How To Attach Email in Outlook? & Send Email As Attachment

This article is all about a basic problem almost every user ones at a time faces in their work (job, profession) which is send email as an attachment. [How to send outlook email as attachment]

In general practice, we all send an email along with external attachments or files (like Excel, Word, PDF, etc), Outlook also allows you to send an email with the attachment of (already sent message).

It is very easy to combine multiple emails in a single mail and send it to the sender instead of forwards every individual mail. [It’s like packing a gift in the box and again pack that box in a box].

Case study:- I was working in a power sector as a Project coordinator, and my basic job is to compile the progress of physical work from every site office and send it to my corporate office on a daily basis.

I used to create an email along with the excel sheet attachment which progress and subject line (Progress Report dated <date>) and send it to my seniors.

Now One day I received a call to forward all the progress of the last 15 days, as there may be some review meeting.

Instead of forwarding every mail, of the last 15 days, I created a single mail and add all the mail attachment of 15 days and send it just like that.

It took me a few minutes, it saves my time and my bosses also impressed with that kind of compiled information (although I am an expert in compiling the progress, I compiled the progress mails too).

In this article, I will show you step by step guide ‘How to attach an email to another email in outlook?

How to forward messages as attachments in Outlook?

An email that is forwarded as an attachment includes everything from the full email, such as the header and routing information, not just the message content.

There are two simple ways Outlook Forward Email as Attachment

How to attach an email as an attachment?

Here are few steps to attach email to email.

attach an email to another email

  • Step 2 – Draft your content, Enter sender mail address, draft subject, and now its time to attach an email to an email. [Click Message >> Click attach item (from include section) OR Click Insert >> Outlook items (from include section)] both will take you at the same gateway (Insert item).

Forward as Attachment     

Forward Email as an Attachment

  • Step 3 – Insert Item is a separate dialog box it consists of ‘look in’ section, which reveals all your email id, you how to attach mail in outlookcan click the email id and select your subsection (inbox, sent, spam, calendar, etc).

After selection, the list of emails or information comes down, all you have to do is to select the email or to-do list (in case of the calendar), you want to attach with your email.  Press and hold the Ctrl key to forwarding multiple emails as attachments with the single mail.

  • Step 4 – Now its time to select (text only or attachment),

IF YOU SELECT ATTACHMENT–  The selected mails are attached with your mail in the form of attachment, when you double click on the attachment, you can see a separate dialog box of that mail.

how to attach an email to another email in outlook

IF YOU SELECT TEXT ONLY – That selected mail will impose with your existing message content and there is no such attachment visible.

  • Step 5 – Click the Send Button the receiver will get the attach email to email.

how to attach an email in outlook

How to forward an email message as an attachment in Outlook?

In the above example, you have learned the method of attaching multiple email as an attachment, you can also select an email and directly forward Email attachment as a single email message as an attachment easily.

how do you attach an email to another email

  • New mail page automatically appears with your selected mail attachment, all you have to complete balance work like matter/content, subject, select your email from which you like to send the email, type sender email id, add your signature.

Important Note:- If you are using multiple emails and like to attach an email from different mails you can easily copy all attachments from multiple emails to a new email in Outlook with the same process you have learned above. 

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Quick Drag and Drop Option

One of the quicker methods, which really became the part of your smart mailing, is the “Drag and drop method”.

Open up your Outlook, Select the email you required to reply, reply all or forward.

Your specific email open in the right-hand side screen of your outlook.

Click any one (reply, reply all or forward) according to your requirement.

attaching email in outlook

Now select your email or emails you like to send as an attachment. Here you have to simply drag and drop the email or emails onto the message window.

in outlook how to attach an email to another email

Go to the draft and select your specific mail, and you can check the attached emails. You can also double the attachment and outlook walk you through the original email (which you have attached).

forward email as attachment outlook web

Click Send and your receiver will get the mail attachment.

You can also create a new message and attach an email with the same drag and drop options. This method is really very easy and you won’t need to learn a specific process.

How Outlook Automatically Forward Emails as Attachments

We all have observed when we received a forwarded email, the original message by default available with the mail-in text form (which is natural).

At the same time, if you forward some mail, the receiver will also get your original message in text form.

Now here is the deal:

Can you set all forwarded emails to be sent as attachments? The answer is YES


You have to change the default setting of MS Outlook.

  • Go To File >> Options >> Mail

how outlook automatically forward emails as attachments

  • Select Attach original message from the drop-down list of both [when replying to a message & when forwarding a message].
  • Click OK

How To Remove Forward Emails As Attachments In Outlook?

Removing forward emails as an attachment in outlook, again required simple modification of what we have executed in the above example.

  • Click File >> Options >>Mail
  • Select (include original message text) in both Replying and forwarding sections.
  • Click OK.

The original default setting is reset.

Final Words:

This article covers all the steps required for the user how do you attach an email to another email. Please share which idea you like the most and the results fruitful in your work.

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