message, and all your emails will be selected contiguously.

After selecting, click the right button on the mouse and forward, all your selected messages attached to the new mail.

multiple emails
multi forward for gmail

You can refer to this article for a detailed explanation – How to send multiple emails to one person?

Outlook Sends Multiple Emails Individually with the Rule Function

The rule function is a bit lengthy and includes a few steps to follow, you will learn here the step-by-step process “how to forward multiple emails in Outlook” using the rule function.

The first step is recommended to create a folder and move the selected email into that folder, further, you can apply the rule function to send multiple emails separately to one person.

  • Select the emails holding the Ctrl key, you can also select a contiguous group of messages by holding the SHIFT key, and then clicking the last message in the list.
  • Click the right button of your mouse and click move, (you can either select your existing folder or you must create a separate folder), for that you must click Other Folder.
send multiple emails separately
  • Click New from the move items popup Name your folder (I named it to send multiple emails) and check whether mail and post items are selected, Click OK
how to send multiple emails to one person
  • Finally, your email in the folder is ready to transport, now it’s time to work on ‘How Outlook Forward Multiple Emails Individually at Once with Rules Function’.
  • Click on the folder and select mail by clicking CTRL-A and Go to the Home tab >> Click Rules >> Click Manage Rules & Alerts
sending multiple emails to one recipient
  • Rules and Alert wizard arrived click new rule >> click Apply rule on message I receive from the Start from a blank rule section >> Click Next
how to send 100 emails at once to one person
  • The next step is to select which condition you want to check, in our case, check to send to people or public group and click people or public group in the step 2 section, refer to snapshot.
multiple emails to one person
  • First, select the specific email address of the person to whom you’d like to send the emails. Double-click on the email address to highlight it, then click ‘OK’. Afterward, click ‘Next’.
  • You only required these two steps, click next for other options.
  • Final rule setup appears, name the rule, (I recommend naming it to send multiple emails) the same name you have given to the folder.
  • Select turn on this rule and run this rule now on messages already sending multiple emails >> Click Finish.
  • Finally, Click OK and Finish.

That way you can send multiple emails to one person in outlook.

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