How to export contacts from iPhone to Outlook?

You can quickly transfer contacts from iPhone to Outlook which contain phone numbers, email addresses, names of the contact person, and other information. The import process is extremely simple and self-explanatory

To complete the process, you require to import contacts from your iPhone mobile and export the same to your computer or laptop.

In this article, you will get step by step guide on syncing iPhone contacts to Outlook.

How to download contacts from iPhone?

iPhone users are aware of iTunes, An online platform that connects your phone with the same username and password and you can smartly export iPhone contacts to CSV.

So the question is How to transfer iPhone contacts to Outlook via iTunes?

  • Step 1 – Open a web browser, go to, then sign into iCloud with your Apple ID and Password.
  • Step 2 – You will get the notification on your iPhone, approve it.
  • Step 3 – Apple ID verification code (six digits) displayed on your phone, you have to enter the two-way verification code on the browse at the same time.
  • You can see your iPhone desktop appears on your computer desktop. Click the Contacts >> setting button on the left-hand bottom corner.
  • Click Select All (here we are talking about all your contacts) >> Click Export vCard
export vcard from iphone

The selected contacts are saved to your computer as a (.vcf) file for you to access later as needed.

How to import contacts from iPhone to Outlook?

Earlier you have learned How to Import contacts to Outlook from Excel, Outlook imports the (.csv) file in that case, but we have the (.vcf) file, which you export vCard files from your iPhone.

Outlook allows you to import (.vcf) files and you can easily export iPhone contacts into Microsoft Outlook.

  • Step 1 – Open Outlook >> Click File >> Open & Export >> Import and Export
sync iphone contacts with outlook
  • Step 2 – Import and Export Wizard appears >> click Export a VCARD File (.vcf) to sync iPhone contacts with Outlook>> Click Next.
exporting iphone contacts to outlook
  • Step 3 – You have to select the saved (.vcf) file from your system and upload it to Outlook.

Outlook seems to only support importing 1 vCard at a time. You have multiple contacts stored in a single (.vcf) file, but only the first contact is exported, it’s the nature of VCARD in Outlook.

You can save individual cards from iTunes and export them individually, which is next to impossible.

What’s the Solution? – Import Windows contacts to Outlook

How to Import to Windows Contacts?

First, you have to convert the (.vcf) file to a (.csv) file that can be imported into Outlook. This can be done using the Windows Contacts folder.

To import contacts from a single (.vcf) file into your Contacts folder, a few simple steps are required.

  • Step 1 – Open windows explorer on your computer/laptop and type [C:\Users\%username%\Contacts] in the address bar. (%username% is your computer name). See Snapshot
convert contact file to csv
  • Step 2 – Click Import >> Select vCard (VCF file) and click Import. (Here you are importing the (.vcf) file which you have already saved in your system, which was exported from iTunes.
windows mail export contacts
  • Step 3 – Navigate to the folder containing your (.vcf file), Select the file, and click Open.
select a vcard file for import
  • Convert the contact file to CSV begin and you will get a detailed form popup, you can individually edit or modify it or just click ok to save (.csv) file into the contact folder.
csv file
  • You can check your contacts saved individually in the contact folder.
convert contact to vcf
  • Now it’s time to convert the contact file to CSV, you have to select all (click Ctrl-A) >> Click Export
vcf contacts
  • Export window contacts popup, select CSV (Comma-separated values) >> Click Export
  • Click Browse a Navigate the place to save (.CSV) file. >> Click Next
vcf file to csv
  • Select the fields you wish to export (you can manually check or uncheck the fields according to your requirement) >> Click Finish
convert .vcf to .csv
  • A dialog box displays telling you the process was successful. Click OK to close the dialog box.
opening.vcf file

The above process converts .vcf to .csv. You can check the (.csv) file saved on the same location you navigated earlier.

Finally, it’s time to import the (.csv) file into Microsoft Outlook.

Final steps on how to sync iPhone contacts with Outlook

  • Step 1 – Open Outlook >> Click File >> Open & Export >> Import and Export
  • Step 2 – Import and Export Wizard appears >> click Import from another file and program >> Click Next.
  • Step 3 – Select Comma Separated values.
  • Step 4 – Click Browse and find your file saved in your system.
  • Step 5 – Select specific email Id contacts to import the file
  • Step 6 – Click Finish followed by the map function.

NOTE: The Map Custom Fields button opens a dialog box that allows you to specify which fields in the .csv file correspond to which fields in Outlook. The default mapping is usually sufficient to import the information.

You can refer earlier article on how to import (.csv) files into Outlook for step by step process. 

Finally, you get all your answers to [How to export contacts from iPhone to Outlook].

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