How To Print a Yearly Calendar in Outlook? + [Save Calendar as PDF File]

In 2019, Microsoft released one of the larger changes to the Outlook calendar: the ability to print a yearly calendar.

Instead of printing each calendar month individually, you can opt to print the calendar year as a weekly calendar. Yes, this means it’s one giant page, but the upside is that you can print it as needed.

Outlook calendar, No doubt! really outstanding technology that never misses your events (if you have entered correctly).

On the other side manage the printing of emails and files along with the calendar is also remarkable.

This article is about ‘customize outlook calendar print’.

This guide will show you how to print a calendar or schedule in Outlook and how to do it quickly. Let’s dive in to understand “How to print a yearly calendar in outlook on one page”?

How do I print my Outlook 365 calendar?

Please follow the steps to print an entire year/Monthly/weekly of an Outlook calendar.

  • Open Outlook Calendar
  • Select the calendar you like to print.
  • Go & Click to File Tab >> Print (or you can simply click Ctrl + P) to get directly to the print menu.
how to print monthly calendar in outlook
  • Checkout the Settings section, it consists of styles you like to print your calendar (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly).
  • Select your printer, and by default, you will automatically line up with your connected printer.
  • Finally, click Print.
printable outlook calendar

You will get the printout including events and tasks printed on specific dates. You will only get the printout of the selected month at a time. But it will never be that way always.

You can also take the printout in customized patterns (dates range).

How to print outlook calendar date range

Printing a calendar with a specific date range gets you rid of taking a manual month-to-month print, you can simply customize your range and the system make your work done.

How does it work?

  • Click on Print options (refer snapshot)
Print options outlook
  • It will walk you through the print dialog box, there are a few options you can modify before taking the print, set the number of copies, set the print range in case you are planning to take the printout for more than one month, or a year or any customized required.
Print dialog box Outlook
  • When everything is set click to print, and you will get your Printout.

By default, Microsoft Office Outlook takes printouts in A4 size paper and landscape format, you can adjust them easily according to your choice.

Print Monthly Calendar in Outlook Web

Creating and printing a yearly calendar in Outlook Web. Outlook Web is the web-based version of Microsoft’s email program, Outlook Web also provides a calendar feature, which allows you to view, create and share calendars. It’s also possible to print a yearly calendar in Outlook Web.

Apart from that, you can Print the Monthly Calendar in Outlook Web very easily.

The following steps will help you print a calendar in

  • Open
  • Sign into Outlook web using your Microsoft account.
  • Switch to the calendar mode by clicking the calendar logo from the left-hand side of the screen.
Calendar icon outlook web
  • Click on a Print logo from the top right corner of the screen.
  • In the Print dialog box, you can change the calendar view by clicking on the View drop-down menu. You can also select the time range before printing the calendar.
Print calendar outlook web
  • Simply Hit Print Button.

How To Save Outlook Calendar as PDF File?

Have you ever needed to save a calendar as PDF? Perhaps you’re saving a calendar to send to co-workers or family members. Or maybe you need to print it. Whatever the reason, you should be able to easily save a calendar as a PDF.

Apart from the direct print, you can save the Outlook calendar as a PDF file for future requirements.

In the above explanation instead of selecting the printer from the printer dropdown list, select “Microsoft Print to PDF“.

How To Save Outlook Calendar As PDF File

That feature saves a calendar as an individual PDF file in Outlook very easily. You need to select the location and name the file and simply click Save.

Final Words

In conclusion, it’s fun to have the entire year calendar print out on one sheet of paper. It can also save a lot of paper, which is good news both for the planet and your pocket.

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