How To Find & View Flagged Emails in Outlook?

Flagging emails in Outlook meant for the purpose to mark those email messages in your inbox which in the future spend attention, the red flag also marks those emails into the To-do list.

In this article, you will get more attention on Flagging Email and How to find flagged emails in Outlook?

What does it mean to flag an email?

Flagging an email means marking an email message which reminds your to follow-up or takes action later on. Once you mark the email with the red flag, those messages will appear in the To-Do Bar, in Tasks, and in the Daily Task List in Calendar.

How To Flag Outlook Email For Follow Up?

Flags make it easier to find and track email messages in Outlook, marking a flag on the specific email message from your inbox and shorting in the group is quite interesting.

Here is the step by step process:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook >> Select your folder
  • Click on Home Tab >> Go to the Tag section
  • Click Flag logo follow up.

How To Flag Outlook Email For Follow Up

You can select the flag according to your requirement (Today, tomorrow, this week, next week, No date, Custom), your selection will remind you for your follow-up.

How to see flagged emails in Outlook?

Once you have marked some emails with flags, and now you want to find out these emails, here are few methods to pick outlook flag emails.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook >> Select the folder you like to search flagged email within.
  • Go to the search bar and click on it >> Serch Tab appears with multiple options to help users to search specific nature of emails.
  • Click on Flagged which results in emails shorted with flagged only.

Flag Outlook Email For Follow Up

Another option is to type “[followupflag:followup flag] in the Instant Search box, and all you flagged emails message results shorted.

flagged emails in Outlook

How To View Flagged Emails in Outlook By Search Folder?

You can also separate the flag email in a separate folder using a Search Folder. This step copy all your flagged email into the specific folder which later on exercised according to your requirement.

Here is the step to execute:

  • Click on Folder >> New Search Folder

Filter Flagged Messages By Search Folder

  • New Search Folder dialog box appears, click on Mail flagged for follow up option, and Hit OK.

Mail flagged for follow up

  • You can observe a new folder name For Follow Up is created in the navigation section just below the search folder, the folder only consists of Outlook flagged emails.

How To View Flagged Emails in Outlook By Search Folder

Microsoft Outlook to-do list is also designed to keep and remind the user of upcoming events like red flags emails or tasks.

Use Instant Search

Instant Search can be used to find flagged items within the selected folder or across all mail folders.

  • On the Home tab, in the Find group, click Filter E-mail, and then click Flagged.
The above example applies to what you need to followup from your email messages, Most of the managerial rank use to assign a task to a specific employee or colleague and ask them to complete it in a specific time frame like tomorrow.
Flag the message for yourself by clicking follow up and clicking for tomorrow, While composing an email message click on follow up and specify the time frame.
How To Find Flagged Emails in Outlook
Once you select the flag color according to your requirement, the info bar displays the option:
How To Find Flagged Emails
Your received will not get any specific type of email message, but your sent box indicates the same email message with the flag, which is also added in the To-do list, Outlook reminds you to follow up with your employee or colleague.
Flagging in Outlook itself a huge subject and make your job easier with Outlook, other than Outlook email service providers like Gmail, you will not get additions flagging options, the time frame options are missing.
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