How To Pin Emails In Outlook? [Keep Your Desired Email on the Top]

Pinning an important task, you always want on the top of your priority list, In Microsoft Outlook, you can pin the important emails always in the top of a folder for quickly finding and viewing them.

How do you keep an email at the top of the list in Outlook?

Office 365 Outlook web user, get the built-in Pin feature, which allows that specific email message also on the top of the folder screen.

Click to the pin on the right-hand side of the email. You will get the message “keep this message at the top of your folder” on hover your mouse on top of the pin sign.

pin outlook email to top

After clicking, your mail shift on the top automatically until unpinned, the act of unpinning that email message brings back the mail to their previous position.

How To Pin Emails in Outlook App [2019, 365]

The majority of user’s preference is Outlook web, there are no such specific functions to pin emails message and fix it on the top of a folder in the mailing list. You can trick outlook to keep a specific email message on the top.

How does it work? Here is the step by step tutorial:

  • Open Outlook and your Inbox folder.
  • Select your specific Email, click the right mouse button
  • Click Follow-up in the context menu.
  • Select No Date in case of (IMAP based emails) and flag message in case of (POP based emails). That message added to the task to-do list.

Pinning emails in Outlook

  • You can check those mail to the top of the Tasks pane. Click to view >> To-do bar >> Task

Tasks pane outlook

  • Now, you can check up the task on the right-hand side column that appeared in the outlook window.

what does it mean to flag an email

How to remove and clear flag from the list

Removing and clearing pin email from the list is very simple, all you have to click right mouse button. Click remove from the list available all the way down of the list to remove and click follow up >> Clear flag to clear the pin.

(refer : Snapshot)

what does flagging an email mean

There are few more options like categorize your email message with color, and named it pinned which in future easily seperated from other and you can follow up those emails.

This process is not exectly pin outlook email to top. User of Outlook 365 web easily pin or stick important emails at the top of your Inbox.

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