How to Attach an Email to an Email in Outlook?

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In common practice, we often send emails with external attachments, such as Excel, Word, or PDF files. Outlook also provides the capability to send an email with an attachment of a previously sent message.

In this article, I will show you step by step guide on ‘How to attach an email to another email in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and Outlook for Microsoft 365? 

Understanding Email Attachments

When we discuss email attachments, we’re referring to files that we send along with our email messages.

These files can range from documents to images, and their inclusion is essential for sharing additional information that can’t be communicated effectively through text alone.


  • What Are They: Attachments are separate files bundled with an email.
  • Common Types: Documents, photos, videos, and spreadsheets are typical.

Email Attachment Tips:

  • Size Limits: Most email providers have a size limit for attachments (commonly around 25MB).
  • Formats: Ensure the recipient can open the file format you’re sending.
  • Security: Scan for viruses before sending attachments to maintain cybersecurity.

Attaching an email within an Email: 

Some email clients allow the act of attaching an entire email as a file to another email. This can be useful for forwarding or preserving the context of a conversation.


  1. Find the Email: Locate the email you want to attach to your mailbox.
  2. Options Menu: Access the options, sometimes denoted by three dots or an ‘Actions’ menu.
  3. Forward as Attachment: Select the option to ‘Forward as Attachment’ or a similarly worded command.

By understanding these elements, we can attach emails or files with confidence, knowing we’ve provided all necessary information to our recipients.

Case Study: As a Project Coordinator in the power sector, my primary responsibility involved compiling daily progress reports from various site offices and sending them to the corporate office. These reports were usually sent via email with an Excel sheet attachment detailing the progress, and the subject line typically read “Progress Report dated <date>.” One day, I received a request to forward the progress reports of the past 15 days for a potential review meeting. Instead of forwarding each email individually, I innovatively compiled all the emails from the last 15 days into a single email with each report attached. This approach not only saved me considerable time but also impressed my seniors with the efficiently compiled information. My skill in compiling project progress was effectively applied to organizing and summarizing the progress emails, demonstrating both resourcefulness and expertise.

How to forward messages as attachments in Outlook?

When you forward or reply to an email in Outlook, it automatically adds all attachments that come along with the email to the reply, which is useful when you have to forward a message with multiple attachments.

But sometimes, you may want to send only some of the attachments from the original email, and this can be tricky.

A couple of methods are Outlook Forward Email as an Attachment.

How to attach an email as an attachment?

Here are the steps to attach email to email.

Open Microsoft Outlook Classic. Click the Home Tab from the top left corner of your screen. From the New section click on New Email or you can also use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + N).

attach an email to another email

This will open a new message window. Compose your message, enter the recipient’s email address, and add a subject. Now, let’s proceed to attaching an email within an email.

Click Message >> Click attach item (from include section) OR Click Insert >> Outlook items (from include section), both will take you to the same gateway (Insert item).

Forward as Attachment
Forward Email as an Attachment

The “Insert Item” dialog box includes a “Look In” section, which displays a list of your email addresses. You can click on an email address to access its subsections, such as Inbox, Sent, Spam, Calendar, etc.

Once you make a selection, a list of emails or relevant information appears. Simply choose the email or to-do list item (from the calendar, for instance) that you wish to attach to your email. To attach multiple emails or items in a single mail, press and hold the Ctrl key while making your selections.

Now it’s time to select (text only or attachment).

IF YOU SELECT ATTACHMENT- The selected mail is attached with your mail in the form of an attachment, when you double-click on the attachment, you can see a separate dialog box of that mail.

how to attach an email to another email in outlook

IF YOU SELECT TEXT ONLY – That selected mail will impose with your existing message content and there is no such attachment visible.

Click the Send Button the receiver will get the attached email to the email.

how to attach an email in outlook

How to forward an email message as an attachment in Outlook?

From the above example, you have learned how to attach multiple emails as a single attachment. Additionally, you can select an email and directly forward it as an attachment within a single email message with ease.

  • Open Outlook and select an email that you want to send as an attachment. Again, you can press and hold the Ctrl key to forward multiple emails as attachments with a single mail.
  • Click Home Tab >> Reach respond section >> Forward as an attachment.
how do you attach an email to another email
  • A new mail page automatically appears with your selected mail attachment, all you must complete is balance work like matter/content, and subject, select the email from which you like to send the email, type the sender’s email address, and add your signature.

Important Note: – If you are using multiple emails and like to attach an email from different emails you can easily copy all attachments from multiple emails to a new email in Outlook with the same process you have learned above. 

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Quick Drag and Drop Option

A quick and efficient technique that enhances your smart mailing experience is the “Drag and Drop” method to attach email to an email.

First, open Outlook and select the email you need to respond to or forward.

This specific email will then open on the right-hand side of your Outlook screen.

