How To Disable an Outlook Email Account But Not Delete It?

How to disable an Outlook Email Account But Not Delete It, in simple words “delete outlook account but keep emails”. 

I personally holding numerous account in Microsoft Outlook (IMAP, POP, as well as Microsoft Exchange), Every account inbox and other folders including subfolders refreshes every time you refresh Outlook or Hit F5, it’s natural.

But the only problem is it will take time to update all the folders, and Outlook will run very slowly. You can disable an Outlook Email Account But Not Delete It to get other active account updates quickly.

In this article, you will learn step by step method to Temporally Deactivate Email Account in Outlook.

How to Disable Email Account in Outlook?

  • Open Microsoft Outlook, currently every account is active, and receive and send emails.
  • Click Send/Receive Tab >> Click Send/Receive Groups >> Define Send/Receive Groups.

Define Send Receive Groups

  • Send/Receive Groups dialog box appears, click on Edit button from the right-hand option of the dialog box. (Short cut key CTRL+ALT+S)

Send Receive Groups

  • Another Dialog box “Send/Receive Settings – All Accounts” with multiple options appears.

Send Receive Settings All Accounts

# All your email addresses visible on the left-hand pane of the dialog box, you can also scroll down in case all your email addresses not visible.

# Select that email address, which you want to temporally disable.

# Uncheck the Include the selected account in this group box, by default this section is checked.

# Finally Click OK >> Close Send/Received Groups dialog box.

Everything is ready, Outlook will not update email received from that specific account, but, it can still send messages from this account. You can repeat the same process for any other account. Reversing the same process activate the account back to normal.

How to Temporally Deactivate Email Account in Outlook? [Partially]

The above example and process deactivate email account completely which later on turn into active mode accordingly, Outlook also allows the user to partially deactivate the account, you can (send the email but not received).

To configure a Send Only account, Here is the step to follow:

Under “Send/Receive Settings – All Accounts” dialog box.

uncheck the option for Receive mail items

  1. In the Account Options section, uncheck the option for “Receive mail items”.
  2. Click OK.

This process Temporally Deactivate only received Emails from specific Account in Outlook.

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