How To Keep Microsoft Outlook Running in the Background?

How do I stop Outlook from closing automatically after I open a new email? This question has been asked before, but I’d love to get some more specific feedback on it…

Have you ever found yourself opening a new email and then realizing that the program was closed and you had no idea why? If yes, then this question might be for you.

“Outlook keeps running in the background even though I’ve set it to close automatically.” That’s the scenario described in this question.

The Cross button on the right-hand top corner of every file or document indicates to close the file, the same function applies to Microsoft Outlook also, when clicking the close button in the Outlook window, Outlook is completely closed.

That means you will not get any kind of incoming email notification, and it will be treated as offline.

For keeping the flow of your emails, run outlook in the background even if you close outlook.

How to keep Outlook active?

In this article, you will learn, how to keep outlook running, even if outlook minimizes to tray. Is it possible?

Yes, it is.

Go to the notification of your computer find the MS outlook logo, click the right button of your mouse and check Hide When Minimized, which will allow outlook to active even if you close your outlook.

outlook minimize to tray

How to Restore Outlook After It Has Been Minimized to the System Tray?

Just after clicking it, your computer reflects the message. “You have selected Hide when minimized, When the outlook window is minimized, you can restore it by clicking on this icon“.

How to keep outlook active

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