How to Export Email addresses from Outlook? – (with pictures)

Exporting contacts from outlook is as similar as importing contacts from excel to outlook, you already learned step by step guide in the previous article.

In this article, you will get step by step guide on how to export an email list from outlook.

Why do users export contacts from outlook?

There is two major reason user (including me) use to export contacts from outlook.

  1. Moving your complete outlook data including email contacts to another server or system.
  2. Secondly, export emails to save the data in a backup file.

How to download contacts from outlook?

Manually exporting a file of contacts from Outlook required a few steps to follow, you can easily save your contacts in a (.csv) file.

Let’s begin with (how to extract email addresses from emails to CSV).

  • Step 1 – Open Outlook, then go to the File tab >> open & export >> select import/export tab.
  • Step 2Import and Export Wizard dialog box appears, select Export to a file, and then click the next button.
export contacts to csv
  • Step 3 – Select Comma Separated Values, and then click the Next button
  • Step 4 – Next step ask you to select your specific mail id contacts to export contacts to CSV format.
export outlook contacts to csv
  • Step 5 – Select your specific area on the desktop/laptop computer where you want to save your export file by clicking the browse button.

While selecting by default the file type would be Comma Separated Values (.csv)

outlook csv file
  • Step 6 – Export to a File dialog box appears, please click the Map Custom Fields button.
How Do I Export an Email List from Outlook
  • Step 7 – You have two options either click Finish and your file saved as per the default setting & If you don’t like the default setting, click on the Map custom fields.
save outlook contacts as csv

Although both [From Microsoft office outlook contacts (this computer only) & To Comma Separated Values Export contact] are aligned with each other, if you like to make some changes, Click the clear map button to remove all the values on the right pane.

Let’s say you have to click the clear map.

How to map custom fields in outlook?

We have already learned in the small video in the previous article How to fetch data in map custom field‘ 

You should choose your own value from the left pane. Just like the instructions given in the dialog box: you need to drag the values from the source file on the left and drop them on the appropriate destination field on the right. When finished setting, click on the OK button.

  • Step 8 – Click Finish

How to export contacts from Outlook to Gmail?

Most of the users search for “how to import contacts to Gmail from CSV” and the answer is the same.

Import Outlook contacts to Gmail consist of two parts.

  1. Exporting contacts from Outlook
  2. Importing contacts to Gmail

We have already learned step by step guide on exporting contacts from Outlook, under this section you will understand import contacts from Outlook to Gmail.

Here are step by step guide~

  • Step 1 – Grab your (.csv) file which you have already saved on your hard drive (which was earlier saved while exporting contacts from outlook).
  • Step 2 – Open your Gmail account >> Click Contacts
Importing contacts to Gmail
  • Step 3 – You are in the contacts section of Gmail >> Click Import.
consolidate contacts
  • Step 4 – Click the “Select File” button on the Import contacts dialog box.
how to save emails from outlook
  • Step 5 – Select your (.csv) file saved on the hard drive and click import.
  • Step 6 – You will get all your contact in Gmail contacts with your email address.
export windows contacts to csv

You now have an address book full of contacts that you can immediately start emailing. You can also make changes according to your requirements.

How to extract email addresses and names from Outlook?

Many of the users required a specific list of email addresses along with the name of the recipient and sender in excel for further R&D.

In the above explanation it is clear “how to export contacts from outlook“, but for that, your recipient and sender must be added to your Outlook contact list.

There is an easy option available for, how to add email recipients to contacts as well as the sender

You can understand by this simple step, click the right button from your mouse of the email address of the recipient or sender and click ‘ADD TO OUTLOOK CONTACTS’.

how to add contacts on outlook

Further outlook walks you through the address book there you will get some data already filled by default and you can add other multiple areas to complete the form, or you can simply save the information.

Add Recipients to the Address Book

But is a hectic process, if you have tons of email data, and it required individual processes to save to contact and there is a limit in outlook to create contacts.

What is the limit of contacts in outlook?

Normally you can save up to 60-120 contacts depending upon the data of your contact.

Here is the solution you can easily export all your recipient names & email address in excel.

How to export all senders and recipients’ names & Email addresses as Contacts in Excel.

Frankly speaking, the title is a bit difficult to understand but the steps didn’t.

You are getting an email from multiple addresses, and you want to prepare a list of all emails along with the sender’s name in excel, maybe you want to do some analyses to need to import that data to other servers.

Adding recipient email address and name to your contacts and exporting your contact, you have already learned in the above content of the article.

Here you will learn step by step guide for exporting recipient email addresses and names directly into excel. 

In my article How to Import contacts to Outlook from Excel? the process is just similar, but you have to do it in reverse form.

  • Step 1 – Go to Outlook >> Click File on the right-hand top corner >> Open & Export >> Import and Import and Export Iconexport.
  • Step 2 – Click Export to a file from the Import and Wizard Dialog Box.
export contacts to csv
  • Step 3 – Select File Type ‘Comma-separated values’ and click Next.
  • Step 4 – Now it’s a decision point [If you required exporting the name and email address of the recipient select Inbox & If you required exporting the name and email address of the sender, select outbox]

Similarly, you can select the Junk email box, depending on your requirements.

In my case just to show you I have selected Inbox; I need the email addresses and names of all the recipients of the specific email id and click Next.

  • Step 5 – Select your specific area in your computer to save the (.csv) file by clicking the browse button.
  • Step 6 -Click to Map the custom field.
Map custom field
  • Step 7 – This step adds all email senders or recipients as contacts when you click map custom,

Although you can download the (.csv) file without any modification or you can get default data (which include Body, From, CC, BCC, Subject, Email address, etc) everything in your excels file.

But we required only name and email address, so ~

  • Step 8 – Click Clear Map >> Select Name & address from the Left-hand section individually, drag & drop on the right-hand side section.

(Quick video helps you out).

  • Step 9 – Click OK >> Click Finish to start the export process.

Finally, you can get to an excel sheet that includes the email address and name of the folder you select, meanwhile there must be lots of duplicity in the email address data, you can use excel functions to create a perfect sheet.

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