How to find unread emails in Outlook? (& Additional Filter)

The best part of Microsoft outlook, I like the most is filtration, you can easily catch a fish by the rod in the river, all you need is the exact location.

How to view unread emails in outlook, Earlier I use the Gmail account and it’s so frustrating (clicking Next .. Next button) to find an email 2 years old. Outlook provides an option to grab unanswered emails.

How to sort unread emails in Outlook

This section will show you how to view only unread messages in Outlook. There are two ways to get there, follow the steps.

  • Step 1 – Open Outlook >> Click to home Tab >> Go to Find group >> Click unread

How to filter unread emails in Outlook 2019

  • Step 2 – Before clicking unread, it is mandatory to select the folder in which you required filtration.
  • Step 3 – Click Unread, you will get the list of unread messages.

How To Find Unread Mail In Outlook

While selecting an unread option, you may notice the text “isread:no” automatically appears in the search bar of MS Outlook.

That brings you to another option to find unread messages of the specific folder “isread:no” automatically filtering emails in outlook.

In addition, the search bar allows you to find an unread message using this code [isread:no] from other categories of folders, refer to snapshot.

automatically filter emails in outlook

Folder for unread emails in Outlook

There is another great feature, create unread folder in outlook, I like to share in this article, you can easily create a separate folder of unread messages in outlook which allow you to bypass all the exercise and respond to those unread emails accordingly.

  • Click to the specific email id and folder (like:inbox) >> Click Folder tab >> Click New Serch Folder

outlook highlight emails with no reply

  • New search folder dialog box appears >> Click unread mail you can also search mail-in by selecting your email address below the dialog box.

Folder for unread emails in Outlook

  • Click Ok, Now you can check an individual folder named – Unread mail appears, which includes only unread mail.

create unread folder in outlook

In this folder, you can always view only unread messages in Outlook, after reading the message automatically wipe out from the folder.

How to arrange unread emails in Outlook?

Proper arrangement and further filtration of your unread list bring your results more effective and fruitful.

What if you sort your list of email arrange according to (date, subject, type, attachment, size, from, to & many more).

  • Click the View tab and you will get all the options click and get your results accordingly.

How to arrange unread emails in Outlook

How To Sort Emails By Unread Then Date In Outlook?

As we know, Microsoft Outlook sorts emails by received date by default. Sometimes, you may require to show all unread emails at the top, and keep emails sorted by date at the same time, it’s a double filtration process.

In the earlier article, search an email by date in Outlook is very clear to understand, the same formula also applies with unread mail.

You can opt for advance find an unread email folder, or you can use the search bar using both [isread:no] & [date range] ~ received:25/04/2019..30/04/2020.

For instance: (isread:no received:25/08/2019..17/04/2020) after entering this you will get the list of emails according to the input entered in the search bar. You can also go for (isread:no received:Amit) and you will get the results of mail received from “Amit”.

How to filter only unread emails in Outlook?

In the above paragraph finding, unread emails with dates are quite simple, not only that outlook also arranges multiple different additional filter parameters for unread messages on your screen.

This process dryer up unwanted emails according to your search and give you targeted gems.

Let’s begin with~

How to check unread emails from specific sender?

Some of the users get hundred of emails on a daily basis, opening and reading every message is not possible.

If you are interested in specific senders’ emails and unable to read them, here you can find out.

  • Step 1 – Open Outlook >> Click on instead search bar >> Go to search tab above
  • Step 2 – Go to Refine section >> Click unread – You will get the list of unread emails and a text on the search bar “isread:no”
  • Step 3 – Now click on “from” from the refine section, you will get an additional text on the search bar along with “isread:no”, which is  [isread:no from:”Sender Name”].
  • Step 4 – Replace Sender Name with the name or email id of the sender to get the results.

How to check unread emails from specific sender

How to check unread emails from a sender having a specific subject?

This part is an extension of the above filter if still, you are getting a huge list of emails, and you are searching for specific text in the subject line.

Click on a subject from the refine section, an additional text is added in the search bar with unread and sender name.

You need to replace the “keyword” text with the “subject line” of your requirement.

How to check unread emails from a sender having specific subject

The above image explains itself, all three filters gave you results of unread emails received from WordPress and having smartly in the subject line.

Outlook also highlights your specifics and the list is very clear.

In addition to if you further filter your unread search with attachment or time, you can get the results accordingly.

How to change unread email color in Outlook 365?

By default unread messages are displayed as blue font color silty bond as compared to read messages, what if you check whose unread email message with completely different attire, it helps to visualize instantly.

Change Color of unread messages in outlook 365 looks effective, you can separate the email messages (changes font, style, size, and color using outlook conditional formatting unreadoption.

Let’s understand the step by step process:

  • Open Outlook >> Go to your inbox >> Click View Tab >> Then hit view setting

outlook unread mail settings

  • Advanced view settings dialog box appears >> click conditional formatting.

change unread email color in Outlook

  • Conditional formating opens up another dialog box which consists of several options by default one of the option is unread messages.
  • Select Checkbox of unread messages and hit font.

How to change unread email color

  • Font dialog popups, adjust font, style, size, and color drop-down list, select color as per user choice.
  • Check the preview on the sample box [refer: snapshot]

How to change unread email color in Outlook 365

  • Hit OK three times, and the result is clear. You can check the unread messages in different colors. As soon as you click the unread message, it will not only convert into a read message but also change the color of the read message by default.

unread messages

Bonus Tip

Finding unread mail from any folder of specific email, Click to unread on the left-hand side of the search bar, Microsoft Outlook by default reveal all the mails, select the unread message and you will directly get the list of required mail.

unread email

How to make read mail as unread in Outlook?

Every time you received an email message in your inbox, it holds a new mail character, after opening it changes into reading mode, and the characteristics/visibility also changes.

Some users what to mark real mail as unread, Why?

There are multiple reasons, depending upon the user, Here you can learn, How to do it?

There are two methods: First

Click the right mouse button on the read email message, and select “Mark as unread”. That will convert the read a message into an unread message.

make read mail as unread in Outlook

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