How to Pin an Email in Outlook? [Keep Your Desired Email on the Top]

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Do you send or receive emails daily? Does it seem easier and less time-consuming than having to go through each email manually?

If you answered yes to these questions, then Outlook might be exactly what you need.

The number of individuals using electronic devices has increased tremendously over the last several years.

Consequently, the number of emails sent and received every year has also increased dramatically.

Navigating through a crowded inbox can sometimes be a daunting task, especially when you’re trying to keep track of important messages.

To help manage your most relevant emails, Outlook offers a useful feature that allows you to pin messages to the top of your inbox.

This ensures that your essential emails are always readily accessible and easy to find, eliminating the hassle of searching through a sea of messages.

It’s important to note that there are various ways to pin and unpin emails in Outlook, as well as options to customize the pin feature to suit your needs.

By familiarizing yourself with these methods and some advanced tips for Outlook pinning, you’re setting yourself up for a much smoother and more efficient email management experience.

Pinning an important task, you always want on the top of your priority list, In Microsoft Outlook, you can pin the important incoming emails always at the top of a folder for quickly finding and viewing them.

Pin and Unpin Emails

Pin Important Emails

Pinning an email in Outlook is a helpful feature that allows you to keep important messages at the top of your inbox.

This ensures that they don’t get buried beneath new incoming emails. To pin an email in, simply hover over the message in the message list and click on the flag icon that appears.

This will move the email to the top of your inbox, making it easy to locate when you need it.

Moreover, it is possible to pin multiple messages at once by selecting each email you want to pin and then clicking the Pin/Unpin button in the ribbon.

This is particularly useful when you have a series of important messages that you want to keep accessible at all times.

Unpin Emails

There may come a time when a previously important email no longer requires priority placement at the top of your inbox.

In this case, you’ll want to unpin the email. To do this, just hover over the pinned message and click on the flag icon again.

This will remove the pin, allowing the email to return to its normal position within your inbox.

Remember, it’s crucial to review your pinned messages periodically and unpin those that are no longer relevant.

This will help to maintain a clean and organized inbox, making it easier for you to locate important messages when you need them.

By utilizing the pin and unpin features in Outlook, we can effectively manage our inboxes and ensure that important messages are always within easy reach.

So, it’s time for us to start making the most out of these handy tools to enhance our email organization!

How do you keep an email at the top of the list in Outlook?

Office 365 Outlook web users, get the built-in Pin feature, which allows that specific email message also be on the top of the folder screen.

Click on the pin on the right-hand side of the email. You will get the message “keep this message at the top of your folder” by hovering your mouse on top of the pin sign.

pin outlook email to top

After clicking, your mail shifts to the top automatically until unpinned, the act of unpinning that email message brings back the mail to its previous position.

Pin an email in Outlook [drag and drop] method in Taskbar?

The above method is only available in Outlook web, most of the users wonder and search for “Where is the pushpin icon in Outlook“, The Outlook application hasn’t include this feature till now:

But still, there is a method you can pin your desired email message using the drag and drop method.

Dragging a specific email message out of the Outlook platform to the desktop is familiar to everybody, you can attach that email as an attachment and send it easily if you double-click on the saved attachment that email opens with the separate window of Outlook.

Here are the steps to Pin an email in Outlook App:

  • Open Outlook Application >> Select the email you like to pin.
  • Apply drag and drop process >> Drag the mail to the desktop >> Release the mouse button.
How to save mail on the desktop
  • Email messages saved on the desktop
  • Pining that email message again required a drag-and-drop process.
  • Drag that email message using your mouse and drop it to the Outlook icon in the taskbar [refer to image]
Pin an email in Outlook App
  • The email is added in the Outlook pin, Click the right mouse button and the list of the pinned emails appears, you can add a maximum of up to six emails in the Pin.
  • Once you click on that email, a separate window opens that email message.
How to pin an email in Outlook

Click on the unpin icon on the rightmost corner of that email message, and the email is removed from the pin list.

unpin icon

How To Pin Emails in Outlook App [2019, 365]

In this section, we’ll discuss three methods to pin emails in Outlook: the Flag method, manually pinning emails, and automatically pinning emails.

