How to delete all emails from one sender Outlook?

The flow of incoming email messages in your inbox, sometimes really cause the problematic issue in case you are in the middle of important task or presentations.

After a detailed investigation, some user observes the flow of majority email received from the specific email account, (for instance Twitter, Facebook, or any other social network).

You can easily remove emails from a specific folder, throughout this article, you will learn multiple ways to remove/delete all emails from one sender in Outlook.

Using the Sweep feature in Outlook Web Application you can delete all emails from any specific sender. You can also configure it to automatically delete all new mails from that particular sender.

Delete all emails from one sender Outlook using rule

Deleting email messages from a specific sender, you can simply select multiple emails one by one using the alt key, and click delete the whole list of selected emails removed and send to delete folder.

But there are few drawbacks, while selecting emails, there is a chance that accidentally you will select other emails or miss the email message received from your specific address.

In both the case, the outcomes are not accurate. Rule function comes into play. Here is the step by step process:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook
  • Go to your inbox >> Select the email from which bulk emails received in your inbox and you want to remove them all.
  • Click right mouse button >> Click Rules >> Always move Message from: XXXXX

Delete all emails from one sender

  • Rules and alert dialog box which consist of multiple folders >> Select Trash/Delete folder and Hit OK button

Outlook delete

All emails message from that specific sender of the selected email in the Inbox moved to the Trash folder. The Rule function also makes sure of the entire future email received from that specific address will automatically send to the Trash folder.

Delete the Trash and you are rid of the emails from a specific address.

Delete multiple emails received from a Specific sender using search Function

Microsoft Outlook search features another great function that helps the user to find email by date, subject, attachment, and from. You can filter the emails received from a specific address using the search function, and then delete them.

  • Lunch Outlook
  • Go to the inbox that floated with those email messages.
  • Click on the Serch bar, which opens up the search tab, >> Click on From.

Delete multiple emails received from a Specific sender using search Function

Search criteria from:”Sender Name” is added into the Instant Search box

Delete all emails from one sender Outlook

multiple emails received from a Specific sender

Final Words

Not only that archive email or blocking that specific email address or unsubscribe in case of marketing emails are few other methods to do that, finding, selecting, and deleting thousands of email messages from the same sender is generally easier and quicker with computer email programs. Getting rid of all the emails that you won’t need anymore, such that you can better focus on the more important emails.

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