How To Refresh Outlook? [2010, 2013, 2017, 2019, 365]

In this article, you will learn the step-by-step methods to enable your Outlook inbox to update according to your adjusted time interval, which will turn outlook up to always date.

Many of you got confused to refresh outlook inbox so We provide a step-by-step tutorial to allow Outlook Inbox to be up to date spontaneously at quick intervals in order that your inbox is always up to date.

How To Refresh Outlook [Automatically and Manually]

There are many Outlook users complaining that they are facing update issues, Automatic and Manual refresh Outlook and work becomes smooth for every user, Let’s dive in and understand both options.

Modify Auto Refresh Outlook

  • Lunch Microsoft Outlook application >> Click Send/Receive tab
  • Click on Send/Receive Groups and select Define Send/Receive Groups from the bottom of the dropdown list.
Outlook Not Receiving Emails Automatically
  • Send/Receive group dialog box appears, under all Accounts, >> check Schedule an Automatic Send/Receive every X minutes.
how to refresh outlook email

Under this option, you can modify your auto-update/refresh outlook every (X) minute.

how to refresh outlook email
  • You can change the minute value according to your desired level. This process only updates or refreshes Microsoft Outlook the inflow of emails does not affect this scenario.
  • Close the dialog box, it will automatically change the refreshing outlook protocol.

Always keep checking the option “Include this group in send/receive (F9)” manually you can always trigger an update of your email folder by hitting F9.

Frequent updates (less than 5 minutes) force Outlook to reload in a short interval, which sometimes leads to duplicated Outlook email entries which brings a lot of other issues. It is recommended to keep more than 5 min of refreshing criteria.

You can modify (calendar and contacts) update, by clicking on the edit button (Send/Receive Groups), which leads you to the Send/Receive setting. All the required options and adjustments are already selected by default, all the data follow the instruction “Download complete items including an attachment for the subscribed folder”

You can customize by opting “Use the customer behavior defined below”, which allows you to manually send the items. [which I highly recommend not to change or modify manually].

Manually update Outlook

If your system in Online Outlook automatically refreshes your inbox and send box, nevertheless, you can use the send/Receive all folders button from the right-hand side of the tab sections to manually update outlook.

You can also simply hit F9, the keyboard shortcut key to update outlook.

How To Refresh

Technically web client inbox does not require any updating, it will update automatically, just like Gmail or any other web client (like Rediff or yahoo).

As with any web app, you can hit F5 to refresh your browser and update your unread email list.

Outlook Not Receiving Emails Automatically (How to Fix)?

After all, there must be a few technical glitches, which restrict outlook from automatically or manually updating the inbox. Outlook Inbox Not Updating keeps annoying you, Let’s discuss the factors and how they can be resolved.

  • Working Offline – Refreshing Outlook required online connectivity, click on the work offline button, & restart Outlook, now click on the Send/Receive button.

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