Flag Method

Most of the users’ preference is Outlook web, there are no such specific functions to pin email messages and fix them on the top of a folder in the mailing list.

You can trick Outlook to keep a specific email message on the top.

To flag a message, hover over the message in the list and click on the flag icon that appears.

To unflag a message, simply click on the flag icon again.

Flagged messages can be easily viewed by selecting the flagged messages option at the bottom left corner of the page source.

This method is also preferred in case you have multiple email messages to Pin.

How does it work? Here is the step-by-step tutorial:

  • Open Outlook and your Inbox folder.
  • Select your specific email, click the right mouse button
  • Click Follow-up in the context menu.
  • Select No Date in case of (IMAP-based emails) and flag message in case of (POP-based emails). That message was added to the task to-do list.
Pinning emails in Outlook
  • You can check those mail at the top of the Tasks pane. Click to view >> To-do bar >> Task
Tasks pane outlook
  • Now, you can check up on the task on the right-hand side column that appeared in the outlook window.
what does it mean to flag an email

Manually Pinning Emails

Manually pinning emails involves dragging the email to your desktop or a specific folder. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Outlook app and look for the email message you want to pin.
  2. Resize the Outlook window so that you can see your desktop or specific folder in the background.
  3. Hold the email message, drag it outside the Outlook window, and drop it on your desired location source.

Automatically Pinning Emails

To automatically pin emails based on certain criteria, you can use rules in Outlook.

This helps you to keep important emails, such as those from specific senders or those containing specific keywords, always at the top of your inbox.

Follow these steps to create a rule:

  1. Click on the Rules button in the toolbar and then click on Manage Rules & Alerts.
  2. In the Rules and Alerts dialog box, click on New Rule.
  3. In the Rules Wizard, select your preferred rule template and add conditions, actions, and exceptions as needed.
  4. Set the rule to move emails to a specific folder, flag them, or even change their importance level to help you keep track of important emails.

By using these methods, we can effectively pin emails in Outlook, assisting us in managing and prioritizing our inboxes more efficiently.

How to Remove and Clear Flags from the List

Removing and clearing pin emails from the list is amazingly simple, all you must click is the right mouse button.

Click remove from the list available all the way down the list to remove and click follow up >> Clear flag to clear the pin.

(Refer: Snapshot)

what does flagging an email mean

There are a few more options like categorizing your email message with color and naming it pinned which in the future easily separated from others and you can follow up on those emails.

This process is not exactly pinned Outlook email to the top. Users of Outlook 365 web easily pin or stick important emails at the top of their Inboxes.

Customizing the Pin Feature

Filter Pinned Emails

To easily access all your pinned emails in Outlook, you can filter your message list to show only the pinned ones.

Hover over a message and click the flag icon to pin it.

To filter your inbox to show the pinned emails, select the filter icon located at the top of your message list, and choose “Pinned” from the available options.

Using Categories and Symbols

Using categories can help you better organize your inbox.

In Outlook, you can assign different categories and symbols to your emails to highlight their importance.

To do so, right-click an email and choose “Categorize” from the context menu.

A list of available categories will appear, and you can select the most suitable one.

You can even create your own categories to be more specific.

Categories also have different symbols that you can customize according to your needs.


Understanding Pin Icons

In Outlook, the pin icon is essential to quickly recognize pinned emails.

By default, it looks like a small, grey pin, but when you pin an email, the pin icon turns blue, indicating that the email has been pinned.

To unpin an email, simply click the blue pin icon again in your message list.

With our guidance on customizing the pin feature, previewing pinned emails, assigning categories and symbols, and understanding the pin icon, you can keep your Outlook inbox organized and easily access important emails when needed.

