How to save a contact list in Outlook? [Received by Mail]

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Earlier you learned to import and export the distribution list in Outlook, in most cases group email lists received through email messages.

For saving the received distribution list into your Outlook contacts folder, there are a few methods.

Switching to a new computer or a different email client transferring all your contacts using a CSV file or importing a CSV file using the import/export feature is quite smooth.

In this article, you will learn “How to save distribution list received by email message” & “How to save email group into your contact“.

How to Save a Distribution List in Outlook?

Considering this topic, there are a couple of scenarios covered, in simple words:

  • Received an email having an attachment of (.csv) file [list of multiple contacts], how to add all in your contact list.
  • In case you received an email being a (copy to member) and you want to save all the email addresses of all the other (copy to, Blind copy to, and to), members, how to get it done?

Outlook Save Contact Group.

Why does anybody want to save all other member’s email addresses (contact group) in their contact list, earlier days I personally joined a multinational company and they provided me an email address, I received an email from the HR department and the same email send to all multiple employees of the company, it’s circular.

I like to save all the email addresses of other members to the contact list (contact group) for the purpose of future correspondence.

  • Open Outlook >> Double clicks the email having multiple email addresses of other people.
  • Click on any email address >> Click Ctrl + A to select all the addresses.
  • Now copy all the email addresses using Ctrl + C.
  • Open the Contact page from the navigation section >> Select New Contact Group.
New contact group
  • Name the group >> Click Add members >> From Outlook contacts
Outlook Save Contact Group
  • In the Members box, paste the copied contact by clicking the right mouse button and clicking Paste, or use the shortcut keyword Ctrl+V.
How to save a contact list in Outlook
  • Click OK to close, your complete copied contact is visible in the list >> Click Save and Close to complete the process.
save and close outlook

The process is quite simple to Save the Distribution list in Outlook. 

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