How to add sticky notes to Outlook Email?

How To Create Sticky Notes In Outlook

Stick notes designed for blinking a reminder of your pending or to-do scheduled work. Many uses to note it down in their diary, many use sticky paper notes and pin on the board or sometimes laptop.

I personally use windows 10 sticky features earlier, Microsoft Outlook hides an excellent feature of sticky notes, which really help you get on the mark every time.

In this article, you will learn almost every feature, benefits, and process of Sticky Notes In Outlook.

How To Use Sticky Notes Outlook for Quick Reminders

Stick notes are something like important terms or numbers, passwords, or some important to-do tasks before the scheduled time.

Create Sticky Note

Here follow the step by step tutorial to understand and create new sticky notes: Where do I find the sticky notes in outlook?

  • Lunch Microsoft Outlook
  • Go to the navigation section on the button left-hand corner of the Outlook screen.

sticky notes navigation

  • A separate note page pops up, you can add, edit, and delete your notes smartly.
  • Click Home Tab >> New note >> new note with the default size and color appears.

outlook notes

By familiar with Outlook sticky notes

Sticky notes are beautiful consist of several functions, refer snapshot for better understanding:

create note in outlook

  1. Option 1 – Click on it and you will get additional functionalities like (delete, forward, categories).
  2. The second option blue color strip allows the user to move the sticky note anywhere on the screen.
  3. Thirdly cross sign is very well aware to everybody, it uses to close the note. (once you close the note, the note automatically saves for you).
  4. Next are the hold and drag option which increases and decreases the size of the sticky note.
  5. The fifth is date and time, it automatically updates when you last modified the note.
  6. Finally, you can start typing your content.

Note: There is no separate save option available in sticky notes.

Sticky Notes View Arrangement

Sticky notes organized according to the recent update, if you open and update old notes, it will automatically change the date and time and relocate its position on the top.

By default, Outlook arranges note refer snapshot.

how to create a note in outlook

Click Note list from the home tab for more clarity, you can check every note pad (date and time-wise): The order automatically rearranges on their updation.

outlook create note

How To Customize Sticky Notes in Outlook?

You can adjust the color of your note according to your choice, there are three ways to do this:

First Options:

  • Select and open the note, clicking the menu in the top left of an open note and selecting “Categorize” from the menu, and select the color.

create a note in outlook

  • Name that category, if required, or by default, it will take the name of the color, you can also arrange a keyboard shortcut key.

outlook create a note

  • Once you hit Ok, you can observe the change color of your note: Trust me its beautiful.

Second Options:

  • The second options are clicking the right mouse button on the icon and click categorize, then the process is similar to above, [refer: Snapshot]

microsoft exchange notes

Third Option

Its the longest way to do it, select your specific note in the Notes window and clicking the Home >> Categorize option.

outlook notes missing

You can customize all icons according to your choice. After selecting any path the result is clear, you can check the color categories of all the sticky notes on the window.

where are outlook notes stored

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How To Send Notes Through Email?

Sending your note to other person through email message quickly is really simple, if your recipient also having Outlook, he can also open the note and user accordingly.

Just like categorizing, forwarding your sticky note also have three simple ways. Lets [refer snap shot] ~

sync outlook notes

outlook notes not syncing with iphone     why won't my notes open

All three options walk you through the same place, this will create an email with that note as an attachment.

Inject all the information like email address, subject line, body content and click send button.

microsoft mail note

In case your recipient opens the email message attachment note in a mail program like Gmail or other mail programs, it will be treated as a plain text email, but if they open it in Outlook, it’ll be treated as a Note.

How to add sticky notes to my desktop?

Microsoft Outlook allow the user to save the notes files on your desktop, all you have to do is clicking the menu in the top left of an open note and select and hit save as option.

add sticky notes to my desktop

You have to select the location, (It is recommended to save at desktop) and click save, you can check your file save on desktop. Whenever you open that file, it will appear like windows stick note, you can edit and close.

It is mandatory while open that file from desktop, your MS Outlook must be running in the background.

Bonus tip: You can also use drag and drop options to save your file from outlook window to desktop directly, All you have to is select the file drag that files up to desktop (without leaving the mouse button), and drag anywhere. [ref: snapshot].

How to add sticky notes to my desktop

The Sticky Notes is really a remarkable feature of Microsoft Outlook and you may use it for writing down some things that you want to remember while composing emails or related work.

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