Advanced Tips for Outlook Pinning

Schedule Send for Pinned Emails

We can further enhance our Outlook organization by scheduling the sending of pinned emails.

To do so, first, draft an email and click on the “More Options” button in the composition window. Select the “Delay Delivery” option and set your desired send date and time.

This way, we can ensure our crucial emails are ready to be sent at the appropriate moment without any hassle.

Manage Microsoft Account Subscriptions

Outlook is part of the Microsoft 365 suite, and managing our subscriptions becomes essential for maximum productivity.

To manage your Microsoft account subscriptions, sign in to and click on “Services & subscriptions.”

Here, we can view, renew, or cancel our subscriptions, ensuring we have the optimal Outlook experience.

Outlook Productivity and Training Courses

Improving our productivity is essential in a busy work environment. Thankfully, there are numerous Outlook productivity and training courses available.

One option is the Microsoft 365 Training Center, which offers various Outlook 2016 resources such as video tutorials, articles, and free courses.

We can also browse through third-party training courses, such as those provided by UdemyLinkedIn Learning, and Pluralsight.

Remember, the key is to invest time in learning how to optimize our use of Outlook and other Microsoft 365 applications to save time and boost productivity.


We understand the importance of effectively managing our emails, especially when dealing with a large volume of messages daily.

Pinning an email in Outlook can be an essential skill for prioritizing important messages that require immediate attention.

By utilizing the pinning feature in Outlook, we can keep important messages easily accessible, thus streamlining our workflow and reducing the chances of missing critical information buried deep in our inboxes.

When we pin an email, it stays at the top of our inbox, ensuring that we don’t lose sight of it amidst other messages.

To pin an email in Outlook, simply hover over the message in the message list to see the flag option, and then select the flag to pin the message.

Remember, to pin a message or see pinned messages, our inbox must be sorted by date. To unpin a message, we can select the flag option again.

In conclusion, mastering the process of pinning emails in Outlook enables us to stay organized and keep a clear view of our priority messages.

This simple yet effective technique can save us time and help us manage our tasks more efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I pin an email in Outlook 365?

Yes, we can pin an email in Outlook 365. The process is quite similar to the web version of Outlook.

Simply hover over the message and click on the pin icon to move the email to the top of the inbox.

To unpin, click on the pin icon again.

Why is the pin option missing in Outlook?

In some cases, the pin option may be missing due to the inbox view being sorted by different criteria other than the date.

Make sure the inbox is sorted by date, and the pin option should appear when hovering over a message.


If the ‘pin option not showing in Outlook‘ is a concern for you, it might be due to the version you are using. The pinning feature is available in Outlook for Office 365, Outlook 2019, and Outlook 2016. If you have an older version of Outlook, it might not have the pinning feature. Consider updating to a newer version to access this functionality.

How to pin emails in the Outlook app?

Unfortunately, the Outlook mobile app does not currently support the pinning feature. We recommend using the web version or desktop version of Outlook to pin emails.

What is the purpose of pinning an email in Outlook?

The main purpose of pinning an email in Outlook is to keep important messages at the top of the inbox for easy access.

By pinning an email, we ensure that it doesn’t get lost in the sea of incoming messages, making it convenient to locate when needed.

Is it possible to pin an email in the Outlook desktop version?

Yes, it is possible to pin an email in the Outlook desktop version. To do this, right-click on the email message, select “Follow-up,” and then choose “Flag Message” or “No Date.”

The flagged message will automatically be sorted to the top of the Tasks pane.

How do I add the pin option to my Outlook?

In some versions of Outlook, the pin option may already be available when hovering over messages.

If you cannot see the pin option, you can use the previously mentioned flagging method in the desktop version of Outlook to achieve a similar result.

However, there isn’t a direct option to add a pin feature if it’s not present already.

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