How to create outlook to do list?

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Preparing your road map/future is fruitful for every person, whether you are planning for a vacation or your dinner, office assignment, or financial investments. Every task required preparing a To-Do list.

Many people prefer to keep a list of schedules on paper, sticky notes, or in a spreadsheet, Does Microsoft outlook have a to-do list, the answer is Yes of course.

Microsoft Outlook also helps to prepare a to-do list into one list, which enhances reminders and tracking.

I personally use a whiteboard in my workstation earlier Microsoft outlook shared to do it.

In this article, you will learn all about ‘How to create a to-do list in Outlook?’.

How Outlook task list produces the best results?

Globally every user whether an employee or self-employed sticks to their computer or laptop, even though they are sitting in one place, your mind involve in various tasks, and outlook reminder pop helps you to recall something important you need to review.

For instance: – I personally use to review or check my investment return on daily basis but the point is reviewing in the morning a more fruitful than in the afternoon or evening because, according to market conditions if I am required to shuffle some of my investment for a better return, its morning time.

But due to the workload at my office I forget to recall my action required, Outlook reminds pop (TO DO LIST) to help me out.

Outlook reminder popup

How does Microsoft outlook create a to-do list/task?

To-do bar outlook

Here is the step-by-step guide on a how-to-do list prepared in outlook.

  • Step 1 – Click view tab >> To-Do bar >> Calendar
  • Step 2 – Double click the calendar and a separate dialog box appeared. It consists of several functions (like – new appointments, work week, week, month, and many more, the below image, speaks for itself.
to do tab outlook
  • Step 3 – Create your to-do list for the whole month (monthly planner) – this will help to remind you of your important upcoming events which really you don’t want to miss!
To do calendar outlook

The monthly planner and rest outlook work for you to remind, you will get the reminder according to your requirement.

The best feature of the to-do list you can view your list even if your main screen is active. After you, input data the outlook itself reminds you and shows you your pendency on the right-side calendar view.

In some cases, by default, you are unable to see calendar availability in outlook.

todo bar calendar outlook

This small tutorial activates your calendar view:

  • Click View >> layout section >> Click Todo bar >> check calendar
  • You can easily encounter the calendar on the right side of your outlook screen as well as the list of tasks for the upcoming days as per schedule.
outlook with calendar and tasks

How to View Tasks in Outlook?

To completely view your to-do list in outlook, you must enter the task tab of Microsoft outlook.

  • Click a task in the navigation option, and you will get a separate dialog box of the task and you can see a list of tasks.
todo list dialog box

There are several view options available in the outlook for different users as per their requirements.

  • Detailed ViewHow to view task in Outlook
  • Simple View
  • To-do List
  • Prioritized
  • Active
  • Completed
  • Today
  • Next 7 days
  • Overdue
  • Assigned
  • Server Task

How to Assign Task in Outlook?

Using outlook tasks to manage a team is an excellent feature to keep your progress up to date, Microsoft to-do list/task management is work 24X7 assistant for every high-level management to control and keep an eye on the deployed assignment to the team.

So how does it work?

  • For assigning a new task to your team member you are required to create a new task by clicking the Navigation option >> Tasks >> which allows you to the dialog box of tasks.New task icon
  • Enter your subject, the Start date of your planned assessment, and the due date of completion, you can also fix the priority level along with the work completion percentage while assisting the task your team member.
  • By default, if you want to cancel the assignment you can click the cancel Assignment manage task button.
  • Enter the email id of the team member and finally send the mail.
Task assignment outlook
  • Your team member will get your assignment through this mail like this, now all he/she is required to approve the task given.
outlook assignment mail

What is the difference between a to-do list and tasks in Outlook?

Flag Icon Outlook

Tagging the flag button to your email in your inbox converts the email to the ‘To-Do list’, that process adds the particular mail to your task list. It’s helpful to add a flag to an email that requires a response.

  • Task is an assignment, which is stored in a Tasks Folder.
  • To-Do is the flagged Outlook item that indicates a regular follow-up, usually flagged email, as well as all of the tasks in the Task folders in the profile.

Click (Ctrl+Shift+K) short cut to get new task generation dialog box.

How to Turn an Email into a Task Outlook

Outlook converts email to task to incorporate the atmosphere employees are assigned tasks in outlook, as well as you can convert the email into your task or to-do list.

Not only the work there are some personal emails that require personal attention like paying your child’s school fees and paying your electricity/mobile bills.

When you get emails from such an area, you can automatically convert email to task outlook. 

  1. Point out the email in your Inbox you will convert it into a task, all you have to do is highlight the email (with the red flag)  red flag outlook you want to create a task for. That mail is automatically added to your task/to-do list.
  2. You can manually convert your email into a task. Copy the content of the email and generate a new task and can commend further to do instruction according to the requirement.
  3. With the email highlighted drag your mouse down and drop it on the Outlook tasks bar.

Microsoft Outlook to-do list Export Excel

Import Export Icon

Exporting your task list into excel spread speed also helps you analyze your data using a separate set of filters. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Click File >> Open & Export
  • Import and Export dialog box, click Export to a file >> click the Next button
  • Select Comma Separated Values >> Click Next
  • Point out the Tasks folder under the email account which you want to export in Excel, then click the Next button
  • Name your file and select the location by clicking browse >> Click Next
  • The next dialog box asks you to set the date range you want to save the data.
set date range outlook
  • The Final step is to click OK, & You will get your file at your desired location.

Final Words

In summary, Outlook’s new To-Do list feature makes even a rattler stand out. In a weekly organization view, the new To-Do list is on the left.

To add items, just type into the “To do” box. To add multiple items, click the plus sign, which appears under the field. To delete an item, click the check mark that appears below it.

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