How to Send Email to Undisclosed Recipients in Outlook?

A newsletter or mailing list is an email list that you send out to subscribers, either on a periodic basis or in response to an event.

Many organizations, businesses, and educational institutions use mailing lists to distribute news or information to their constituents.

All the recipients are unknown to each other, and the best method to send email to all the members is Blind Courtesy Copy (BCC), putting all of them in the ‘To’ field, obviously to expose others’ email addresses.

What are Undisclosed Recipients in Outlook?

Sending emails to multiple people and users who want to keep the privacy of all the recipients, the best method uses BCC (Blind carbon copy).

You won’t need to expose others’ email addresses to unknown people.

Undisclosed Recipient is the name mentioned for an email address, which is later on used to send emails to multiple people. That itself disclosed and keeping a recipient’s email address hidden.

Why Use an Undisclosed Recipients Contact?

Undisclosed Recipients‘ contact is something you can put in the ‘To’ field that makes it clear to recipients that other people also are getting the same message and that names are hidden.

Anyone who receives the message will simply see ‘Undisclosed Recipients’ as the main recipient of the message.

You can name the contact anything you want, but “Undisclosed Recipients” has become kind of an accepted tradition.

You can put your own email address under ‘Undisclosed Recipients’, that way you can add your own email address in the ‘To’ section.

Steps To Create Undisclosed Recipients Contact

Creating an Undisclosed Recipient is similar to creating a new contact.

Step 1: Open Outlook Application

Step 2: Click on the Contact icon from the left top navigation section >> From the Home Tab >> Click the New Contact button.

Step 3: New Contact creation form appears, Enter the details, such as Full Name – Enter the name Undisclosed Recipient as discussed above, and also under Display Name. ‘Undisclosed Recipients‘ is something people are likely to be used to seeing.

Step 4: Secondly Enter the email address you owned, when you create and send an email to multiple recipients Undisclosed Recipients is visible to all the recipients.

Step 5: Now, when you need to send an email to multiple people, create a new message, use the ‘Undisclosed Recipients’ contact in the ‘To’ field, and then enter the addresses of all the recipients (distribution list) in the ‘Bcc’ field.

Note: Instead of entering the email address of multiple recipients one by one, you can prefer to make a group or distribution list and enter the distribution list name, all the emails are automatically added in the BCC field.

Steps to Send an Email Using the Undisclosed Recipient’s Contact

It’s time you will then need to get an email composed to be sent to Outlook Undisclosed Recipients and all other BCC recipients.

Open Outlook and create a new email also use (Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl + N) and specify the newly created contact in the ‘To’ field i.e. ‘Undisclosed Recipients‘ and all other recipients in the BCC field.

Enter the subject, create your email and click Send button, all the recipients get the email and the mail address to Undisclosed Recipients.

Crash Course – How To add the Bcc field to a message

By default, the Outlook application disables the Blind Courtesy Copy (BCC) field, to enable this field Click on New mail >> Options >> Click on BCC to enable.

Important Note: Enter your Email address in the ‘To’ field, majority of people do this so that when people receive the message, it will only show your email address and of course, it’s come from you anyway.

Keeping To filed blank and sending an email with only Bcc addresses, your email may be marked as Spam and not make it to the recipient.

What’s the Benefit of Sending Email to Multiple Users Using Undisclosed Recipients?

For privacy protection

In email marketing, it is easy to lose touch with your customers. They may not open your emails regularly, or they may actually forget about you. You may not have to use as many resources as you would need to with traditional marketing.

The privacy of recipients is very important when sending out a mass email. While some of the bigger email providers allow you to store recipients’ email addresses, most do not provide that as an obligation of their service.

Protect your emails to send Spam

Although this does happen in Outlook, Outlook does not set an automatic rule marking your emails as spam. However, if you actually receive too many emails, Outlook may set the rule, although it’s rare for that to happen. It can happen, though, if you send to many recipients.

To bypass this filter, you may use the undisclosed recipient’s feature when sending your next email.

Final Words

When your recipients receive the email, they can only see the Undisclosed recipients located in the ‘To’ field and see no other recipients.

That way you can send an email to numerous recipients with know each other except Undisclosed recipients.

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