Next, click on the appropriate option – either ‘Reply’, ‘Reply All’, or ‘Forward’ – based on your requirement.

attaching email in outlook

Now, choose the email or emails you wish to send as attachments. Simply drag and drop the selected email(s) onto the message window.

in outlook how to attach an email to another email

Navigate to the draft folder and select the specific mail to review the attached emails. You also have the option to double-click on an attachment, and Outlook will direct you to the original email that you have attached.

forward email as attachment outlook web

Click Send and your receiver will get the mail attachment.

You can also create a new message and attach an email with the same drag-and-drop options. This method is extremely easy, and you won’t need to learn a specific process.

How Outlook Automatically Forward Emails as Attachments every time

We all have observed when we received a forwarded email, the original message by default was available with the mail-in text form (which is natural).

At the same time, if you forward some mail, the receiver will also get your original message in text form.

Now here is the deal:

Can you set all forwarded emails to be sent as attachments?

The answer is YES


You need to change the default setting of MS Outlook.

  • Go To File >> Options >> Mail
how outlook automatically forward emails as attachments
  • Select Attach original message from the drop-down list of both [when replying to a message & when forwarding a message].
  • Click OK

How To Remove Forward Emails as Attachments in Outlook?

Removing forward emails as an attachment in Outlook, again required simple modification of what we have executed in the above example.

  • Click File >> Options >>Mail
  • Select (include original message text) in both the Replying and Forwarding sections.
  • Click OK.

The original default setting is reset.

How to Attach an Email to Another Email in Outlook Web?

Attaching an email within an email in the Outlook web application differs slightly, as there isn’t a dedicated option for forwarding it as an attachment. To understand this process, follow these step-by-step instructions:

Open your web browser and go to Log into your Outlook account. Once logged in, you can either click on “New Message” or “Reply” from the top-left corner of the window.

In both scenarios, the next step is the same: locate the email you want to send as an attachment in the left-hand side panel.

After selecting the email message you wish to attach to the new email message, use the drag-and-drop technique to turn it into an email attachment.

How To Attach Email in Outlook Web

You can check out the email as an attachment once you drag and drop it into a new email message.

Email message attached

Next, fill up the requirement, Subject Line, Email address or recipient, and email message content, and click the Send button.

Select Send to send the message with the attached email to the recipient.

Linking to an Email

In some situations, particularly when dealing with web-based clients like the Outlook Web App, we may decide to link to an email rather than attach it.

You create a link that directs to the original email, which the recipient can follow to view the email in their browser. This technique is often useful when referring to an email that’s already part of a shared conversation thread.

Benefits of Attaching Emails to Emails

When we attach emails to an email, the advantages are clear-cut. Notably, it allows for streamlined communication and ensures that all relevant details are readily available to the recipient.

Below are key benefits we often experience:

  • Simplicity in Reference: Rather than forwarding multiple emails, we can include all necessary correspondence in a single message. This keeps the conversation thread intact.
  • Evidence Preservation: Attaching emails is a methodological way to maintain a trail of communication. This can be particularly useful for keeping records for auditing purposes or when legal proof is required.
  • Improved Organization: As we send and receive numerous emails daily, attaching emails helps in organizing conversations by topic or project.
  • Time-saving: It saves us time as recipients don’t need to search through their inbox to find related messages—we’ve provided everything they need in one go.

Here is a quick overview of the benefits:

Simplifies ReferenceKeeps conversation threads in one email.
Preserves EvidenceUseful for record-keeping and as legal documentation.
Enhances OrganizationMakes managing emails by topic or project more efficient.
Saves TimeEliminates the need for recipients to search for related emails.

Using this approach allows us to enhance clarity and efficiency in our email communications.

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Final Words:

This article covers all the steps required for the user HOW TO ATTACH EMAIL IN OUTLOOK. Please share which idea you like the most and the results fruitful in your work.

Once you have the right account details, creating a forwarding rule is straightforward. And if you need to make a change, it’s even easier.

it’s easy to make your email stand out. Using your signature and customizing formatting are effortless ways to show your organization and style. Add a picture, font, and format, and you create a signature that’s uniquely you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some common questions people have about attaching emails in Outlook:

Can I attach multiple emails to one email?

Yes, you can attach multiple emails to one email in Outlook. To do so, select the emails you want to attach by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on each email.

Then, drag and drop them into the new email message. Alternatively, you can right-click on the selected emails and choose “Forward as Attachment.”

Can I attach an email to a meeting invitation?

Yes, you can attach an email to a meeting invitation in Outlook. When creating a new meeting invitation, click on the “Insert” tab and select “Outlook Item.” Choose the email you want to attach and click “OK.”

Can I attach an email to a task?

Yes, you can attach an email to a task in Outlook. Open the task you want to attach the email to and click on the “Insert” tab. Select “Outlook Item” and choose the email you want to attach.

Can I attach an email from a different email account?

Yes, you can attach an email from a different email account in Outlook. First, make sure the email account is added to Outlook.

Then, when creating a new email message, click on the “Attach File” button and select “Outlook Item.” Choose the email you want to attach from the other account.

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