How To Schedule Recurring Meetings In Outlook?+ [How To Cancel/Update]

How to schedule a recurring meeting in outlook 365, this article is all about it. Before starting, first, understand the meaning of recurring meetings.

What is a Recurring Meeting?

Recurring meetings are an act of gathering together for discussion or meeting which was scheduled regularly like daily, weekly, monthly, or another customized cadence.

In government offices or private corporates, the core members hold the management by keeping an eye by a regular meeting of scheduled intervals, that was designed to keep a review on the activities and targets and time limits.

Microsoft Outlook is a platform that connects the members and attendees of the meeting in a manner that they get the reminder and many other updates for it.

In this article, you will learn all about recurring meetings.

How to schedule a recurring meeting in outlook 2019

Creating a recurring meeting in outlook is real fun and actual problem solution, Almost every office meeting, the majority of the meeting are recurring, it is quite difficult for the organizer and data analyst.

Here you will learn how to use your outlook 2019 calendar for recurring meeting scheduling.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook >> Click Home Tab >> New Items

How to schedule a meeting from an email

  • Click Meeting >> Click Recurrence Appointment recurrence dialog box appears.

There are four modes (Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) depending upon the requirement of the meeting.

Daily Recurring pattern

If we talk about front liners they required to plan daily according, the daily meeting is mandatory.

recurring meeting outlook

In the Appointment Recurrence dialog box, define the Appointment time, Select daily recurrence pattern and the Range of recurrence for your own needs, and finally, click the OK button.

Weekly Recurring pattern

Daily report is updated and its time for the next stage of hierarchy to examine and modify weekly, so the weekly recurring meeting required.

recurring meeting

You can opt for a day for the meeting and click OK.

Monthly Recurring pattern

Monthly Recurring meetings designed for time limits and the majority of companies and corporates opt for the monthly review of every department. The weekly reports are compiled and presented accordingly.

recurring meeting outlook monthly

You can either select a date or you can select a specific day of the week for monthly review meeting in outlook and click OK.

Yearly Recurring pattern

Yearly meeting once in a year normally conducted with the shareholders, but it is next to impossible with outlook, There are also two patterns you can either select a day and the month for the year or a specific day of the week or month of the meeting.

Monthly Recurring pattern Yearly

Click OK.

Now you can enter the email address of the participants and enter the subject and content in the mainboard.

meeting series

You can see the text “Occurs day 21 of every 1 month(s) effective 21/05/2020 until 21/04/2021 from 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Click Copy to my calendar and click send.

This mail is saved in all the member’s calendar and MS outlook reminds them of the meeting.

How to Cancel Recurring Meeting Outlook

For cancellation recurring meeting the only person created the mail can cancel the meeting, after cancellation, the mail is sent to the attendees, the meeting which was saved in the calendar of the sender, as well as receiver, are deleted in Outlook.

Here is the step by step tutorial to cancel recurring mail in outlook.

  • Step 1 – Open Outlook >> Go the send box >> Select your invitation mailcancellation email
  • Step 2 – Double click on the mail and your mail open on different page.
  • Step 3 – Click Calender on recurring meeting tab >> you will be diverted to the calendar where your meeting appointment is saved.

meeting cancellation email

  • Step 4 – You can also delete a series of recurring appointments by right-clicking it. Choose cancel >> cancel Series and the series of recurring appointments are deleted immediately.

how to cancel a meeting in outlook

  • Step 5 – Your Email draft page appears, you can share the reason of cancellation with your attendee and click send cancellation button on the left-hand side of the page. The cancellation mail will be delivered to the attendee and also deleted from the calendar.

How To Update Recurring Meeting Time/ Date 2019

Outlook update recurring meeting time/date or any major modification very easily, you have to follow the step up to get the calendar as above.Update Recurring Meeting Time

Select the meeting on the calendar and click open >> open series

You will be driven back to your mail you have created for inviting, now you can change your time date, mode (weekly, monthly, yearly), click on recurrence on the above tab, you can also add your attendees by adding their email address.

Finally click on the send update button. All your attendees will get an updated invitation and will be saved in their respective calendars and the previous meeting will be updated automatically.

That’s the beauty of Microsoft Outlook.

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