How To Insert Emoji in Outlook Mail?

How often have you sent a text message or email where you included some emoji?

Emojis are funny little pictures that represent emotions such as love, sadness, anger, etc. They’ve become extremely popular over time and are now being used frequently in emails and messages.

Some commonly used Emojis that people use in Outlook include thumbs-up emojis, wink emojis, etc.

You send an email containing emojis. The recipient receives the email, but they don’t see the emojis because their mail client has no idea how to display them.

In order to view the emojis, you must go into the settings of your email and turn off the filter of “convert smileys to emojis

Smiley face

Emojis face emotional reactions that are extremely popular currently, typing a message with emoji characters is not only active in messaging social media platforms like What’s up, Twitter, and Facebook, but in person as well as corporates are also adopting emojis in their working style.

In this article, I add my personal experience and a step-by-step tutorial on How Do I Add an Emoji to an Email in Outlook? 

How To Insert Smiley in Outlook? [Shortcut]

When composing a new Outlook email message or replying/forwarding an Outlook email, emoji smiley faces can easily insert between or any other place according to your requirement into your content as well as the subject line.

  • Step 1 – Open a new window for new mail or click reply or forward according to your requirement.
  • Step 2 – Using the emoji keyboard shortcuts by opening the emoji panel, click the Windows logo + ;(semicolon) keys or Windows logo + period (.) keys, after placing your cursor where you want to use emojis.
  • Step 3 – Outlook open the emoji windows 10.
How To Insert Emoji Faces in Outlook Message

There are tons of symbols not only faces but animals objects and road signs and many more, they can design your content and inject your desired emoji emotions and reality into the reader.

Insert Emoji by typing Smileys

Typing one of the known character combinations (letters, numbers, special characters), Insert Emoji Smileys, most of the user is already familiar with the characters we type on the board which automatically replace that combination with related colorful emoji.

For example, 🙂 will produce a smiling face.

It’s an autocorrect mechanism that replaces the characters with emoji pictures.

Here are a few Outlook emoji shortcut infographics:

Emoji Infographic

How To Make Emojis with Symbols

Email emoticon is also inserted into the message content of outlook using the symbols option, follow through the steps:

  • Open Outlook application >> Click Insert tab >> Click Symbol
How To Make Emojis With Symbols

There are a few symbols by default you can use in your content, but here we are talking about emojis.

  • Click More Symbols >> Symbol dialog box appears
  • Select “Segoe UI Emoji” in the Font drop-down list, and switch to the subset “Extended Characters – Code Area 1” to go directly to the numerous emoji symbols & you can find some faces.
  • Select the face and click the insert button. That’s how you can easily Insert emojis into your content.
insert emoji in outlook

However, you can also insert emoji stickers as images in your email.

How To Make Emojis Bigger in an Outlook Email

Increasing the size of emojis in outlook is possible but tricky, if you insert an emoticon in Outlook, it became part of your text (emojis in outlook), you must select the specific symbol and change the text size.

Note: – While inserting emoji in your content, and if you want to change the size of the emoticon, you must insert the space both in the beginning and the end of the face.

how to increase the size of emoji in outlook

Referring to the image above the result is clear, and most of the users get their answer, how to increase the size of emoji in outlook?

How To Import Emojis into Outlook?

There are multiple faces with multiple patterns and emotions, if you are not satisfied with the available emojis and you want something better, you can import the emojis into outlook.

Microsoft Outlook 2019 / office 365 in collaboration with Bing allows you to search for any online images indexed by the search engine.

  • Open Outlook >> Click to insert >> Go to illustration Group
  • Click Pictures >> Online Pictures
emojis in outlook
  • Search Bing Online Pictures dialog box appears, enter “emojis” in the search bar, and hit enter.
email emotioncons
  • Select your face and click insert.
  • Emoji is inserted into your screen, but you must adjust the size of the emoji according to your requirement.

How To Edit Emoji Face?

After inserting your favorite emoji smiley faces, you can adjust the size of the faces but drag any corner of the square. You can also use colors and designs to make your image beautiful. That way, Smileys will directly convert from its textual counterpart into an icon of your choice.

Insert Emojis using Icons

Under Outlook Icons, you can find multiple icons which can be easily inserted into the outlook email.

  • Images
  • Icons
  • Cutout People
  • Stickers
  • Illustrations
  • Cartoon People

In every category you get subcategories, which include multiple structures, Now, here I will walk you through how to find required Emoji and insert them in your Outlook mail.

Step 1: Open Outlook Application.
Step 2: Click on New mail or you can also use this emoji under Reply or forward.
Step 3: Click insert >> Icons

Step 4: As a Microsoft subscriber, you have access to the full library of creative content. Keep selected ‘icons‘, Enter the Emojis keyword in the Search information bar and you will get multiple results:

Step 5: Select your required Emoji and Click Insert.
Step 6: Once you inserted the Emoji, you can do multiple things with it before sending the emoji with the email message:

  • You can drag the corner and adjust the size of the Emoji very easily.
  • Once you click on it, the Graphis Format tab appears, which consists of multiple options, you can play with those options to make/design the emoji according to your requirement.

Emoji Add-in for Outlook?

Inserting Emojis using the Addin platform is quite interesting, Outlook consists of tons of add-ins for different scenarios. Outlook emoji insert every expression related to situations.

Let’s understand how it works:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook
  • Click Get Add-ins from Home Tab
Get addins outlook
  • That will open the treasure of add-ins, on the upper top right corner of the screen, type “Emojis” in the search bar.
  • You will the list of add-ins available with emojis keyword. select that:
Emojis List
  • Click Add to insert emoji add-in in the Outlook application. It will take a few minutes, once it is added you will get the option “get started“.
Emoji addins
  • Click New Email, a separate window opens and you can check Emojis Icon under the Message tab.
emojis messages
  • Enter the email address of the recipients, Subject, and matter in the body, now you can use the emoji icon to insert the specific emoji required.
  • Click the Emoji icon, where you need to insert emojis, which will open up the dialog box, consisting of multiple emojis with skin color selection.
Emoji Add-in for Outlook

You can also search using keywords, categories, etc. Your selection history is also stored which will be hunted at any time.

Bonus Tip

Everyone heard of ‘emojipedia‘, which is an emoji reference website that consists of tons of emoji characters. You can copy the emojis directly from the website and simply paste them into your Outlook email.

Let’s understand with an example:

Click “Smily and People” in case you like to impose Smily face in Outlook.

Bonus Tip emoji

Select the type of face you need to copy and click copy.

copy emoji face

Once you copied the face, simply go to your outlook window and hit (Ctrl + V) to paste.

What is the Shortcut Key for Inserting Emojis in Outlook?

Laughing Emoji Outlook

Type ‘:’ and followed by ‘D’

Smiley Emoji in Outlook

Type ‘:’ and followed by ‘)’

Emotional Face Emoji in Outlook

Type ‘:’ and followed by ‘(‘

Smiley Tongue Out Emoji in Outlook

Type ‘:’ and followed by ‘P’

Kiss Emoji in Outlook

Type ‘:’ and followed by ‘*’

Type ‘:’ and followed by ‘I’

Shortcut Key for Thumbs Up Emoji in Outlook

Insert thumbs emoji using icons in Outlook is one of my favorites Emojis, there are a couple of methods to insert thumb up emojis in Outlook:

  • Open Outlook New Mail using the Keyboard shortcut – Ctrl + N, Type 1F44D on your keyboard, then press Alt + X
  • Open Outlook New Mail – Ctrl + N, Alt + N +NS, Type ‘Thumb‘ in the Search Bar, and you find a couple of thumbs up and thumbs down icons, select any one of them and click insert.

Final Words

In conclusion, using emojis in emails is a way to express emotion and emotions are often the keys to getting a message across. While funny emojis are common, you can also use them to express your pain, sadness, and anger.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do I need Outlook?

Outlook provides you with a place to store all your emails, calendar appointments, and tasks. You can also access the latest news stories, sports scores, stock market information, weather forecasts, and much more from any web browser using the Outlook Web App or mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices.

What is “Out of Office” in Outlook?

Outlook Out of Office feature enables you to specify when an individual user can be reached at their workstation (i.e., on vacation).

Out of Office displays when you are away from your desk and not available for incoming messages. You can choose to display the message on a daily or weekly basis.

How long do archive emails stay in Outlook?

Emails that are archived or deleted stay in your inbox for a set period that varies depending on the type of account. For example, when an email is archived, it will remain in your inbox for 7 days; when a message is deleted, it stays in your inbox for 30 days.

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